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Oh it's bad luck to be Woebegone.

He's got nowhere to go or return to, but he can't stay where he is. For long at least. His presence is enough to bring disaster to himself and those around him, so this apologetic nomad of devastation and misfortune wanders around aimlessly.

Last time he was spotted, he was heading into Ponyville.

Edited by AlicornPriest
Preread by Troubleshooter and QuillpenTheStoryteller

*This story is cursed and may bring about bad luck to all who read it. Possible side-effects include: dizziness, déjà vu, stubbed toes, weasel bites, uncontrollable laughter, clogged toilets, sinking ships, flat soda, and dizziness.

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Make more chapters. This story amuses me

Gen 1 hn? So that is why this poor fella seemed to familar. I can´t wait for more.^^

Twilight is about to come face to face with a REAL ACTUAL CURSE. Not just superstition and random chance and exaggeration. But a true and actually CURSE.

Good stuff.i imagine RD to try and kick the cloud away only for it to feel pain like how a regular human would be if they try kicking a steel door with their bare feet.

Flat soda!?

Nope, can't do this man!

Game over!

That... has got to be painful.

Fluttershy, I'll save you!!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

...Right after i finish hiding...:fluttershyouch:

Oh my fluffing god, that chapter was sooo worth the wait! XD XD XD XD

Love the new cover, by the by.^^b

May cause!?
1 2 3 5 7 8 9 and 10 all have already happened to me!!!! AND ELEVEN!
And all I've done is open the storie's homepage and check it out.
What sort of curse did you put on this?!


This is hilarious! I hope Lyra, Bonbon, and Berry are alright (or at the very least, more sober than others).

Congratulations! This story is so funny that I'm going to be tracking it.

Oh! And I do know someone who could possibly break Woebegone's curse: a certain reformed reality-warping master of chaos. :raritywink:

Pinkie is right, a 'Doozy-gedeon' is upon Ponyville. Why do I get the feeling that before this story is over, all the members of the Mane Six are going to be in the hospital? I can only wonder what'll happen if Woebegone sets foot in Rarity's shop. As for Rainbow Dash, I'm looking forward to seeing how she deals with a thundercloud even she can't clear away.

Mind games... Word play... Messing with... My HEAD.... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

... Also, would Rainbow Dash need the Jaws of Life to get out of her, eh, situation? Or do we need something else on the matter? I don't even wanna think about it...

I genuinely love the fact that Bon Bons rather cruel hearted prank backfired on her.

:applejackconfused: :rainbowhuh: :twilightoops:

How did you get something like that ending in under the rating?

And oh man, at this rate, the entire Mane Six will be in the hospital before Woebegone is freed of his curse. Has he gotten to Rarity yet?

I'd like a thoroughly pissed off Derpy to be the one to break Woebegone's curse by bucking the curse cloud at Sonic Rainboom speeds.

You know what's silly?

I went back to reading this to make sure I had everything set up properly and even I started to question the rating. Your comment in particular got me thinking, so I bumped it up to teen.

Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it. New chapter coming soon! Only three left to go, and I'm working on them back-to-back.

Not quite what will happen, but Derpy is important to the story in a thematic sense. You'll really see in chapters 7 and 8


You do know that Woebegone's curse was that as long as he believed bad luck followed him than it would. Right?

Poor Woebegone. He had it so bad. Though it seemed he was a first class klutz before he ever angered that poor witch.

I thought he was going to get mauled. Yes I'd forgotten that he was the only one who could break his own curse.

Owowow! Poor Fluttershy!

Well Lily's misfortune wasn't brought about by Woebegone. That was brought about by her being just plain greedy.

Oh and melon bread sounds delicious

Well...that went badly. O_o'

Hahaha! Great Police Academy reference! Oh my God someone call a vet! I love that movie! ROFLOL poor derp!

Oh I forgot to mention, nice G1 reference to the Purple Mountains and the Volcano of Gloom.

There are so many great things to use in the first Generation.

I'm using Crush the Rock Dog in a one shot that's mostly done.

And thank you for so many comments! I have a chapter that will be posted later tonight and the next one is halfway done.


Good ol' Crunch.

And thank you for writing such an entertaining story.

Oh, man! I have to say, Rarity sort of brought that on herself! Guess not all of the Mane Six can be friendly towards Woebegone. Nice to see that Berry Punch, Lyra, and Bon Bon are in a better state than others, albeit missing their fur. However, it looks like Lyra is leading a mob after the poor guy. Let's hope that Applejack can get to Twilight in time to get this all straightened out. Then again, for all we know, Woebegone's curse might bring down Twilight's castle!

This was the cause of panic. Poor guy.

Horseshoes does count, but I'll read on. This is competently written and well-presented material. I feel bad for the ponies getting completely wrecked though.

Oh jeez! This might have needed a dark tag. Fluttershy just got impaled by a fishbone. Damn man! :fluttershyouch:

This story's been claimed by PCaRG. I'll have something for you by the end of the night.

This chapter got some genuine laughs from me. Kudos! Loved seeing the Flower Trio here. Too bad Roseluck didn't hit on anyone... but oh well. We can't have everything we want in life.

Your story review for Woebegone has been posted to The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group. Thanks for your patience and I hope you find the review entertaining. I hope to see more of this story in the future. :coolphoto:

How have I never read this before? I need this in my life!

Well, Twilight has finally met Woebegone. I wonder if this signifies that the last chapter is next. I have to say, I was sort of expecting that Applejack and Woebegone would make it to Twilight’s castle, only for the mob to surround the building. In any case, I’m looking forward to Twilight’s encounter with Woebegone. I just pray that the cover pic isn’t foreshadowing.

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