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Spike has been acting strange lately. Checking the doors and windows of the Friendship Palace, even going so far as to start boarding some of them up. Twilight, naturally, can't understand why her friend is acting this way, until, at last, she decides to ask him about it.

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Soon Twilight is gonna safe proof... everything!

Spike, you dolt! You've just set in motion the machinations of Tyrant Sparkle; Enforcer of Safety! She'll be throwing up walls and guard towers everywhere, strict curfews enforced, Ponyville turned into a police state until a villain is found and stopped!

However, in the event that she retains a modicum of sanity, at least you can stop this one by showing it a mirror. :derpytongue2:

Oh dear, Spike's done it now... Run little dragon, run!:derpytongue2:

LOL! That was everyone want to tell to Twilight, she has to be more safe pony. Spike gets a point.

I liked.

Villain proof ? :twilightblush:
Is it foal proof?:pinkiehappy:
:fluttercry: what?
:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: what us?
:rainbowhuh: cannons we need cannons lots of cannons!
:ajbemused: and troops lots of troops and apple tanks!:pinkiegasp:

Ladies and Gentlecolts, I present you...TWILIGHT ! Going from "nothing of this is nedeed" to "we must prepare for an apocalipse...with zombies....and chainsaws !".

I swear, this is pretty much the show┬┤s cannon Twilight....

7212712 Sure, go ahead.

7212732 Chainbies? Zomsaws? Dr. Salvador?

"Spike, I understand you want to be cautious, and I appreciate that, but we can't really predict when such a person will turn up, or even what they'll do."

You mean pony? Or are you predicting this season will have a human villain? :rainbowkiss:

"In fairness to Spike...it was kinda easy for me to get in here."

Wonder how long it took for her to find the throne room that first time? :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, Twilight REALLY needs some guards to, you know, GUARD the castle. She has a mirror to another universe that could be exploited and a whole library of who-knows-what could be used to take over Equestria.

In all fairness, Twilight should at least have some sort of security beyond a door, Spike and Owlowicious.

I think it's a pity we never got to see the fallout of Twilight's frenzy. It was still an enjoyable read, but it does feel as though it was cut short.

Many have doubted that owl, only to never get the chance to doubt him again. If starlight attacked at night, the episodes would be completely different

Protect the Princesses!
Celestia and Luna, got The Royal Guards.
Cadance, has, Shining Armor and The Crystal Guards.
Twilight, has Spike, her dragon guard.

I always thought that there should have been some guards assigned to the Friendship Castle.


Twilight, has Spike, her dragon guard.

:twilightoops: "Enemy forces have surrounded the castle! Spike... Now would be a good time to get really greedy."

:moustache: "That's my secret Twilight. I'm ALWAYS greedy."

7213551 now how do you pay for the property damage or the fact he has even less self control in greed from than the hulk?

7213583 By doing what Superman did in Man of Steel...

...Fly away :twilightsmile:

7213483 Oh, I don't question his competence. I merely question his ability to fell multiple opponents.

If she's everything-proofing everything, won't you be making it magic and deconstruction proof? Once you get in, you're never going to get out. :pinkiegasp:

Comment posted by DarkDMan deleted May 14th, 2016

7213551 :twilightoops:"Spike."

I have a nagging feeling that, despite what we know of Twilight, most of the books in that library are fiction, with only 10 non-fiction books hidden deep in the labyrinthian book shelves of The Friendship Castle.

Yes, Spike, spread genre savvyness around the world. Teach them to predict conflict, to comunicate to solve a problem, to stop acting like such dumbasses!

Way to go, Spike. Claps Way to go:ajbemused:
Love the randomness you added here:rainbowlaugh:

You know he's right and the crazy thing is the season 6 starting episodes. I'm interested but scared, since that means something worst than terk is coming. Oh and side note, I think twilight his only been in ponyville for a year and a few months. Since in Amending Fences, they moved there a year ago.

"Oh no...what have I done?"


Better safe than sorry. Better safe than sorry. Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry.Better safe than sorry. No! You can't come into my castle! I have a bell! I'm gonna ring it! Ding Dong! Dinners served! Come and get it!


:twilightsmile: Books! Gotta protect the books!

:moustache: Eh... She's been worse.

Commendable Spike but given the usual villain's power levels, I fail to see what wooden boards are going to do. Now that Twilight's on board she can put up spells to ward off and/or warn them of intruders. Hiring guards might work if the Royal Guard weren't totally incompetent.

Enjoyable read if a little short.

7214468 But there's been two or three Hearths Warmings throughout the series, it has to have been a minimum of two years. I kinda figured that each season covered around 6 months (give or take a week or two), so it had been 3 to 3-1/2 years since Twilight moved to Ponyville.

This is like a metaphor for my life, but I was safe and sorry.
Hah! Perpetual sadness!

7214696 Yeah, but in what calendar does Christmas come before Halloween. Besides, that makes it really weird. If when Twilight became an alicorn was...1...2... A few months to a year ago. Then for a few months, regular ponies didn't know Twilight became a princess. When the horn and huge wings combination is a dead giveaway.

And then Twilight smirked.

"Gotcha. Oh, you should see your face, Spike."

Dear Princess Celestia

Is trolling a natural skill for Alicorns, or are you being a bad influence on Twilight again?


What about a royal guard?

7212774 Sequel shall be Bloons Toer Defense.


"I saved the world, property damage is on you guys. Or there wouldn't be a world to rebuild!"

/substitute world with Ponyville

"Yeah. I mean, we usually get a bad guy every year, right at the start of it, and then again at the end of it. But this year...we didn't!"

Well you didn't at the end of Season 1 either Spike :ajbemused:
Or Season 3

And then, the Bad Guy shows up!

"NYAH HA HA HA!! I am Anne Tagonist, and I am here to steal your Dragon Balls!"

Spike clenched his legs tightly together and ran away screaming.


Looks like Spike... has created a monster.

2 mages in the building and they don't try a magic form of protection. Seriously a few force fields, some seals, and an anti-teleport spell and your good.

I've been playing L4D2 lately, so when I saw the title I immediately thought of the crazy guy in the church who mutters "better safe than sorry" over and over again.

7214581 Don't forget the wall covered with "better safe than sorry"!

7213551 Suddenly I need a one shot of this.

"Oh no...what have I done?"

Way to go Spike! You created a monster :facehoof:

7217524 The beginning of the creation of a tactically and strategically sound, defensible base of operations! :pinkiecrazy:

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