• Published 3rd May 2016
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Scootaloo's Life - RuinQueenofOblivion

Follow Scootaloo as her life goes through many changes, some good, some bad, all will culminate in one life changing event.

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"Come on Cloudy, please stop flying around!" Scootaloo said with a sigh as Cloudy flew past her. "Grandmas Rainbow and Fluttershy are going to be here any minute."

"Awww, come on mommy," Cloudy said as she stopped in mid-air. "I'm just really excited to see my Grandmas!"

Scootaloo couldn't help but smile, Cloudy reminded her a lot of herself when she was this age. She sighed as Cloudy wrapped her forelegs around her, giving her a smile.

"I love you, mommy," Cloudy said.

"I love you too, Cloudy," Scootaloo said with a smile as there was a knock at the door. She opened it to reveal Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

"Hey Squirt, where's the little trouble maker?" Rainbow asked, then a blue blur flew into her as Cloudy hugged her rainbow maned grandmother. "There you are, hey Cloudy, are you getting faster every time I see you?"

"Yep, so watch out Grandma!" Cloudy said with a giggle, the little Pegasus Filly switched her attention to Fluttershy. "Hey Grandma Fluttershy, how's Angel and the other animals doing?"

"They're doing fine, thank you for asking," Fluttershy said softly.

"Okay Cloudy, be good for your grandmas," Scootaloo said as she gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry for having to call you like this while you're on vacation..."

"Don't worry about it, we're always glad to see our favorite granddaughter," Rainbow said.

"Aww, I'm your only granddaughter," Cloudy said with a giggle.

"Are you sure you can't stay longer?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, sorry, I'm having to cover the night shift for a friend tonight," Scootaloo said, she had been promoted to Detective a few months ago, but she was still getting used to it. "I promise, we'll all do something fun tomorrow."

"Yay!" Cloudy said.

"Okay Scootaloo, just stay safe," Fluttershy said.

"Hey, when have I ever done anything crazy?" Scootaloo asked, then thought better of it. "Don't answer that."

Rainbow and Fluttershy just laughed as Scootaloo headed out.


It was a routine enough night, at least until they got a call from a club called the Ninth Circle. Apparently there had been a disturbance there, and she was being sent along with some other cops to interview the bartender and owner who witnessed it.

The club itself was empty, save for a piano in the middle of the room. The other officers were talking to witnesses. Scootaloo found herself strangely drawn to the piano, despite having never learned to play, her hooves running over the keys slowly, as if entranced.

"Hello Scootaloo," a familiar voice said, one that she hadn't heard in years, she turned to see her old roommate Windswept standing there. "Long time no see."

"I'm guessing you run the Ninth Circle then," Scootaloo said.

"I like to think its more on loan from an old friend," Windswept said as she approached Scootaloo. "I must say, when I found you, I was surprised that you would manifest yourself in such a... frail body."

"Hey, watch who you're calling frail!" Scootaloo snapped, her temper getting the better of her for a moment. "And what in Celestia's name do you mean by manifest?"

"26 years ago, the Queen of Tartarus left her post," Windswept said. "But she could only do so by being reborn in a new life with the memories of her past locked away. I guess she chose you."

"Wait, what? That's impossible, I'm not..." Scootaloo started to say when the Pegasus raised a hoof, showing a strange coin with markings she didn't recognize and threw it in the air, it landing perfectly on Scootaloo's head.

She let out a scream as images, memories, voices started pouring through her head. Images of ponies, of other creatures, of Alicorns, of torment, and a great throne overseeing a dimension of torment.

"You see now, don't you?" Windswept asked. "You see who you truly are."

Scootaloo just stood there speechless. "I... what am I? Who am I?"


Miles away in Canterlot, Celestia's eyes snapped open from her sleep. She made her way to where Luna was holding her vigil, visibly shaken.

"What is it sister?" Luna asked.

"We have to go to Manehattan," Celestia said, getting a perplexed look from her sister. "Scootaloo knows... she knows everything."

Luna's eyes went wide at the shock of the implications of what her sister told her. If the time had come for Scootaloo to learn the truth, then that meant only one thing.

A great evil was coming to Equestria, and only the Queen of Tartarus could stand in its way.

Author's Note:

Yep, I'm evil aren't I? But don't worry, all will be revealed in time, this was just the prologue to a much larger story.

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Comments ( 13 )

7184108 There's a really long story behind that, see the plot twist at the end wasn't my original plan, originally this was supposed to be a prequel to a fanfic much more grounded in the story of the show Lucifer, and Scootaloo was supposed to be the detective, which I kept obviously. Then a friend suggested I do this instead, and, yeah, that's where it went.

This was supposed to be an anthology of short stories, nothing more, things like her biological parents will be expanded on more in the sequel... which I'm working on now.

Well, that came out of nowhere. Oh my. :pinkiegasp:

7186961 That's kind of the point, it is called a plot twist.

7202643 Okay, umm, this is gonna require some explanation, this was supposed to be a prequel to another fanfic more concretely based on the show Lucifer where Scootaloo stood in for the character Detective Chloe Decker and the ruler of Tartarus was a separate being, this fanfic was supposed to provide backstory to Scoots. Then I started bouncing ideas off a friend, who suggested this idea instead.

Don't get me wrong, I love Scootaloo, she is one of my absolute favorite characters in the show, this isn't supposed to be a negative take on her or anything. This fanfic's universe is based on the comic/show Lucifer as opposed to traditional antagonistic depictions of the devil, but its all in good fun really.

come on another chapter please :derpyderp1:

7212820 I'm working on the next fanfic now.

7212838 There is a side story called Happy Mother's Day Scootaloo, but its set before the events of this fanfic, so it doesn't expand on the ending.

7212856 There will eventually be a fanfic called, well, still kinda working on the title, probably Light of the Morning Star, which will continue it, this is just to set things up.

7212887 well ill put your books on youtube

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