• Published 8th May 2016
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Pain - Adusk

When you are kidnapped and brought to Equestria 1000 years before the main 6 are born, what would you do?

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Chapter 2: Into the depths of hell. Part 1

Adusk's POV

2 years later.

I slowly raised my head of my pillow and yawned softly, rubbing my eyes in the process. I cracked my neck whilst pulling my feet to the side of the bed. I slowly stood up sighing in the progress. I was wearing some normal nightwear.

"Come out Luna," I spoke whilst walking into the bathroom. She did this every morning to check up on me.

Then, I walked up to the bathroom mirror, grabbing the same mask on the side I wore 2 years ago when I arrived.

As It turned out, the mask or 'key' I wore was an ancient weapon used in many great wars over the time Equestria was born. But, it was also made to slowly make the wearer slowly lose emotions and happiness. Not like I had any in the first place anyway...

"Thou are getting better at this Adusk, your father would-" She stopped mid-sentence and sighed, "we are sorry, we did not mean to say that."

"It's fine Luna, I just gotta get ready," I spoke as I placed my mask on my face. Then I scratched my elbow but hissed in pain, "I fucking hate this cut." I spoke as I rubbed my right elbow, which was wrapped in numerous bandages, covered in blood.

"We understand that thou would hate Celestia for what she did." She said as she lit her horn up, covering her body in a purple glow, before returning to normal again. "I can't get this damn speech right!"

"Chill Luna," I said putting on a tuxedo "Let's get ready for me to be revealed to Equestria. And then after that, I'm gonna speak to Discord for changing my shit." I sighed tieing a tie on.

"Well, you have been hidden for two years. I'm sure they will be fine with you. Also, Discord gave you these gifts that you wear." She spoke as she flattened her purple-floating mane.

"That reminds me, how do people like your night, Luna?" I said pulling my red shoes on I wore when I arrived.

"They fucking hate it!" She screamed full force throwing me at the back of the room. "I DO THIS SHIT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING NIGHT! AND THEY STILL DON'T GIVE A SINGLE FUCK ABOUT IT!" She roared, panting afterwards.

"Luna, They love your night, think of it like this," I said limping towards her, getting out of the wreckage that was my mirror. "They love it because they can sleep at night safely knowing someone is watching over them, and also, do you want me to speak to Celestia?" I spoke stroking her back as she sobbed into her lap.

She looked up at me with teary eyes and nodded. Then, she wrapped her arms around me and sobbed into my shoulder. I started to comfort her and sighed. What the fuck was Celestia doing?

But Adusk did not notice a darkness seeping out of Luna's tears and flowing into a cut in his skin from the crash into his mirror...

Adusk's POV

King Solaris and Queen Faust's room.

"So, I think you need to have a little chat with Celestia," I spoke drinking what appeared to be a black substance on Solaris table.

I had just finished telling them what happened between me and Luna in my bathroom. Apparently Celestia was making rumor's that the night was evil and she needed them to follow her if they did not want to be corrupt.

"What makes you think that Celestia would do that to Luna?" He spoke in a firm tone. "She is my daughter. And they are sisters. Halt your lies Adusk, or we will for you." He said sipping his drink whilst singing papers.

"Just because she is older does not mean that she would not do such a thing you fucking prick!" I said whilst throwing my glass at a wall.
"DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT ANY OF THEM YOU FUCKING STUCK UP BASTARD!" I roared whilst flipping the table he was writing on.

"That was unnecessary Ape." He spat, using his horn to gather up his things. "Also to answer your question, no they are just toys to me, sex slaves if you will. They will help me repopulate the Ali-" He was cut off as he saw a butter knife heading for his head. Quick thinking he held his hand out, so it would not impale his horn. Then screamed in pain as the blade pierced his skin.

"I know Luna more than you. And she is a very fragile girl. You either take care of her, or I will you shit bag." I spoke bitterly, heading for the door, Not even noticing a red mist replacing my normal blue pupils (When I wear the mask) through my mask.

Unknown to Solaris, A Blue alicorn Queen/Daughter with were watching in tears, from their husband's/father's words. But mostly from Adusk's words. Adusk would never do this.

Or would he?

Adusk's POV

2 hours later.

Canterlot lobby.

I was currently wrapping a bandage over my elbow to hide the red substance leaking out from my cut. I was also thinking about the 'chat' I had with that Dickhead Solaris. Also, I wanted to look good for the ponies I was about to meet, And not make them think I had suffered wounds from doing something like a mindless animal. I rolled my Tux sleeve down and stood up from the chair I was sitting at and walked towards the door that held the stage behind the red velvet curtain.

One thing was running through my mind right now:

It was showtime motherfuckers!

Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay guys!

Family issues and stuff :facehoof:

But, there will be a new chapter in a week or two.

See you guys soon!


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