• Published 10th May 2016
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The Titans' Orb: Rising Storm - Mister Horncastle

As Callum and the Mane Six continue their quest to find the shards of the Titans' Orb, the path ahead grows only more deadly, as they are now stalked by a relentless shadow that will stop at nothing to hunt them down...

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Chapter Four - Damsel in Distress

I shook my head to clear the thoughts racing through my mind; I needed to focus on helping Bunnie, not falling in love with her.

“Right, first off, I need more information on this gang.” I said to her.

“Well for starters, they have no name, the gang is known by a symbol.” She replied.

{I bet it was the mark on her father’s car…} I thought to myself.

“It’s a black mark, shaped a little bit like a spider.” She explained.

{Bingo.} I thought.

“All the gang members have the mark tattooed on their right hand, you can’t miss it.” Bunnie continued.

“Right, so if they have the black mark on their hands, they die, got it.” I ordered to myself.

“Or the other way around…” Bunnie mumbled back.

“Hey…” I said softly, holding Bunnie’s arms. “I’m going to get you out of this…”

“I don’t think you can; I’m scared Callum…” She replied, taking a deep breath.

“Good, you have every right to be scared. I’d be worried if you weren’t scared.” I told her.

“So why aren’t you?”

“Because I don’t fear a bunch of Portuguese arseholes with guns and knives, weapons don’t scare me.” I answered.

“Then what does scare you?” She asked.

I took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds, before I looked Bunnie in the eyes.

“Breaking my promises…”

I opened my jacket and pulled out my phone, and Bunnie looked to me.

“Put that away, the gang take all luxuries from ordinary townsfolk.” She told me.

“I’m counting on it.” I replied.


“You’ll see.” I said.

I kept my phone switched off, but I figured I could use it as a lure for this so-called gang.

“Where would I find your little gang mates?” I asked Bunnie.

“Gang mates? Callum it’s not a small group, there are hundreds and hundreds of them.” She replied.

“So it seems your dad is a big figure around then…” I mumbled.

“Only because he’s the gang leader.” Bunnie snorted.

“Tell me, how did he even become leader?” I quizzed.

“Basically, he joined the gang and worked his way up, killing people and bringing their children as slaves. He soon became second in charge, then the leader was shot by the police, so he was automatically promoted to the gang’s ruler, he has over half of Portugal in fear.” She explained.

“Standard…” I said quietly.

It appeared Bunnie’s twat-fart of a father was Portugal’s very own personal Inigo Montenegro, complete with cartel and enjoyment for human suffering; a world away and I’d come full circle. I cleared my throat and went back to the topic at hand.

“So where would I find members of your dad’s little fan club anyway?” I asked a second time.

“All around, I wouldn’t be surprised if one showed up now; they’re always around, patrolling the place like a concentration camp…” She answered, wrinkling her nose.

“Then I advise you hide somewhere, and let me work my magic.” I told her.

Bunnie nodded and ran back to the staircase and hid inside our little hidey hole. I leant on the wall opposite the hiding place so that Bunnie could see me, and I could just about see her, the road between us wasn’t too big, it could only just fit a car.

I held my phone and waited patiently, occasionally poking my phone to look like I was actually using it. After about five minutes, I found what I was looking for; a man in a black beanie, navy blue trousers and a black puffer jacket came into sight, and on his right hand was a black mark.
Just to make myself more obvious, I coughed, and much to my delight, he started walking towards me.

“Oi! Você! Onde você encontrou que? Dar ele para mim!” He shouted.

I ignored him, and he stormed right up to me, out of the corner of my eye I could see Bunnie’s face struck with terror.

“Can I help you?” I asked dryly.

“Dar ele para mim!” He shouted again, trying to snatch my phone from me.

“Get your own, prick.” I replied.

The man lost his temper instantly and attempted to punch me in the face, to which I dodged.

“Too slow!” I jeered.

The man then made his next wrong move, putting his hand into his puffer jacket in attempt to grab a weapon. The second his hand was inside the jacket, I lunged forward, punched him in the face and twisted his free arm around his back before forcing him to the ground.

AH-” He tried to shout, but was silenced as I forced his face into the dirt.

