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Rocky Mountain Dragon - Iron_Cauldron

Changing species and genders was the easy part. Surviving in a world without people and infrastructure, that's going to be a challenge. Luckily, I've had some help to prepare for the long haul. A VERY, long haul.

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Chapter 7: Tours and Responces

Author's Note:

Well, here it finally is! The seventh chapter, of what I probably should have made a seperate story, given how much I've invested in this. I humbly apologize for taking so long. I honestly meant to publish this weeks ago, but kept getting distracted with life. I could offer specific excuses, but I won't waste our time. I WILL get back to my OC for the Equestrian side, starting in the next chapter, which hasn't even been started yet, but I'll try to keep the wait to as much a minimum as possible.

One of my jobs recently went under, so I now have a little more time to write!! It's not a bad thing, as I still have another well paying job, it's just that so much free time makes for much boredom.

As for the 'war in the stars' book, I was going for Star Wars, and decided to let you all choose the book you like most to fill the void of a title. You could really use any book that is about a war in the stars, if there is one you like. I will also get to my own personal character, in time. Please be patient with me, and enjoy!!

Walking down the hall with her claws clacking on the crystal of the castle floor, Ember yawned into her palm. She'd had a decent night of sleep, but was not much of a morning dragon. She always awoke after the sun had arisen, but with the castle walls, and smallish windows allowing less light that she was used to in, she had awoken later than normal. The extra sleep made her feel a little more sluggish than normal, which, while not normal, was still somewhat annoying.

Yawning again, she caught whiff of something rather pleasing, and decided to follow the arouma. It led her to the kitchen, where she saw Spike cooking with a green and purple motif apron. Given Twilight's letters and brief description of her friends, Ember assumed it had been made by the one called Rarity. Ember stepped into the kitchen, catching Spike's attention from the corner of his eye.

"Oh, hey Ember! Good morning! I hope you slept well!" Spike said with a smile, jogging over to her.

"Hey Spike. Yeah, about as much as usual. How've you been?"

"Working my tail off these last few years." Spike said with a huff, waving a hand around. "Ever since Twilight got called up by Princess Luna, I've been running messages and almost anything else ponies needed to study the humans. I've been enjoying my vacation, but I've completely caught up on my reading, and other planned activities, so I'm just waiting for our vacation to be over so we can get back to work. We've got less than a year to go, and we're going to be entering the home stretch soon. Meaning: over time."

"Wow, and here I've been just trying to establish my rule as Dragon Lord. Seems like you've been doing far more."

"Being busy is better than sitting around. That's how they raised me. Besides, Princess Celestia and Twilight effectively raised me from the day I hatched, so I owe them quite a lot." Spike said, with a far off look. "Anyway, breakfast is almost ready, we just need everyone to come. I've pulled a large cart of gems for everyone, and barely managed to give everyone an equal share, without eating any yet myself." Spike said with a little drool escaping the corner of his mouth.

Ember giggled into her hand, and gestured back with her thumb, "I'll go and wake the others while you finish. It smells great, by the way."


Passing back into the hall from whence she came, Ember almost ran into Twilight, "Oops. Sorry."

"It's alright." The bleary-eyed alicorn said. "I just need a little coffee to start get myself started."

"I'll have to try some. But let me go and get the others down here for breakfast."

"Okay. See you back here soon."


Rousing the other dragons for breakfast was easy with the mention of gems and free food, especially since many of them had had little since leaving the dragon lands. Pony hospitality to outsiders, especially those who many viewed as potentially destructive did not help in getting bellies full. Ember had to yet again remind them that they were guests, and needed to be respectful of Twilight's home.

"Jeez, I'm starving."

"You're always starving, boulder breath!"

This argument started something of a pushing match, until Ember shoved the Bloodstone Scepter between the two feuding dragons, "What did I tell you? Twice now? Do you want Twilight to put in a good word for us, or not?"

Her tone, and the look in her eye left little doubt she wouldn't do whatever she could to ensure a peaceful visit. The rest of the journey to the dining room was relatively uneventful, with exception for grumbling and some growling.

Breakfast itself was excellently made, with Spike getting many compliments from the other dragons, as well as Twilight for aquiring, in their words, 'some of the best gemstones they'd ever tasted.'

