• Published 10th May 2016
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The Titan's Orb: Rising Storm - Old Man Dusters

While Callum and the Mane Six continue their quest to find the shards of the Titan's Orb, their path ahead grows only more deadly as they are now stalked by a relentless shadow that will stop at nothing until they are vanquished...

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Chapter Nine - Of Muses, Misery, and Magic

“So basically, if we keep the mole alive and unaware for now, I can hit two birds with one stone.” I concluded.

After telling Paulo everything I’d learned and my plan to use the mole to my advantage, he had basically fallen in love with me; he had begun to believe that with someone as resourceful as me at his side, he would be able to break free from Hoyt’s organisation and become the king of his own castle, so to speak.

“Bruce, have I ever told you that you British are a practical people?” He said teasingly.

“You might have done, once or twice.” I chuckled back.

We laughed for a bit and he patted me on the shoulder, before finishing his fourth shot.

“So, what do I do? I just keep you as a prisoner until he’s ready to sneak you over to the Blood Family?” He asked.

“Pretty much.” I answered.

“Well that’s easy, I will just kick out all my guards from my personal quarters and have you stay here in luxury and recover for a few days; you can eat more food and bulk out more, you’re looking thin.” He proposed, prodding my chest.

I dipped my head respectfully to show appreciation for his offer.

“Then it’s settled, Maxim will be allowed keep his head for a little while before he gets you into the Blood Family, while you stay here, eat my food, and drink my alcohol.” He spoke, pouring himself a fifth shot.

“Now that sounds like a good plan.” I announced, clinking my glass against his.

We both downed our shots in one gulp and then poured some more.

“So what can I provide for you my dear Bruce? You have suffered quite some pain over the past two days on my behalf, along with planning to single-handedly kill my rival gang; you are like a hero in my midst!
So tell me, is there anything I can provide?
Drugs? Whores? You name it, and it’s yours!” He boomed merrily.

I sipped my shot calmly, before looking him in the eye.

“I want Bunnie to stay with me, before I go to the Blood Family…”

He put down his glass and frowned.

“You mean to ask, if my traitor of a daughter can sleep in MY quarters!?” He barked, surprised.

“Only in my room, and not be allowed to leave.” I prompted.

His upper lip raised to slightly bare his teeth in annoyance.

“What makes you think that little shit deserves a comfortable place to stay in?” He asked rhetorically.

“She doesn’t, you’re right that she’s a traitor, but I’ve taken a liking to the girl; the nights are very cold and I want her to warm my bed.”

“You mean to suck your cock?” He teased.

“That too.”

{Ha!} Conscio shouted.

Paulo sat there in his chair and thought to himself, prodding the eye sockets on his skull shot glass; he picked it up and finished his rum, and growled loudly.

“Bah! Fine! You can have the girl until you leave, but when you’re gone she goes right back in a cell.” He spat.

I raised my glass and nodded.

“Thank you, I am very grateful for your generosity.” I said warmly.

“Oh pull your tongue out of my asshole; just make sure that every member of the Blood Family is dead when you return, alright?” He ordered.

“Yes sir.” I answered respectfully.

He stood up and stretched, before letting out a large yawn.

“It’s three days until the new year, so spend the last of twenty-fourteen relaxing boy, go to your room and take a breather; I’ll have Bunnie sent to you in an hour or two.” He commanded.

I stood up and finished my shot, before shaking his hand.


“Not a problem, you’ve earned a break. I’ll send Dijla to your room when dinner is ready.”

Paulo took a little bow, before waltzing off to his room, full of glee and joy. I let out a long sigh and sniffed, and then made my way to my own bedroom.

On my bed, was my mobile phone; I guessed Paulo had been generous enough to take that from the chest and give it back to me, I ignored it for the time being and belly flopped onto my bed, moaning with delight as the mattress and bed covers swallowed me up.
After about twenty minutes of enjoying the bed’s softness, I felt a deep surge of negative emotion and stopped rolling around.

“Great.” I muttered.

{Oh boy, another hit from our good old friend, depression.} Conscio said sarcastically.

I lay on my back and desperately tried to cling on to the good emotions, but slowly they slipped away. I hated these moments, it was worse torture than Ingeo’s. Everything good in the world ceased to exist, and I didn’t see any joy in the world.

{Why don’t you check your phone, see if there’s any word from Twilight?} Conscio suggested.

My eyes slowly rolled to look at the phone, and I intended to reach over and grab it, only to lay motionless. Why this had hit me so hard was beyond me, my depression drops had practically disappeared since my quest began with the ponies.
Why now?
It was incredible how a life of adventure and thrills could suddenly become so meaningless.
Depression is truly one of the worst inflictions the human brain can suffer.
It takes one to a place beyond sadness, beyond the point of crying.
To a place where all negative emotions are blurred together into a giant black cloud.
Sadness is non-existent.
In its place comes an emotion that can only be described as painless agony.
The body begins to feel so unbelievably heavy, all emotional and physical energy is sapped away until all motivation to perform any basic task has all but evaporated.
It felt like being trapped in quicksand.
The more I struggled, the deeper I sank.

