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In the Equestria we know Rainbow Dash did the legendary sonic rainboom, causing Twilight Sparkle to become the student of Princess Celestia. With her becoming the student of Celestia she's eventually sent to Ponyville to look over the preparation of The Summer Sun Celebration.

We all know that story, it started off the series. But with the meddling of Starlight Glimmer with the time, many alternate universes were created with the villains The Mane Six defeated taking over Equestria.

But one alternate universe was different. There is no chaos, there is no war, there is no misery, and there is no destruction.

That universe is one where Nightmare Moon rules as Princess. She rules with an iron hoof, but she keeps Equestria safe. With alternate universes the characters we love will be different. That includes The Mane Six.

We will see the lives of The Mane Six living in the reign of Princess Nightmare Reign.

Set in the Nightmare Moon universe not a side story of my other story The Nightmare Reign.

Just some short story I thought of when reading fics inspired by the season five finale.

Inspired by Rated Ponystar's Aftermath of a Fallen Star and Michy's The Clockwork Consequence

Proofreaded by Cola_bubblepop


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Hey, just asking but is this a side story to Nightmare Reign? Probably is a stupid question but just asking like I said.

7198760 no this is set in The Nightmare verse in the season five finale

Quick question, how did this world's Rarity know of Twilight Sparkle? In the original timeline Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville but in this timeline Twilight never became Celesta's student because Starlight prevented Rainbow Dash from doing her Sonic Rainboom.

7198883 Twilight and Rarity both work for Nightmare Moon

She found a way through magic to grow plants without the sun...

So... Equestria itself didn't find a way?

That's got to be a lot of magic to keep plant life going. I just figured Nightmare Moon created a perpetual eclipse during daytime rather than eternal night.

7212952 I imagined that nature somehow adapted to survive on moonlight instead of sunlight.

7215162 entirely possible. Comes down to the more hardier plants surviving though while weaker ones die off. I think wheat and tomatos and such doesn't do well without light. Root vegetables like potatoes do.

Only issue I really see Pinkies job. You already have one guard character and Pinkie would do better as a cook or maybe as a maid or such. Then again, I could see Pinkie as Nightmare Moons Royal Executioner.

7215325 Well the Rainboom never happened and so Pinkie never found happiness

Nightmare chose Trixie, a common showmare, over Twilight, one of the most powerful and talented unicorns of Equestria, as her personal student?! :applejackconfused:

7227238 I'll explain it later in chapter six which is Twilight's POV.

We didn't lose all of our princesses. Celestia might of been our main ruler, but there was another Princess. There was Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, the ruler of The Crystal Empire and the last survivor of The Crystal Empire Royal Family.

She's also the niece of Nightmare Moon so I guess by the family connection she spared her life. Well there is Prince Blueblood, her distant nephew. He was killed because I guess Nightmare Moon didn't like him.

Wow... She killed Blueblood because she didn't like him? :twilightoops:

Sounds more like Blueblood got killed because the Author didn't like him.

I think Nightmare Moon would much prefer having a sniveling prince acting as a puppet ruler for the Crystal Empire rather than a princess of Love who could threaten her rule.

7227298 I'll get more into it when Twilight's chapter comes.

Seems short, but Fluttershy probably wouldn't have a lot to say. I'm hoping the last chapter is of Nightmare Moon. And thinking how lonely she is and how even ruling Equestria, she is still alone...

And what do you know, somepony can use logic. Ironic that it's Pinkie, but still.

7237877 well since Pinkie never found happiness I think she'll be like discorded Pinkie Pie.

Might be interesting to see how her war would go and the point of views of pony's outside the castle. Mayor Mare, Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Bon Bon and such.

Commence the comments review!

I love the different perspective on the story, and how you show each the mane 6. It also short and to the point, and felt very slice of life! I love how it was simple, but was still different enough to show how they would live in this world. It's also cool how they doubt what they do and its done in first person.

Overall, a short fun story that gave me a good short read. However, this won't be something I remember as its just, there.

huh. maybe i just haven't been hanging around on this website very much lately (*laughs* i actually really haven't; i've been involved in some darker fandoms as of late), but i rather like this story. it's unique, from my uninformed standpoint, and i love the way you changed styles a little to match each character's voice and personality. there were several run on sentences and incorrect uses of "me" and "i", as well as some missing commas, but overall, i quite enjoyed this story. would read again. owob

Rarity is a beautiful, capable hoofmaiden.

After seeing so much murder and being forced to take part in horrible atrocities, I still keep happy. Why? Because I don't want to live my life as great pony and not a loser. Because I hate losing.

This reads incredibly awkward, like there's a few missing words. Rainbow has grown to love murder? Only does it to keep NMM happy? She feels like a loser for wanting to survive? What about her current life is "great"?

I did it. I, Princess Nightmare Moon, formerly known as Princess Luna, has imprisoned Celestia and is now the supreme ruler of Equestria and soon all of Equis.


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