I punched him in the back of the head twice to daze him, and then rolled him over; as soon as he was on his back he pulled his other arm out of the jacket and tried to lunge at me with a knife. I grabbed his wrist and twisted his hand around until he cried out in pain and dropped the blade. I punched him in the face again before grabbing the weapon, with his other hand he tried to hit me and ended up smacking me in the back, which caused me neither pain, nor damage, I elbowed his bicep nonetheless to stop him.
He attempted to grab my left wrist where I was holding the knife, but I pulled back so he couldn’t get a grip, with my right hand I seized his arm and crossed it over his chest so he had no defence, and before he could blink, I had thrust the knife into the side of his neck.
I held him still as he desperately clawed at me, gurgling and spitting dark foaming blood from his lips; each strike became weaker and weaker, and in seconds he went limp and the life left his eyes. I let go of him, and pulled the knife out.

“Better luck next time Snowflake…” I said gruffly, wiping the blood onto the man’s jacket.

I stood up and rolled my head side to side, letting out the tension with a few satisfying crunches. I heard small footsteps behind me and turned around to see Bunnie standing there, looking from me to the body.

“You… You killed him…” She said, full of shock.

“I did.” I agreed.

“You really weren’t lying…” She mumbled, still staring at the body.

I hummed in response before bending over the body to pick him up; I put my hands under his arms and dragged his corpse to a nearby alleyway, and dumped him there.

“Don’t want his buddies finding that, eh?” I asked rhetorically.

“How…?” Bunnie said, shaking her head slightly.

“Well, the other gang members have eyes, they might find the body.”

“Not that.” Bunnie interrupted.

I put my head on one side.

“How can you kill? How can you end life like that and not be affected by it?”

I took a sigh; Bunnie didn’t quite understand the true concept of killing.

“Bunnie, I was affected; very affected. The first time I killed, I almost passed out, I felt sick, to my very core; I almost broke under the trauma.” I told her.

“Then how come you’re not now?” She asked.

“Because I’ve done it before; when you’ve killed for the first time, your true human instincts come out, you feel the need to survive, and will do anything in order to do so. Killing somebody is just as normal as picking fruit from a tree, hostile humans become simple entities in my life, rather than people…” I explained.

“Oh… Okay...” Bunnie said quietly, more to herself than to me.

“You’re ok with me, right? After killing someone?” I questioned cautiously.

“I’m fine, really; I’ve seen people kill, and I’ve seen people die; the fact you kill people isn’t scary to me. Nearly every day here someone’s threatening to kill me; if anything, I trust you more now, seeing as you just killed one of my father’s men.” She told me.

{Well, that’s a reassuring result. Kill bad guys to earn trust; sorted!} My conscience said gleefully.

“Well, without sounding like a total psycho, let’s go kill some more.” I said, zipping up my jacket.

Much to my surprise, Bunnie actually giggled at that comment; I sensed a tomboy…

I continued up the road from where the man had come, to find two more men from the gang side by side. They saw me and shrugged, before laughing something to one another; it was then when they noticed Bunnie.

“Ele está com a menina.” One of them said.

“Então ele morrerá.” The other replied.

They both started walking to me; Bunnie slowed down and whimpered slightly.

“Calm it Bunnie, two guys, probably armed with knives; piece of piss.” I said to her.

I flexed my wrist and felt the handle of Krocsbane rub against it; I’d hidden it inside my jacket sleeve so I could get close and personal without them knowing I was armed.

“Você! Obtenha longe a menina!” One of the men shouted.

I cleared my throat before I spoke.

“Mentlegen, please; I have a gift for you both…” I said heartily in a French accent.

The second man stormed up to me and pushed me in the chest with one of his hands, I was sent back a few steps before I walked back up to him.

“Oooh... Você vai morrer agora...” He growled as he reached into his pocket for his knife.

In a flash I had drawn my own knife and put it to his throat; he froze completely and gulped.

“Twat.” I said flatly.

He stood completely still, he just stared at me in fear, and he knew that he was going to die. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate as I sliced his throat open and his blood sprayed out of him like a garden hose, luckily not much of it sprayed onto me. Before the other man could move a muscle I charged into him and stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach, I pinned him to the ground and continued to thrust the knife in and out of him until he stopped struggling completely.

“Holy fuck Callum… You’re an animal…” Bunnie gasped.

“Nah, animals don’t use blades.” I replied, standing up and wiping the knife clean.

I found another alleyway and hid the bodies, three bad guys down, I was sure that killing about twenty of them would raise an alarm or two, so I decided to count down.

