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If he lost, the world reset.
If he won, the world reset.
If he died, the world reset.
If he lived, the world reset.

Now he's in a whole new world, and the mechanics of the old world might follow.

Chapters (4)
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Ohh Undertale? Me like where this is going.

I love this already! How does Sans eat though? That is a very good question...

Please not Chara...I really am hoping this isn't Chara.

I really like this. It's a bit different from most Undertale x MLP stories I read. Also, I bet Chara will appear in later chapters

I know nothing about the Undertale universe (I had to google it) but consider me intrigued.

Okay. While I understand that in Undertale world, humans are OP and monsters are very vunerable if their intentions are hostile. However, this is no longer Undertale but Equestria.

Ponies can smash into a boulder and get back up, Maud can crush giant rock with her hooves. Even Fluttershy can pierce a tree by crashing into it. Changelings who were able to make holes in the ground were defeated in masses by main 6. So if ponies are so unbelievably durable, and they don't have monsters weaknesses, Chara's knive attack should barely leave a scrach (Twilight survived being smashed by anvil and piano in one episodes and recovered quickly, and now she's an alicorn, so she have earth pony magic to increase her endurance, not to mention that with her magic, she can create unbelievably strong shields).

Fight between Tirek and Twilight showed that alicorn magic is powerful. Even 1/8 of that is a loooot.

What I am trying to say is PLEASEEE, don't make ponies underpowered for the sake of the drama. We already have enough stories with princesses being useless, and Twilight as alicorn being useless or defensless is aleady happening too often in the show. Don't make Twilight the damsel in distress for Sans to rescue.

While Chara can adapt, dodge and reset, she's still a human and shouldn't have advantage against an alicorn. I hope that this story will have Chara fail to hurt Twilight, much to Sans' surprice, only to find out that unlike monsters, ponies' aren't hurt by hate. So while chara can reset if killed, she'll end up having problem hurting ponies who doesn't have the same weakness monsters do.

In Undertale universe, humans were OP while their hostile intentions could let them hurt monsters a lot. (So, it is like in typical RPG where as hero, you can kill monsters in masses, the only diference is that in Undertale, every human is as strong as a hero, so even if main character is a kid, he can kill all monsters if the player decide to murder everyone).

I don't want to give any spoilers, so I will just say that Chara possesed human character if they go on murderous rampage, gaining power to kill boss monsters in one hit. Sans was a monster who gave Chara the most dificulty as he cheat (he's like Pinkie Pie/Discord combined).

I just hope that in this story, Twilight won't be useless for the sake of the drama. In Undertale, Sans was the hero while Chara was ultimate villain, however, this is MLP fanfic where Twilight is main character, so I would hate to see Twilight being useless and defensless while Sans steal all the spotlight. (Alicorn Twilight reduced to damsel in distress would be very annoying in my opinion).

Undertale fans have theory that monster's food is magical, so it turns into energy the moment they eat it. Though how Sans can eat food made by ponies is a mystery since they aren't exacly magical. ( Or maybe they are ).


I really like this. It's a bit different from most Undertale x MLP stories I read.

You mean by the fact that it takes place in Equestira rather than in the monster underword? Or do you mean something else?

Also, I bet Chara will appear in later chapters

I also think so. The question is, will Chara be OP in this story, or will the ponies actually not be affected as monsters are by hate and evil intentions.

Okay then, that is an epic start if I've seen one. Let me tell you so far, Sans is perfect and how he got serious at the end, while it's horrible Chara appears to have followed, it's still bloody awesome. I really want to see more of this.

Although, I have to wonder how the game's mechanics will come in here, or if they even can. In the Undertale verse, Chara was so strong because of his/her killing intent lending her enormous power against monsters alongside legitimately dangerous weapon in the form of a sharpened knife (I always thought it was female, but it differs across the fandom). Here in Equestria, though, things aren't so clear. For one, despite both having magic, ponies aren't monsters, and if the mirror human world is anything to go by, they have more in common with humans, that is, having more of a physical body than most monster's.

What I'm getting at here is that Chara might not be able to murder ponies so easily here, or she might just be an incredibly omnicidal girl with a sharp knife. Furthermore, based on San's fight, it's rather clear that most "fights" in the game the opponent just stands there and lets them get hit...barring Sans, who stops playing by the rules and casually dodges everything she can give. I can't imagine most ponies, once they know what she's trying to do, just standing there.

I guess it really comes down to how you integrate or don't integrate the worlds.

