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Dude living in Michigan. Been writing since middle school. I love games and playing piano. Married to a lovely artist.

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So... Any suggestions?

...But only as long it's "bedroom" related? :applejackunsure:

7186840 I suppose it doesn't have to be NSFW at all. But I'm a clop writer, so that's mainly what I'm expecting.

well start with a threesome with Luna and celestia.

Having some fun with Fluttershy and Queen Chrysalis would be interesting. Shapeshifting and full nelsons plus plundervine tentacles galore. Plus while he's bucking the queen, he could figure out a peaceful solution to end the starvation crisis the changelings are experiencing so that when it all resets he can start peace negotiations between ponies and changelings as a side plot while he's have fun for 24 hours.

How does this only have 14 likes?! So much potential!

7187720 Just posted today and no clop yet.

A little social upheaval.

Perhaps Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, Ponyville's two Rich Bitches, are making fun of some poor colts (like Snips and Snails) over their looks, their voices, and how nopony likes them... How nopony would ever be their girlfriends.

Well, wouldn't it be some nice karma if they suddenly were? If they were suddenly totally attracted to the boys and willing to do everything they want, from buying them expensive games to letting them feel them up in public? And perhaps more..?

Soooo maybe make a chapter with Big Mac (Or basically anyone actually) trying out new equipment. That is actual equipment, but the whole chapter is just one big innuendo?

first thing discord should do is bring in a female version of himself and then have alternating chapters on what they're doing

fulfill every wish fluttershy ever had.

such as burning Griffonstone to the ground
mass orgy with her friends + spike
BDSM session with both princesses
becoming queen of Cloudsdale and bring it to the ground?


Cannot wait for sexy times to ensue. :trollestia:

Discord, you absolutely MUST find out a way to get to that Celestia!


Princess Cadance and Queen Chrysalis

Well, considering Discord... what do you think of the idea of everyone swapping genitals with the opposite sex? I know, not exactly "well received" but it's a kink, just like anyone else's. Except gore and the like, death is not cool.

7279772 So cuntboys and dickgirls? I'd write it if the RNG gods please.

7188378 I only now realize that this would violate Fimfic's ToS, since it would involve anthro characters under 18.

Comment posted by Sonic Rainboom Dash deleted Jun 6th, 2016

7279711 cum inflation, all the way through as well.

If they're not said to be mature, then yeah, true. It's usually enough to say everyone is. Don't know if it also counts if, say, Discord aged them up to the appropriate age. Which is too bad since I love the idea I posted up there to pieces, I really do!

Were you considering it? ;)

Hm, now that we've got Zephyr Breeze, (W)incest becomes an option. Twi/Shiny, Mac/Aj, Flutts/Zeph, Pinkie/Maud/Lime/Marble, enough to get a whole set. Sibling gangbang, anyone?

Or Discord makes it possible for the ones who have an unrequited attraction to live out their fantasies for one moment. Zephyr gets Rainbow, Rarity gets Trenderhoof who gets Applejack and so forth.

What about Twilight getting a family visit and turned into a sex toy for them?

Nice chapter. I really love the Discord and Carrot Cake banging Cup Cake part as well. I can't wait to see more. :twilightsmile:

It's more hilarious then sexy, I love it.

7323164 I don't think I could stop myself from making Discord funny even if I tried.

It's be a crime if this wasn't hilarious in some fashion. It doesn't matter if it's a porno, if Discord is involved it's a fucking riot at the same time.

Discord "helping" Spike and Rarity to make another draconequus. Age Spike up if you feel hes young in the show. (Think the most recent responses from one of the writers was hes 16-20 apparently.)

oh, and some BDSM with Fluttershy would be great too please! :ajsmug::pinkiehappy::trixieshiftright::trollestia::fluttershyouch:

7529148 Anything specific with the Celestia fucking?

hmm..... perhaps some oral? or maybe BDSM, if you're not going to do Fluttershy.

you're taking suggestions? well, what would a kinky sex story be with out some BDSM???

Any specific act or kink?

Surprise me I'm not very picky.

not to be a pest but is this going to get an update

Huh, I completely forgot I put this in my "read later" section, glad I did though, was a great chapter! Still kinda hoping for more in the near future!

Thanks! Have you made a request? I still don't have a full 24 needed to finish the fic.

Eventually, yes. And by that I mean today.

I actually made one 2 years ago when you first made the story, though if you don't recall it was genital swap with the opposite sex, AKA cuntboys and dickgirls, as you replied back then.

Comment posted by Trixterforrester deleted Aug 25th, 2018

Do you still have request space left? And if so could you do a chapter where rule 63 blueblood gets comeuppance via discord, gang bang or both, maybe including Rarity and/or Shining armour as well?

Alternatively do one where Discord takes AJ to EQG earth and hypnotises/mind breaks her into think that she is an actual horse so that she acts like a feral animal acting on her base instincts with no memory of her past self, and then sticks her in a breeding farm as he watches/gets involved

I can definitely put those down!

Any chance of an update on this one?

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