“I’m thinking at least seventeen more should do the trick.” I thought aloud.

“You make it sound so simple…” Bunnie sighed.

“It is. Knife goes in, blood comes out, human expires.” I replied.

“Is that really how easy you find killing?” She asked.

“After everything I've been put through, I'm afraid so...” I answered.

Bunnie simply shrugged, unsure of what to say.

“Good night princess…” I growled as I took my thirteenth guard.

At first, I was extremely cautious at taking out these guards, but it seemed they were all thick as pig shit, they moved around the place like clockwork, without a shred of awareness to their surroundings.
Or so I thought...

There was the bang of a gunshot and a loud crack as a bullet hit the brick beside me.

“Bollocks!” I yelped as I was almost killed right there and then.

I dived to my right and turned to see four gang members down the road with SMGs.

“Be careful!” Bunnie squeaked from inside the nearby alleyway.

I ran to the other side of the road and hid behind a car; the gang members kept firing and the bullets smacked into the metal, the sound was almost deafening.

{Think Callum! Think!} I thought to myself desperately.

I looked to my right to see another alleyway, with a drainpipe that led all the way to the roof.

“Bingo.” I mumbled.

I dived into the alleyway just as another SMG spray hit the car; a bullet whizzed past and skimmed my arm. I got up and quickly looked at the wound, thankfully the bullet had only grazed me; it was nothing serious.

I scrambled up the drainpipe and clambered onto the roof, I then crept to the edge of the roof and looked down to see the gang members approaching the car, not realising I was directly above them.
I watched quietly as the four men gathered around the alley, they growled at one another in Portuguese before they slowly approached the narrow opening. As the first man entered the alley, I pulled out Krocsbane and aimed for the man at the back of the group. I let myself fall off the edge, I hurtled downwards and my knife impaled into the man’s head and his body broke my fall, we both crumpled to the ground and I swiftly picked up his SMG and rolled to my left before opening fire on the three men in front of me; they barely had the time to turn around before they were on the ground with blood pouring out of them, in seconds they were all dead. I looked on the gun’s body to see ‘HK UMP Forty Five’ written on it.

“I always did like the UMP...” I sighed happily.

I collected the magazines from the other bodies and put them in my belt loops; Bunnie ran to me and hugged me.

“I thought they’d killed you!” She squeaked.

“Did you see my lifeless body?” I asked.

“Uhm, no...”

“Then I wasn't dead.”

Bunnie then noticed the small bullet graze on my arm and gasped.

“You’re bleeding!”

“It’s not deep, it’ll scab over in minutes.” I said, assuring her I wasn’t in much pain.

To be perfectly honest, after Inigo’s torture back in Brazil, a wound like this barely bothered me, it was nothing more to me than the mere bite of a fly.

“I’m a tough cookie, me.” I added with a grin.

“Plain or chocolate?” She giggled.

“Jumbo choccy.” I replied merrily, sticking my tongue out.

We laughed for a small moment, before waltzing down the street together. Even though we’d only just met, we’d really hit it off, and we already seemed like rather close friends...

Pop! Goes the weasel!” I shouted loudly at the next gang member in sight.

He turned around and I fired a single round into his head, dead between the eyes; blood and brain matter burst out the back of his head and he dropped to the ground like a sack of spuds.

“I always did like Buck.” Bunnie muttered as I went over to loot the body.

“Ha! You’ve seen Ice Age Three as well!” I cheered.

“C’mon Callum, who hasn’t seen the Ice Age movies…?” She replied, rolling her eyes.

“Touché…” I hummed.

I opened up the gang member’s puffer jacket to find nothing useful.

“Pfft, boring…” I snorted.

I turned to look at Bunnie who was holding Krocsbane.

“Hey, give that back!” I ordered.

“It’s so cool though, look at the shape!” She pointed out, admiring my knife.

I went over and took the blade from her and put it back into its sheath, I looked up to see her now holding my phone.

“And this, now this is a cool phone.” She giggled.

My mouth fell agape, how did she get into my pockets so easily?

“How did you get that?” I asked, frowning.

“You may be good at killing people, but I also have a few talents; pick-pocketing is one of them.”

She beamed at me innocently, to which I raised an eyebrow.

{Nifty hands…} I thought.