If Chara is suddenly subject to the "laws" of how Equestria works, she is not nearly so dangerous as she is in the Undertale world: yes, she's a psychopath who wants to kill every living thing barring non-sentient plants (probably), but she's also one who is in a world of mostly physical beings that she couldn't kill in a single hit (barring hitting a vital area), and if she goes around stabbing the nearest ponies in sight, even the Royal Guard could probably disarm and subdue her with magic or pure physical ability: hell, they're wearing armor so she might not even be able to get through it.

On the other hand, if Chara still operates under Undertale rules, then her deadliness is increased exponentially. I don't think she could kill ponies as easily as monsters because, again, somewhat like humans in they have a more physical body (Unless you don't go this route), she's still incredibly deadly and it could end horribly for many ponies before she's put to an end. And yes, I believe even a rampaging Chara could be stopped in Equestria, if nothing else because Equestria (well Twilight mostly) was able to deal with Tirek, who could do far more damage than Chara was shown capable of at this point in game.

Granted, I'm probably missing something here, been awhile since I played Undertale, but regardless if any of these possibilities come true or the author goes with something else entirely, this looks to be pretty damn awesome.

'Beware of the man who speaks in hands.'

Gaster? Oh no...

S'alright. I'll track this.

7190385 Would you like Gaster instead?

haven't read yet, but this is the first thing I thought of upon seeing that title


7190503 You forget about Chara's Ace in the hole.... Save points. She can come back as long as there's a save point. Canonically, that's supposed to be how she killed Sans, she kept coming back, and Sans eventually got tired and slipped up.

7190625 Some versions of gaster are good...Chara is always bad new...and probably not human anymore.

7190385 It's not Chara... It's either Gaster, or Frisk after she was possessed by Chara.

7190742 That...doesn't really factor into what I was talking about. Yes, Chara's ace in the hole can and always will be her ability to reset, but I was focused on how the worlds would be integrated. Even assuming that her reset ability goes with her, she's still going to have a difficult time murdering everything.

If it goes purely by Equestrian rules, then, then Chara wouldn't even have save points-that was more a product of Determination in their world and I have a hard time imagining her being able to reset the timeline of an alternate universe in which she and humans have absolutely no part of. Even if she did have them, there are beings in this one who would take notice and could royally interfere. Discord, for instance, is the type of character who, by virtue of being Discord and resident Spirit of Disharmony and Avatar of Chaos, is unlikely to be affected by the timeline resets. While it's not "proof" he would be unaffected, he practically immediately sensed the princesses giving Twilight all their magic in Twilight's Kingdom, so I'm of the opinion that he could perceive something of enormous world changing consequence timeline resets, if not be outright immune to them, at least in the fashion Chara would undergo. (Granted, this is not without its own flaws-he appeared to be affected by Starlight's interference in the time line, but that in and of itself could be the result of Twilight getting shunted to a new timeline with every one of Starlight's resets, and the original one still existed. Bit shaky, but I digress).

Now, think about just how much that screws Chara over-she's always had the advantage of being able to reset and have surprise on her side, and even Sans could only detect the resets, not actively perceive them or be immune to the resets themselves. Just imagine how Undertale's genocide route would have gone if Sans was immune to the resets entirely.

Furthermore, we know true non circular forming time travel is possible in Equestria (courtesy of Starlight Glimmer), so Chara's ability to reset isn't even entirely unique anymore.

Still, this isn't entirely relevant to what I was getting at. If Chara is going by Equestrian rules, I find it unlikely she'll be able to one shot murder everything in her path because ponies are not Undertale monsters, and unlike in Undertale, there are many more methods for Equestria to deal with her. Hell, let's assume that she has the reset ability and Discord isn't immune to the resets-Sans can still perceive them, and I'm sure he could teach Twilight as well, and the two of them combined I think would be a match for even canon Chara to the point she'd give up. Yes, she has determination, but realize this determination is a factor of most players, and the Sans fight breaks so many's will to keep trying. Now, add in Sans fight on top of Twilight's ingenuity and remove any possibility of fairness from either of them. Hell, if this is a Undertale style fight, they could take turns fighting him, with one sleeping and the other on guard and keep her "pinned" for an incredibly long time, or until they figure out a permanent way to deal with it (and this being Equestria which is chock full of frankly more powerful and complicated magic, involving time magic, I'm sure there's a way to "permanently" deal with Chara.)

Basically, I'm saying Chara should be, for all intents and purposes in this scenario, screwed.

