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Why isn't there a tragedy tag?

Well so far so good, it's interesting to see Littlepip character like this, I would like to see how this pan out in the future.

Fair point. I added it now.

Thanks! The next chapter will (hopefully) be up in a week or two.

I am both dreading what will happen next but at the same time, I want more! How are you doing this to me?!

Its the mentals man...

Where is Steelhooves?

Whoooooa, holy fuck... well that explains quite a bit, and lemme tell ya, I've had those little thoughts in my head for a while whenever I read certain stories. I'd get kinda peeved about something happening to them - even if it's for their own good - and think about doing a story or something about it going a different route, similar to how this one has gone. I've done it a couple of times I believe.

Honestly, a pretty good start to this, I like it - nicely done man! :yay:

U n f, Pip is enjoying dat raider/slaver lifestyle methinks, hahaha. Whew... damn, three years of bitter emotions and shit just filling her heart, I'm not surprised - plus she was young when that happened so I'm not surprised stuff got twisted in her mind.

Nicely done, nicely done!

"They won't use you anything, trust me."


Also, oof... much as I love this, this also brings up that thought where like... oof, if I was on the other side of this, like having to fight against someone who turned to this side, honestly... I'd probably just kill them, not fall for their crap and just put them down. Guess I'm a cold blooded bastard like that, oof.

Good show man, good show!

Steelhooves died in the original Fallout Equestria so I take it you haven't read it yet.

What happened in chapter 19 of Fallout: Equestria, again?

Right on!
Great start.

I think she's gonna get out of the jail with her friends and make amends.
But that's a bit of a hope.

He is indeed alive in the story, and appears from chapter 3 on.

Thx for the kind words bbycakes <3

The chapter's title is 'Betrayal'. I don't want to post spoilers here, but there's a summary on the FoE-wiki.

Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters!

I aim to please. Enjoy the show!

For real I'M currently reading Project Horizons so I only know that Steelhooves died in the original Fallout Equestria. In short I haven't started this story yet and probably won't wright away.

No probs bby.

Also ooof... yeah, at this point if I ended up like this, I'd either try killing LP, or just kill myself :trollestia: Can't be a slave if I'm deeeaaaad.

I DIE FREE :yay:

Awesome chapter man, whew... this is going places... horrid places, I love it.

Oh my God. So dark. But I like it~ There's no escaping from Littlepip is there?

Ahhhh I wanna beat Littlepip's ass right now, UGH... makes me furious enough, I wouldn't hesitate! :flutterrage:

Which means you did a good job, nice work Peebsy

Nice story! Ready for the Thunderdome next chapter :yay:

I get some great catharsis with this story!

Keep up the good work!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Yas, good to see an update :yay:
Big twist with Homage there, I can't wait to find out how that ends up!

Good story pilgrim

Only time shall tell~
Thx bbycakes <3
Sorry to keep you waiting, but the Thunderdome is gonna need a bit more build-up still. Also I might just work a Mad Max reference in there now that you mentioned it.
Thanks, I'm trying my best!
I'm hoping to get it out there sooner rather than later!
Ayep, sorry it took this long. The story is techincally written out already, but most of it stems from 2016-ish, and is still far from what I consider good enough to be published, so it'll need a bit of polishing still.
Thanks! :D

Whew, got damn, shit's still moving along for the whole gang here, I'm curious to see where this is going to head. I'm honestly curious if there's a way back for LP after all she's done... honestly, it seems like she's fallen too far from the light to see it again.

I guess we'll see.

This is what I will be playing when I read the next chapter:


I'm intrigued... I will wait, patiently.

Wheeeeeew, fucking finally got my ass around to reading this, fucking hell.

Good show, Peebsy, good show! Can't wait for the finale!

i see the cover image and think of Yoshihiko.

"A. Fucking. Table."

I laughed at that. I don't know if I was meant to, but I did.

So, are we gonna get a sequel?

So we have come full circle, it ended the way it started.

Dang, another of my tracked fics has finally come to an end. Good ending fight sequence, and I'm glad to see this sense of closure. Thanks for another wonderful story! :rainbowdetermined2:

Complete? Well, that was a rather abrupt ending. I was expecting an epilogue of some kind.

Yeah, an epilogue is still planned; I just have yet to write it out. I'm still not sure if Pip should be redeemed or not.

Thanks dude, glad you liked it! This was one hell of a ride for me too, but I'm glad I managed to pull through for once.

A little ironic, isn't it?

For what it's worth, I did too :rainbowlaugh:
I'm not really sure what a sequel would look like, as the story is pretty much wrapped up at this point. However, I did toy with the thought of a prequel of sorts, set during the events of the previous 2 years. It might be interesting to explore the day to day life in Pip's slaver fortress.

Why is it tagged complete if you are planning to add another chapter?

For what it's worth, I don't think she should be redeemed. Not because what she did was "unforgivable" or something like that, but because she doesn't want to.