{Soft, smooth hands…} My conscience teased.

{HEY! No sexy stuff!} I thought back.

{Not yet anyway laddie…}

“Are you okay?” Bunnie quizzed.

I shook my head and realised I’d completely zoned out to argue with my conscience.

“Yeah, fine, sorry.” I replied, blushing slightly.

I smiled at Bunnie, and she looked me in the eye, smiling back; she had such a cute smile; her teeth were white and sparkly, and the corners of her lips looked to be sweeter than an American Twinkie. She was simply beautiful, and the longer I looked into her eyes, the more beautiful she became. I realised that she was also looking at me with the same look that I was giving her, she was picking up on my facial features and analysing me, I wonder…
No, I was just being stupid, I’d only just met her; this wasn’t a Disney film where you fall in love on the day you’ve just met, I couldn’t just let myself fall for the first female I come across.
But there was just something about her… I couldn’t describe it…

{Tits.} My brain answered.

“Piss off, it’s not that.” I retorted.

“Sorry?” Bunnie squeaked, taken aback.

Holy shit, I’d just said that out loud.

“I am SO sorry, I speak my thoughts sometimes…” I apologised.

Bunnie began to giggle, and I chuckled with her; next thing we know, we were both laughing our asses off; only to be interrupted by the shouting of men. I looked to my right to see three gang members running towards me with baseball bats; I raised an eyebrow, unimpressed with their choice of weaponry. I picked up my UMP and looked back at them, who stopped in their tracks and began running in the opposite direction.

Didn’t see that coming, now did you!?” I roared, before pulling the trigger and mowing them down.

They hit the dirt like a sack of spuds, and I looked back to Bunnie, who was now in tears of laughter. It seemed Bunnie and I had a very similar sense of humour; her experiences had most likely left her with a darker mind-set and found jokes about death funny; having depression I too had a dark sense of humour and was on Bunnie’s wavelength.

“Bunnie, you just watched people die, should you be laughing?” I asked jokily.

“Ah fuck ‘em, it’s only sad when good people die; and even then it’s funny after a while.” She replied.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry… I’m quite a dark person.” She chuckled nervously.

I smirked, and strapped my UMP across my shoulder with its sling.

“Ever played Cards Against Humanity?” I queried, giving her a cheeky grin.

“Oh my god, YES!” She exclaimed.

“A party game for horrible people…” I hummed with delight.

“Nothing says ‘dark humour’ quite like a coat-hanger abortion, does it?” She giggled.

At that, I burst into laughter once more and the both of us continued to walk around the old shanty town, all whilst telling one another crude jokes that were so dark, they basically greenlighted our first class ticket to hell upon our deaths.

“What’s the sexiest thing about twenty one year olds?” I began my last joke.

“I don’t know…” Bunnie replied with uncertainty, wiping away the tears of laughter from my last joke.

“There are twenty of them.” I said deviously.

OH MY GOD” Bunnie shrieked and began to bellow with laughter.

I took a bow and waited for her to recover from yet another uncontrollable laughing fit; Bunnie and I were indeed terrible people.
Our moment of joy and jokes eventually came to an end as I noticed a group of eleven gang members on the road ahead, they were armed with assault rifles and they were searching around the place.

“Out of the road, now.” I ordered.

We slipped to the right and into an alleyway, after a few twists and turns we ended up on the edge of the road on the other side of the block; where yet another group of armed men were spread out and looking around.

“Looks like they found the bodies…” I muttered.

“What do we do?” She asked.

“I’m not sure, I don’t know if your dad’s here or not; it looks like he’s just sent in a shed load of his goons.” I replied, biting my bottom lip with frustration.

I wasn’t that much of a fool, I knew full-well that I wouldn’t be able to take on all of the gang in this little town; I had to locate and assassinate Bunnie’s dad, rescue her mother, and be on my way to the orb shard. Unlike with Inigo’s cartel, I didn’t think I’d be able to rally the residents of the shanty town into starting an uprising like I did in the Stock Heap.

{Aye, but that was by far the coolest thing you’ve ever done.} My conscience sighed.

“Yeah, it was…” I agreed.

“You’re talking to yourself again.” Bunnie mentioned, poking my arm.


That’s when I had an idea; I took Bunnie back into the alleyway and squatted next to her.

“I’ve got an idea, you’re not going to like it.” I told her.