The meal was followed with some quite loud belches, that were thankfully devoid of fire.

Twilight escourted everyone to the main recreation area, and pulled Ember aside, "I sent the letter off last night about yours and other dragons request to help, but with how busy everything has been, I don't think Princess Celestia is going to respond very soon."

"I understand. If what I understood from Spike was correct, you've all been super busy."

"Preparing for the spell has taken almost everything Equestria has, and we would be a ways further behind without the contributions of yours, and the other nations. We want as much diversity for the humans to change into as possible, and that's only achievable with as much support as the other nations are willing to give." Twilight said.

"I take it some of the other nations weren't as forthcoming as ours?"

"Some less so than others. It especially took a lot to get the Kingdom of Griffonstone on board. Despite the help we've lent, they're still as greedy as ever. The Diamond Dogs were quite easy, and not nearly as costly to get help from. Zebrica was easy, as they sent an envoy which Zecora translated for. Many of them never asked to go to Earth, but some chose to come back to Equestria at about this time to learn how to speak the human languages."

The other dragons were having some fun with a couple of the games that were present in the hall, and laughing quite loudly. One particular outburst caused Twilight and Ember to look over at the commotion, but they quickly concluded that there was nothing broken, and so they went back to talking.

"Yeah. A couple of the humans had books with them, reading material I guess. We had learned some their main language from our initial surveilance of them after Princess Luna first saw them, but the books were an immense help. I've learned to speak their language quite well," Twilight said, smiling, "and find some of their 'films' to be quite interesting."

Ember had a very intrigued look on her face, and asked, "What does the human language sound like?"

"The only one we have enough material on, and the one the books are in, is called English."


"Close, but they pronounce it very differently. The language has become something of a fascination, as ponies across Equestria, and even the lands beyond have taken to it, with gusto., Well what we've released of it, with so little materiel. It's a difficult language though, not only because it's so different from anything in our world, but also because they appear to have almost no rules to their language. We have a committee who study our language, and keep track of new words that become common, and regulate some of the spelling. But their language, especially the written one, is, incoherent, to say the least. We've encountered other languages too, but English is the only one we have any kind of physical medium of. One of the books is apparently about some kind of war in in the stars, but there's no actual war going on in the text. I've read it a couple of times."

Taking on a stern look, Twilight said, "If the princesses vote down dragons going to the human world, then I have something to ask of you."

"That is?" Ember asked.

"We'd like as much information on dragon culture as you can compile. I want to be able to give the ponies a guide, to give the dragons that will appear in the spell, to help them transition to their new forms." Twilight said.

"What kinds of information do you need?"

"Anything, and everything. How your culture works, the rules and taboos, how you procreate," which drew a blush from the young Dragon Lord, "raise your offspring, your strengths. As much information as you've sent us before, we'll need several times as much."

"I'll see what I can do. It won't be easy. As I said before, we're very reclusive, and territorial." Ember explained.

"That's why I was hoping you could convince the other dragons to help you, help the soon to be dragons from Earth. Of any dragon in Equestria, you have the power, and burgeoning respect to ask them to help you." Twilight pleaded.

Ember looked a little apprehensive, but one of the dragons from the group had overheard Twilight's plea, and walked over, "I'll do what I can. I know where my mother and father are, so I'm going to ask them everything you just asked Lord Ember. I'll see about getting help in composing a letter to you, and sending it over when I can." The pink dragon told Twilight.

"Thank you. Anything we can get to help the new dragons on Earth, will be greatly appreciated. Like I told the reporters and other representatives some time ago, we're compiling all the information we can in this limited time, and creating a 'care package' of sorts for the transformed humans."

After a brief pause for all parties to settle from the dramatic atmosphere that had been created, Ember clapped her hands together, and said, "Okay, now that the heavy stuff's out of the way, and to wait for the other princesses to send their reply, what can we do for fun?"

Twilight looked up, smiled, and gestured to the rec room, "The other dragons have taken to the available games, but for you Ember, I wanted to show you around the village. Oh, and any dragon that wants to come as well, is welcome, so long as they don't cause a disturbance."

"Okay, that sounds interesting enough."

"I'm game!" The pink-one chimed in.

