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Note: Please see this blog if you are unaware on the second and third chapter.

Shortly after her birth, Princess Flurry Heart's life is threatened by an assassin. But when the assassin is stopped it is not a changeling, griffon, or somepony starting a rebellion. In fact it's somepony very familiar...

Set right after the events of The Crystalling.

Idea by Rated Ponystar

Special thanks to my co-author Vital Spark and my editor Angry Lass

FEATURED 7/8/16! AGAIN ON 7/22/16 AND 10/8/16!

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When Cadance reached the nursery, she lazily pushed the door open with her hooves — she could have used magic, but… effort.

This line is just perfect:rainbowlaugh:

Hmmm, interesting concept, this. I shall be following this one closely.

Have a Favorite, an Upvote and a Track.

7375336 thank you :pinkiehappy: but I had help from my co-author too!

7375339 You're very welcome, my friend.

And a hearty "Well done!" to your co-author, as well!

Just dropping by to let you know that this artist made the coverart. Here is a link to the specific picture. The artist also has a DeviantArt page.

I could hear the dramatic dun! dun! dun! In my head as I read the ending.

There's going to be lots of nature vs nurture in this, I can tell.

7375390 funny you put that video in your comment. I had the urge to adopt this story concept from Rated Ponystar after binge watching the Terminator Series.

Twilight walked up, and stood beside him. “Yes… it’s Cadance.”
Me: "In the Name of the Emperor what the heck is going on" *while wearing old timey detective gear

still very good so far love it

7375395 I can certainly see that. The other option I had thought of was that you got it from Dragon Ball Z

3:05 to 3:26 more specifically.

Anyway, the concept is fun and I love me some evil Flurry.

Hmm. So is this a straight go back to the past to stop something terrible from happening or more fallout from Starlight messing with the timelines? Either case, this an interesting start.

It's not Starlight's fault this time.

Well, this has me interested.

DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That totally should have been the author's notes for chapter one.

7375596 wonder what would happen if Cadence succeeded in killing Flurry Heart?

Please tell me there will be time travel jokes

Hmmm interested to see where this is going to go. I will be following this with great interest. ^_^

Perhaps it is Cadance from the future, a time when Flurry Heart turns evil?


Damn it!


Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought this!

I am very curious to see where this is going. Good chapter!

Interesting start.

Not much more to comment on, but there's quite a bit of potential here and this first chapter is executed quite well.

i was super sure that the assassin was Flurry Heart, and that she was going to assassinate HERSELF. Unintentional plot twist for me!

Alas, my hype will remain but a dream now...

7376228 that would be one hell of a plot twist:rainbowlaugh:

Well now...! Ain't that a strong way to start off your story! A bit of peril, and a twist that leaves much to the imagination... Nice job! Keep it coming!

This pic reminds me of Ciri from the Witcher.

IF you would combine / be inspired by Ciri story ( from the books of Witcher saga) that would be freaking epic.

Its probably only by coincidence that you combined those two. Ciri is a relay cool character to base your story on.


You cannot kill your past self , or actually change any past event, without risking a paradox. If Twilight is an example, the most likely event is a stable time loop.

There are ways of resolving the Grandfather Paradox and allowing future visitors to interfere with the past. (They mostly work with multiverses.) But we don't plan to go into the theory of time travel in any more depth than MLP canon does.

Problem with Starlight Glimmer's time travel in canon is that in any of her alternative scenarios, Twilight Sparkle wouldn't have dusrupted Our Town, so Starlight wouldn't have developed a grudge towards her, so wouldn't have researched time travel, wouldn't have gone back in time, and wouldn't have created that alternative scenario.

TLDR: don't over think time travel.

7376925 According to current theories, if you went back in time and killed yourself, all you'd do is create an alternate reality where you were killed. The resulting worlds shown from the whole time travel brouhaha implies time works that way in Equestria, too.

Her eyes were a darker shade of purple and showed a mixture of fear and defiance. She looked battered, and not just by her fight tonight — part of her right ear was missing, and her body showed multiple scars and burn marks that had had time to heal. Her left wing, too, was missing, replaced by a mechanical substitute. And she...she is an alicorn!?


:rainbowdetermined2: "OH, COME ON! (throw hooves up) "

7377180 hahahaha... Hi I'm Hannah and I can't stop trollin

When Princess Twilight and her brother said it Cadence. They probably meant that it the future version of her


Do not lose hope! There's always the possibility of sending Baby Flurry Heart into the future! God knows she'd kill something with a hiccup.

I woundnt be even surprised if Flurry turn out to be Lovecraftin Demon

This looks so good! I honestly expected it to be Starlight, just because she was 'talking in hushed tones' and was playing with a knife and acting weird, but this is awesome! Can't wait to read more! Have a like!

7377814 Starlight was a red herring something that mystery stories.

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