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It's an all-expense paid weekend at the Platinum Horsehose Hotel & Casino, the premiere joint-species gaming establishment on no less than two worlds.

There's slots, cards, and dice galore, but the hottest action in town's going down at one little roulette table and everyone wants a piece of the action. Notable players include a cellist, a human, and a DJ with a bone to pick, and they're all betting far more than chips. Come on down to the Platinum Horsehose, where you may not win, but you'll definitely get your money's worth.

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Geez, this piece. It was utterly enthralling. I couldn't stop reading until I hit the end. It's full of tension and friction, and manages to show a wonderful world-building piece.

I do have to wonder if the magic runes used in construction bring out everyone's full emotional reactions (even a Changelings!) to the surface, or not. Did anyone have a good time, besides Iron Will, who seems to drink up drama and tension like a fine wine? The Changeling and Cadance could barely function, considering their empathy senses.

I haven't read the story yet... Is the romance between Cadence and Applejack, Octavia and Vinyl, or both?

Wonderful work, my fishy, fabulous friend.

I lift my green thumb in your honour.

Glad you liked it. All the hoodoo going on in the casino probably gives the more magically attuned a little buzzing in their ears, but management's first and foremost concern is stopping cheating. If it has a little side effect of making people behave a little more -pronounced- maybe they're more likely to bet, and maybe management wouldn't mind. WHO CAN SAY?!

Did anyone have a good time, besides Iron Will

I think Applejack reasonably enjoyed herself, it'll take more than little weirdness to throw her off.

I shake your green thumb in appreciation.


Haven't read the story yet, but the casino is named the "Platinum Horsehose" in the summary. Are you sure you didn't mean "Horseshoe"? :rainbowlaugh:

That gets addressed. The casino's construction was very hectic.

It took me a while, but I get the sense that a major theme of what you do is "broken people doing the best they can". Protagonist and Octavia more or less state that outright, but I think it generalises to basically every character, named or not. Everyone is terrible in their own way, and the casino just brings out the worst of it.

Viewed through that lens, it makes you wonder what awfulness Celestia is into. Like that time in the desert...

I think Moondancer was my favourite this time.


I think Moondancer was my favourite this time.

She's one of the characters that almost didn't make the cut because I wasn't sure if she -quite- fit. But I like the idea of her only wanting to see how the place works but weird stuff keeps happening. I had a really fun time writing grumpalupagus Bon-Bon breakdown

It's so cool written! I really want to go to this casino myself. I haven't been to a real casino for a long time because i always choose online games on sites. However, I would not mind visiting it. Also the name of the casino is so interesting! :duck:

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