“What is it?”

“I dress up as one of the guards, and pretend I’ve caught you; we go back to your dad’s place, and I stick a blade so far up his ass that his men will need to perform brain surgery to remove it.” I explained.

“That idea is so crazy it might just work…” She mumbled in agreement.

“Then it’s settled, I’ll play fancy dress.” I grinned.

“Wait, what about the gang’s symbol? You’d need that mark on your hand.” Bunnie pointed out.

“I’ll wear gloves.” I answered, sticking my tongue out.

After settling on our plan, I needed an outfit; a few of the men I’d killed were wearing balaclavas so I needed one of them to hide my face; my current black jacket from Rarity looked adequate, but I’d need some of their black chino trousers, as my torn, bloodstained blue jeans made me stand out a bit more.

I headed back out of the alley to see most of the men had gone further along the road, but there was one who stood alone and was conveniently nearby; I picked up a stone and threw it at him before darting quickly into the alley again, the stone made contact with his arm and he jumped in shock before turning around frantically to see where it had come from, he spotted me just as I disappeared into the narrow passage and began to give chase, yelling angrily in Portuguese.

I ran past Bunnie, whom was hiding behind a bin; as the man came along she stuck her leg out and tripped him up, he hurtled forward and hit the ground with a hard thud, as he attempted to get up I gave him an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him out cold; looks like my old boxing skills hadn’t been forgotten.

“Good job.” I said, nodding to Bunnie.

She smirked, now full of self-satisfaction; I playfully rolled my eyes and went over to the unconscious gang member. He was quite broad but his legs were rather short in comparison to mine, I had a feeling his chinos would be a rather tight fit, but I’d have to make do. I pulled off his balaclava and looked at his face, he had a rather chiselled jaw and a pretty distinct nose, his face was all swollen, I opened his eyelids to find his eyes were almost completely red; by the looks of things this guy did a lot of drugs, most likely supplied by his boss.

“Not a bad set-up for a drug addict; bully people around and terrorise folks, and get paid in narcotics.” I hummed.

I took off his gloves and looked at the mark on his right hand, it was such a strange symbol; and even stranger that I recognised it from somewhere, it reminded me of Brazil for some reason…
I took off my bloody trousers, along with the man’s chinos; he began to mumble and stir and I remembered that he was still alive, I pulled out Krocsbane and looked to Bunnie.

“Should I?” I asked.

“These men were planning on raping me before handing me back to my father.” She replied bluntly.

I didn’t even reply before gashing his throat open; if there was one thing on this world I hated more than anything, it was rape; in my eyes it should be punishable by death, and I would proudly be the executioner.

“Have they ever done it to you before…?” I asked nervously, not wanting to upset her.

“Thankfully no, I’m lucky enough to retain my virginity for now; but I’ve been very close…” She replied, gulping.

“What happened?”

“One of them found me after escaping, and tried to, but I was on my period at the time, which was obviously a massive turn-off; it’s probably the one time I was actually glad to have a menstrual cycle.” She explained.

I shrugged and pursed my lips, not wanting to delve deeper into the conversation. I pulled on the chinos, they were a little tight on my thighs and revealed about an inch of my ankle; but other than that, they were a decent fit. After putting on and adjusting the balaclava, I put on the gloves and turned to Bunnie.

“How do I look?” I asked her, tilting my head slightly.

“Like an asshole.” She answered dully.

“Perfect.” I grinned.

She chuckled slightly and I looked down at the dead gang member, his gun appeared to be a slightly smaller version of the AK-Forty Seven, perhaps an AK-Seventy Four U. I decided not to take his assault rifle as it was heavier than my UMP, I preferred the feel of the sub-machine gun anyway.

“You ready?” I asked Bunnie.

“I don’t know…” She replied nervously.

I sighed, this wasn’t exactly going to be a breeze; if this went pear-shaped in any way, I’d end up dead, and Bunnie would most likely be tortured. I closed my eyes and took a breath in, and then out, before giving Bunnie a tight hug.

“We can do this BunBun… I promise…” I whispered into her ear.

“Okay… I trust you…” She whispered back.

She held me tighter and I cradled her side to side lightly for a moment, before leaning back and kissing her on the forehead; she looked into my eyes and I looked into hers. I didn’t know if it was love, but I definitely felt something for her; I was getting her home and safe… I had to…

“Let’s do this.” I sighed.

