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What was really going through Celestia's mind while she was waiting for a dinner with Twilight and Starlight that would never happen? Well, might as well find out.

*Written at Everfree Northwest 2016 in Seattle, WA

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Why is this marked complete?

7212227 I must have forgotten to mark it when I published it. Sorry about that.

Can't wait for Twilight to explain to Celestia how her evening was ruined due to Trixie's scheming.

And for Trixie to try to talk her way out of it!


You mean how Twilight brought three two ponies and one donkey who were not Starlight's friends and Twilight lied to Celestia's face to the contrary, and Starlight chose her new friend over a formal dinner?

You mean, Celestia NEVER answered Cranky's question?
I think we all know who the TRUE rude one here is... :trixieshiftleft:

Because said friend emotionally manipulated Starlight into not attending because she was more interested in one-upping Twilight?

And nearly made a complete fool of herself when she later blurted it out, only for Twilight to get Starlight to forgive her?

Yeah, that's going to be interesting.


I seriously doubt Trixie knew that Starlight was Twilight's student when they made friends. She just saw the look on Twilight's face, and wanted to make it seem like she had it all carefully planned.

Er. Starlight introduced Trixie to Twilight. She definitely knew after that. Trixie even left her some mutilated silverware to remember her by. And emotionally blackmailing Starlight happened when she mentioned she'd have to stay at Twilight's dinner. You know, the whole "woe is me, I won't survive this trick without you" business.

Look at Starlight's expression at the end of that scene. She's really distraught. Like she honestly thinks it's going to be her fault if something happens to Trixie.


I don't think Trixie is doing it consciously. I do such things without realizing that I'm doing it.

That's more in the realm of interpretation though, isn't it? I mean, a point can be made that Trixie admitted to only befriending Starlight so she could beat Twilight in the beginning. Whether that was just in the heat of the moment isn't made totally clear either way.


Trixie doesn't seem to know ENOUGH about friendship to make her very first one just to spite someone.

Nice job.

Poor Celestia. I felt so bad for her at the end of this episode.

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