I read this story for the catharsis; when Velvet shot and tranquilized her I thought It was... very bad in my opinion. To disrespect your friend like that, to betray their trust, to in practice say "you are not capable to make your own decision, so I will do it for you". I also thought that Littlepip forgave Velvet a bit too quickly, not to mention letting Monterey Jack die. In short: there was a lot that rubbed me the wrong way.

It is funny thinking back at it: Littlepip wanted to save somepony against their will, and so did Velvet. So that would make a good contrast; what if Littlepip had saved Monterey Jack? Would he have forgiven her?

So to have Littlepip stand her ground, she wont forgive, she will not change because Velvet wants her to. Her forgiveness is something Velvet cannot force. It is also some sweet vengeance; even captured, Velvet cannot make her change, and to see her desperately trying and failing becomes the sweet nectar that keeps Pip going.

Then there are the levels of irony: Velvet wanted to help but made it worse, and Littlepip was supposed to be the element of sacrifice but her desire for freedom, control and respect turned her selfish.

But that's just me.


I'm still not sure if Pip should be redeemed or not.

Well, it all depends on how you define 'Redeemed'.

If by redeemed you mean she recognizes the error of her ways and stops being so cruel and sadistic, then I can definitely see that. If I'm reading this right, then she didn't necessarily want to become what she did, and still wants to, at least somewhat, help others. Maybe a bit of therapy, but I can see her become a bit of an Anti-hero of sorts.

If by redeemed you mean forgiving her friends, that's harder. They DID shoot her and, even if they didn't mean to, left her to die. Some things you just can't forgive, and that is likely one of them. Best case scenario, she would forgive Homage, since she wasn't fully involved in it, but even that seems unlikely.

Ultimately though, up to you.

Also, please don't redeem the monster. I hate that.

Well, just because an epilogue is planned, doesn't mean I'll pull through and actually write it, since I'm a terribly slow writer. And I wouldn't wanna keep people waiting for something that might end up not being published after all.
Plus this whole redeeming or not redeeming-conflict still has me scratching my head.

Well, you could always go the route of semi-reformation, so she admits that some of what she did was... incorrect, to some degree; But she is still sadistic and prone to cruelty, so they have to keep her on a short leash (perhaps literally).

That would be a good middle-ground, in my opinion.

You do raise a fair point.
Admittedly, my initial plan (when I wrote this whole thing some 4 years ago) was to have her fully redeemed and reformed, though going through the whole story again earlier today, I'm starting to notice just how much messed-up stuff she's done. Not to mention she probably suffered a bit of mental damage after all that's happened.
That said, I personally dislike "bad end" type of endings. I do like the idea of her being slowly re-integrated into society, maybe with the help of her friends, though the two major problems I have with that option are that:
a) I'm still not 100% sure how she'd feel about her friends after all this. Even if they """saved""" her, she'd probably have a hard time letting go of the grudge she holds against Velvet. Three years of constantly telling herself the same thing over and over again are bound to leave a mark of some sort
b) looking at plain and simple facts here - she is (was) a slaver; someone who enslaved (and killed) others for profit... and sometimes fun. This, even if she would go back to being a "good" character, would probably be something she'd have a hard time living with. After all, she has essentially given up the good fight, and picking it up again, not to mention living with the pony she used to be, might turn out to be more than she can handle.
Not to mention that her friends would probably need some time to digest these events as well.

Now, one option I considered was to have her leave her friends behind for their both sake - give them all some space to process all that's happened, and have Pip stray through the wastes by herself for a few years to come to terms with herself, and find out who she wants to be; if she can pick up the good fight again, or if she's better off living as a savage loner.

That said, while going through all those comments as definitely sparked my interest in this story, frankly, I don't think I have it in me to churn out another 50k words about what happened afterwards. This story was an incredible challenge for me to write, but I doubt I can pull it off a second time.

Ah, but you don't need to write 50k words. (In my opinion) an epilogue would be enough.

I'll look into it, though I really can't make any promises, sadly.

I like the ending. Feels like it can still continue

Damn, somehow I missed this... but I managed to finish this story at long last! And damn... like someone said before, it ended how it started, and to be honest I agree with some of the comments below.

Nicely done dude, nicely done.

Her outburst was cut short as she felt a hoof collide with the side of her head - the strike was so powerful it blew her clean off her hooves, causing her to stumble to the side before falling to the muddy floor with a thud.

The Wasteland putting Velvet in her new place as a slave, circa [year not specified], colourised 2020

Comment posted by 3-tap deleted Aug 30th, 2020

" Fuck! " she cussed loudly, frustration and desparation overwhelming her, "Where are you, Pip!?" she shouted into the nothingness, "Why can't you just come home already!?"

Never heard or seen velvet swear before if she did swear I wasn’t expecting it to be fuck! (I haven’t finished read fallout equestria yet if she did swear In that book I either don’t remember reading it or haven’t read it yet)

" Surprise, bitch! "

I think a better one would be yippee ki yay motherfu****

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