She nodded, and we headed out of the alleyway together.

As we reached the road, I took the back of Bunnie’s hair and pretended to be yanking her along; she instantly knew what I was doing, and pretended to struggle and be in pain.

WHOOP WHOOP!” I yelled to the gang further down the road.

I headed towards them and forced Bunnie to join me.

“We can do this Bunnie…” I muttered under my breath, to which she gulped in fear.

The rest of the gang came jogging over to me, and once they recognised Bunnie, they started cheering and whooping at me to congratulate me on finding her; once they reached me they circled us and a few of them gave me a pat on the arm to say ‘well done’. One of them pulled out a walkie-talkie and spoke to someone else, most likely Bunnie’s father. After he put the device away, he gestured down the road and said something in Portuguese, and everyone began to walk in that direction; I grunted at Bunnie and pushed her forward and kept a grip on her hair just to make sure none of the other men touched her, I figured if kept physical contact with her, nobody would try to hurt her.

We soon ended up at the same road from yesterday, and stopped near the stairs where Bunnie and I slept; where there were two large pickup vans waiting in the road. As we approached the vans, the men started to get in and I knew I would have to as well; using one arm I turned Bunnie to face me, and gave her a sorrowful look.
Before hitting her in the stomach.
I didn’t hit her hard, but it had to look real; she gasped and she hunched over in pain, and as she did so, I squatted down and picked her up over my shoulder and clambered into the back of the van with the others. I took Bunnie off my shoulder and sat her down next to me at the back, before taking out Krocsbane and putting the blade to her throat, making sure she knew that if she resisted or struggled, I would kill her.
I felt horrible, while I would be rescuing Bunnie in the long run, I didn’t want to take her back to her father; if I failed, the poor girl would be abused more than ever, not to mention the ponies would struggle to succeed in their mission without me; at this point is was very clear that if I failed, I would die.

Both of the vans began to rumble their engines and we were soon on the go, we drove out of the shanty town and headed off, coincidentally in the opposite direction I’d originally been walking in, so we were heading south; this would come in handy when I freed Bunnie and went on my way to the next orb shard.
Throughout the journey the other men often looked my way and gave me a respectful nod, to which I nodded back and smirked, whenever Bunnie looked at me I bared my teeth and snarled, but often gave her a wink when nobody was looking to ensure her I was still on her side.

We’d been on the road for a while when we finally came to a halt, the back doors opened and the afternoon’s sunlight shone upon all of us; the men hopped out the van and I took Bunnie’s hair again, before taking her out of the vehicle.
I was greeted by a large building, it looked more like a town hall; but it was evidently the compound due to the armed guards who stood watch on the main balcony, as Bunnie came into sight one of the guards aimed his rifle at her, I knew he wasn’t going to shoot, but it was still very unnerving.

We walked under the balcony as a group and entered the large double doors, where there were men everywhere talking amongst themselves and eating food, all of them armed; Bunnie was right, this wasn’t an ordinary gang, this was an organisation.

The group split off into a few segments, most of the men headed off to socialise with others, while a few remained to take Bunnie to her father; I made sure I was right behind her as we headed up a flight of stairs and a few halls before stopping at some large oak double doors.
One of the men knocked lightly on the wood, and five seconds later a male voice replied from within.


The doors were opened and we walked into a large room with a desk, on the other side of the desk was a man in an office chair facing away from us; I didn’t need any hints to know this was Bunnie’s father.
After one of my ‘gang members’ cleared his throat and said something in Portuguese, the chair spun around and I was finally able to see what her dad looked like. He looked to be in his forties, and had oily black hair, slicked back. Upon his lip sat a thin, pencil moustache, in the style of a stereotypical Italian porn-star.
I’d see this man before…

{Didn’t you knock this guy out and steal one of his boats in Brazil?} my conscience pointed out.

My answer came in the form of a gulp, and I thanked my lucky stars that my balaclava hid my face. The man paid me no mind as he looked into his daughter’s eyes and giving her a sick, cold smile...

“Don’t look so sad Bunnie… It’s okay…” He spoke in a thick Portuguese accent.

He got up and walked around the desk, and slowly approached Bunnie, putting his hand down her face gently; I could see her shiver with fear and disgust. At this, he smiled even more and tilted his head on one side.

Daddy’s got you now…

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