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Pinkie has a joke to play on her friends, it includes putting there most valuable things under their beds. Of course, they don't get why she keeps laughing whenever they say, "Under where?" whats a mare to do?

Facehooves and a lot of groaning ensues...

Got the joke on a story.

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I put the thumbs up under...

Page break? I thought it was just a random squiggle...:pinkiecrazy:

Unfunny joke poorly executed over and over again, painfully stretched out to fill the requisite 1000 words. This was painful to try to read. You need to work on your timing, delivery, and narrative execution. By which I mean, actually including narrative. You don't have the skill to pull off a dialogue-only story.


That "page break" thing was hilarious! I got it immediately, unlike Pinkie's friends... have a like!

This was really funny...

I think you shouldn't just do a dialogue story...ohm...I need paragraphs ohm...

The under where parts were super funny XD and I loved the page break, ima use that in a story if you don't mind...

7220823 Sure why not? Here's the link to the page break: http://creativewebdesign.ie/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Line-Break4.png

Glad you liked my first try! And, sure... my next story isn't dialogue-only XD.

*giggle* *snort* Underwear...

I understood the page break he first time.


Lovely joke. Rarity would have gotten it of course.

As for the page break, I thought FiM actually ripped or something.

P.S. - And if your name is truly what you suggest.
Mega Boop!

"It may be under your..."
"Under my what?"
"Under what, Pinkie?"

Under what-er! [cue "rimshot" explosion].

I yiked at the sudden page break, by the way :derpyderp1:. Not out of disgust...

And they should have totally done "Who's on first" :rainbowlaugh:!

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