Both leaders went to the assembled dragons in the room, and got their attention, with Ember addressing them first, "Alright you guys, here's the rules. Princess Twilight has invited us to take a tour of the village, so long as we aren't too roudy and destructive. As long as you can behave, we can see what the pony world is really like, without all the prejudice."

Twilight then stepped forward, and took over, "Ponyville isn't like the other villages you may have stopped at before. We pride ourselves at being one of the most hospitable villages in Equestria. Zecora's early experience notwithstanding, the ponies here are very welcoming, and, as Ember said, as long as you all are respectful of the ponies and other denizens here, you'll be treated as if you're one of the villagers. Okay?"

"Gotcha." the dragons said.


"And over here, is our town hall." Twilight said, gesturing with her head, to the multi-stori building.

"What do you do there?" Ember asked, while the some of the other dragons took their eyes off the building to look at Twilight.

"I haven't done much there since I was called to Canterlot, but I used to go there once a week to meet with the mayor and village council. They, however, are ponies, and recently I heard, a griffon, who talk about town issues. They run the town from there, delegating tasks to various ponies who then go about making sure the town is operating efficiently. That town services are being performed, and such."

"Sounds really complicated." A brown dragon observed.

"It can be. The way it's organiz-"

"Hey, what's that over there?" A dragon interrupted, pointing over to a brightly colored pink, brown and white building.

"That's Sugar Cube Corner. They make some of the best pastries." Twilight said. "Do you want to try some?"

The dragons all nodded, and the group started for the Corner. They had almost made it to the door, when three little fillies burst out, all smiles with sprinkles adorning their beaming faces. Faces which, when they spotted Twilight being followed by dragons, dropped to inquisitive expressions.

"Who're they, Twilight?" All three chorused, looking at each dragon in turn.

"This, girls, is Dragon Lord Ember," Gesturing with a hoof to the blue dragon, "and her dragon friends. They're here to see Equestrian culture, and, hopefully petition to allow some dragons to go to Earth."

"Oh, Earth! I'd love to go there! Imagine teaching the humans how to get their cutie marks!!" Scootaloo practically shouted, wings abuzz in sudden excitement.

"I thought I told you girls, humans don't get cutie marks. Magic doesn't exist in their world. Yet."

"We know Twilight." They droned, "We want to teach them when magic does come!!"

"I know what you can do. You can write all about your adventures in getting your cutie marks. I'm sure they'd love hearing about it!" Twilight said, with a beaming smile to the excitable fillies.

"That's a great idea!! CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS CUTIE MARK CHRONICLERS!! YEAH!!" They all chorused, forcing the princess, dragons and a couple nearby ponies, to cover their ears.

Once the girls had run off, fueled by the sugary treats, the group removed their hooves and claws from their heads.

"Are all little ponies that loud and energetic?" A brown dragon asked.

"Not really. Those three are just really excitable." Twilight said, shaking her head with a smile. Looking back at the gathering of dragons, she continued, "Well, shall we go in? It'll be my treat!"

With the drama of the C3 behind them, the group went into the sweetest pastry store in Ponyville.


Back in the kitchen of the Castle of Friendship, Spike was humming while organizing some things he had planned to pack for the trip back to Canterlot. While he said he worked his tail off, the princesses were quite insistant that he take some time for himself in the early evening everyday, so he didn't wear himself out.

Placing some of his favorite comics in a travel box, he felt a familiar tingling sensation begin in his stomach, and quickly travel up, becoming a loud, green belch, replete with green fire and some sparkly smoke, which condensend into a familiar scroll.

"I thought Twilight sent her scroll by a magic candle?" Spike said, holding the scoll bearing a quadruple seal, for all four princesses. Breaking the seal, he read through the usual royal jargon, before getting to the core of the letter.

"Oh, boy. Depending on how this is worded, we may not get the reaction we hope for..."


Twilight led the group of dragons back to her castle after a productive day touring the town. The dragons were generally in awe of most of Equestrian society, and how the ponies, when properly introduced to the dragons, -as well as convinced that they weren't going to be destructive-, were very generous to the dragons.

"That pink one had too much energy to handle. How do you put up with her?"