Still, this is all hypothetical and it's entirely up to the author what actually goes down. For all we know, the next scene involves Chara is gleefully chasing down Sweetie Belle while the rest of the CMC lay gutted and very much dead, and culminates with everyone dying. The slice of life tag comes into play describing her new, very borring life in Equestria as she walks through empty cities full of dead ponies and goes about her day, trying to figure out something new to do with everything dead.

Or it could end with Angel Bunny overwriting her save file and revealing her determination and level have nothing on him and him just straight up murdering her violently all over a wall before slapping Fluttershy's ass and ordering her to make him a carrot sandwich.

Point is, while fun to talk and debate and theorize about, we really don't know what happens until the next chapter rolls around.

7190708 I tried to find something that was like "I've been with you/here the whole time" like that old saying thing but then I found this, and it's cuter and Sansscontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s640x640/sh0.08/e35/12907292_1527014497604823_649211034_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTIxNjgxNjgzOTAzMjA0OTI1OA%3D%3D.2.l

but seriously I've been here the whole time. Glad to have you back writing Aku, and if you ever get in your slump of no writing again, I'll still be here, waiting and reading your blogs, and occasionally writing comments, cuz I'm like sand from the beach, no matter how long you wash/clean I'll still be stuck to ya.

Then her kitchen exploded.

one appendage outstretched in her direction in what have might seemed a greeting gesture

what might have makes more sense to me there, but not sure if mistake or not, I looked at it again and now I'm second guessing myself. so if I'm wrong.. just ignore me I guesspinkie.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/rsz/mlfw11169_medium.jpg

Good job on Sans dialogue, you're keeping him in character pretty well.

I don't really know what to say much, other than that I like this concept for a story, and so far it's pretty good. I like it.:pinkiehappy:

Stay determined Aku

so Gaster's the enemy. I wasn't sure if the previous author note was a bait and switch or not, but I guess not. Again, still find this interesting and good. I wonder if Discord will have any real involvement in this story, hopefully he will, I love that little scamp, totally harmless, and not deranged in annnnnnny way. ooooo Maybe we'll get to see an eventual meeting between Discord and Temmie... actually let's not, that would be terrifying.

Not gonna lie: that ending got a laugh. And I'm suddenly hoping to see Gaster and Discord have a nice, perfectly friendly chat. Or try to kill each other. Whatever works.

First off, wow. I was not expecting a second chapter on the same night of all times. I expected a few days delay at a bare minimum, so this is more than a pleasant surprise to the cliffhanger of last chapter.

Secondly, so much to be implied here by Gaster's appearance and his relationship with Sans, although it seems familiar, but I can't quite place my finger on it...

Three, I now feel silly for going on long, multiparagraph discussion/rants in multiple comments regarding Chara when it's not even Chara. I suppose Chara, or more appropriately First possessed by Chara, could show up later but I suppose I still jumped the gun.

Regardless, still looking interesting and if it didn't have my attention before (it did), it'd sure as hell would now.

Comment posted by HiddenMaster deleted May 6th, 2016

I don't understand why Gaster is always portrayed negatively. He has done literally nothing to be classified as evil or some sort of judge, in fact he can't do anything at all, he has no form and can't even affect the physical world. I like him as a villain, don't get me wrong, he's mysterious and the true extent of his abilities in his living days is unknown, but judging by his accomplishments and the 'Gaster Blaster' he may have been capable of amazing power.

But he's done literally nothing to qualify him as being a villain. So why?


and the pun war starts so.. mayo pass the ketchup because i realy relish our friendship orange you happy? spooky scary skelesans sending sins down your spines

we need somthing more epic more than megalovania how about 3 diffrent ones at the same time?

That last line...

Damn, that last line...

Damn. Awesome origin story for Sans and Gaster (well expanded on Gaster really), and this is looking to be getting better. I was a bit surprised, actually: I was expecting you to go with Sans just being a bloody amazing scientist (one of my personal favorite fan theories actually), but I think I like this more.

7193444 That is both epic and terrifying. I wouldn't expect it to be heroic music, but more a mismatch of music when the hero's music is smashed against three alternates...what it is, I suppose. Still, definitely don't regret listening to that in its entirety.

How'd you make that weird text for chapter two?

we're probably going to be sitting her longer than I expected,


he explained as a pair of hayburgers were lay out before them


Another good chapter Aku.

7193444 Commence the world breaking montage.

Yo Aku, this shit's cool as fuck. :rainbowkiss:

That's a really interesting take on Sans origin. I like it.

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