"You learn to accept her as she is, and find some humor in her antics. Pinkie can be a hoof-ful at first, but once you really get to know her, she can be a great friend." Twilight responded.

A few of the dragons had their arms full with gifts and trinkets from the town, while only a few others had refused them. It made the ponies trying to give them a little sad, but they generally understood. Those who accepted the gifts, made a game of comparing them as the older dragons would brag about their hoards, as Ember explained.

Ember looked over to Twilight while the others walked behind them, "I didn't think we'd be as accepted here, but I guess you were right. Ponyville really is the center of friendship."

"I don't know if I'd so much call Ponyville the center, but thanks to my friends, we managed to impart a fair number of lessons that were slowly being either forgotten, or ignored by the others. We're also helping those across Equestria, thanks to my new role, and castle."

"I just wish that many more dragons could share in what you've all achieved..." Ember said, looking away.

"Who says you can't? Change starts only when you want it to. You can also be the change you want to see happen. A little cliché, but sometimes there's nothing else you can really use." Twilight said with a little giggle.

"Like I said, my ascendency and the invitation has sparked a lot of curiosity among dragons about Equestrian society. Perhaps some day, more dragons might join the other groups living among ponies. Beyond Spike."

"Someday. I know I'd look forward to learning more by living closer." Both nodded as they continued walking.

They had all gotten into the foyer, when Spike came padding out to meet them. Bidding his greeting, he continued over to Twilight, and gave her the letter.

"That responce was a little faster than I thought." Reading the letter, Twilight first looked curious, then her expression changed to one of resigned understanding. She took a moment to compose her thoughts, taking a breath, before looking at the assembled dragons, "Well, this is the letter from Princess Celestia, but it isn't the news I think all of you, or any who were interested, were expecting."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the princesses turned down your offer of going to Earth. They felt that, despite the just over two years we've had good relations and a sharing of knowledge with you, they felt that most dragons would be an unknown quantity to send over, even with all the training you could get.

"Most who are going have been in training for almost two years, at least in the logistical aspects. You'd all have a massive amount of catch-up to do, and it wouldn't be feasable to pull trainers to teach you all what you need to know. Instead, the princesses have an alternative offer for you all. I think it's something of a high honor that they're offering this to you.

"They want to offer for any willing, to be extra body guards for the ponies going to Earth. You'd assist in protecting the teams as they're sent to the places best suited for teleporting to Earth, and perhaps, staying for the duration of what we have planned, to guard the teleporting locations. Afterwards, any who proved themselves, would be offered a chance to train in for another program, they only mentioned was in the works, last I was in Canterlot. This has to be a decision you, or any interested, would be willing to make a long term investment in. In time, and training. You'd be fully paid for your services, and offered a great severence pay, if you wished to return to your homelands."

All were quiet after Twilight summed up the letter. The offer of pay was extremely alluring to a dragon. Especially a young dragon looking to start a hoard, or gloat to other dragons.

Finally, Ember spoke up for them, after looking at each dragon in turn, "This is a fairly large decision, Twilight. Dragons are mostly solitary, only coming together to compete, have offspring, because a Dragon Lord summons them, or during the Migration. An offer like this will require any dragons getting involved to interact with others more often than we're used to. We've gotten a little better since you helped us, but old habits die hard. More so among our kind."

Twilight nodded at Ember's logic, and responded, "I understand. You have some time to make your decision, but any who want to join, and take part in the offer, need to let us know as soon as possible. The window for the offer, and the training ends six months before the spell and magic come to Earth.

"There will be hostiles who don't like what we're doing for the humans, and the Earth, but any extra protection for our field agents, and the others we send, will be extremely appreciated."


"Forget I said that. This is a big decision. Those who want to accept the offer, can come with me to Canterlot tomorrow. The offer's there for any dragon who wants to try it. We're also opening similar positions to the other tribes not selected to go, so excelling in training guarantees a position. The decision, is yours."

Silence fell on the room for a time, before Twilight straigtened herself, and spoke again, "I need to pack for the return trip. You're all welcome to help yourselves to the kitchen, and the rec room. Or you may relax. If you're going back to the Dragon Lands tomorrow, you'll need your rest. We'll get you any supplies you'll need for the trip back. I'll see you all tomorrow. Good night."