{Dude I’m not sure if you’re feeling this, but it’s getting VERY warm.}

“Hm?” I mumbled.

I felt no different, in fact, I barely felt anything; I stared at my phone and ignored the goings on in the world.

{Callum I’m being serious, something’s not right here.} Connie spoke loudly.

I had often talked to myself before my adventure, but Conscio hadn’t ever been this sentient since my encounter with the first orb shard, the fact my very own conscience had his own thoughts, feelings, and opinions was interesting, to say the least. I had always known him to be quiet and calm, the fact he was getting scared at this point was clearly a sign of something dangerous; alas, I still couldn’t move.


{CALLUM LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING ARM!} Conscio yelled as loud as he could.

I had just enough energy to tilt my head and look at my wrist, to find my veins were glowing green, and my hand was twitching uncontrollably.

{It’s the fel!}

I didn’t know what to do, I was able to sit upright and hold my wrist with my other hand, to find my other arm had glowing veins as well.

“Conscio, I think we’re fucked.” I muttered dully.

{Callum please, don’t let the depression stop us now, PLEASE get help!}

“What’s the point?” I sighed.

I lay back down on my bed and merely observed the veins as they convulsed and pulsated with glowing green blood. This was definitely the Fel, the magic that fed on life; yet it seemed, other than the colour of my veins, it was doing no damage to me, I felt no pain at all.

{Callum I’m freaking out here! The Fel is in us! It’s going to corrupt our mind and drive us against the ponies!} Conscio screamed.


I felt no change in me at all, I didn’t feel evil, or angry.
I just felt depression…

{What if you turn on Bunnie!? You could hurt her!} Connie yelled.

That’s what gave me some slight motivation; I let out a very long sigh and sat up again.

“What do you want me to do?” I muttered.

With one thumb I massaged the wrist and watched my wrist’s vein pulsate brighter in response for a moment, it appeared as if the Fel was dormant, or unresponsive to my body.

{Get your phone, use the body scanner, and find out what the FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON!}

I obeyed Conscio for once, and slowly picked up the phone and unlocked it, before going to the biometric body scanner. The app loaded up, and began to scan my body.

“Why are we still going Connie? Nah’Lek’s just going to kill us later on anyway.” I grumbled.

{Shut up, and snap out of this mood! We CAN’T let the depression stop us at a time like this!} He replied angrily.

“Well, it has, so there.” I groaned.

The phone vibrated and I looked at the screen to see something very odd indeed; the application had detected the Fel in my body as a threat, as it was flashing orange, but next to it was the word ‘negated’ in bold text.

“What?” We both said together.

I stared at the phone, somewhat able to gain some energy from the surprise.

{We’re… We’re immune?}

“That’s impossible, the Fel corrupts everything.”

I scrolled down a little through the app to see if my mind was being corrupted; only for my jaw to fall open at the reason for the immunity.

“Please tell me you’re seeing this?”

{Oh I see it…}

The Fel was being cancelled out by the very thing that made my life a misery.

Depression granted immunity to the Fel.

“How…?” I breathed.

{The Fel corrupts the mind, right? Perhaps the Fel thinks we’re ALREADY corrupted?} Conscio suggested.

“That would make sense.” I muttered.

{Maybe that’s why we’re suddenly feeling so depressed? It’s flared up to counteract the Fel?}

“That makes perfect sense now.” I hummed, trying to lighten up.

I sat there and watched the glowing veins and allowed myself to feel utterly miserable while the depression within my mind slowly caused the Fel to die out.

After a few minutes, the glowing began to fade, and the Fel soon ceased to exist.

A little while after that, my mood began to improve, and I was soon feeling absolutely fine again.

“Well, that was a terrifyingly strange encounter.” I muttered.

{So eventful, and all for a piece of slightly important information; this was probably just a load of filler text to hit that five-thousand word-count, and a chance for a new fancy picture.} Conscio muttered.



“I literally have no idea what you just said.” I said curiously.

{Never mind, I think I’m a bit distorted, that’s all.}

I hummed and closed the BioMetric Scanner app, to find I had a text from Twilight.

“Finally.” I sighed.

I opened the text.

[Change of plan, we’re coming to you, the group refuse to go further without finding you first.
What is your situation?]

Well, well, well, looks like the others had caught onto the fact Twilight had been up to something; hopefully I’d be able to make an escape with the ponies once I’d rescued Bunnie and Dijla; I typed out a reply.

[Laying low for a few days, before moving to a different gang to complete some tasks, my life is currently on the line here, so I need about two weeks to get out of this situation.
Tell the group that I’m okay and that I want them to keep heading to the orb shard.]

After the phone confirmed the text had been sent, I put the phone down and clenched my left fist, stroking my wrist with my right hand; the Fel left no trace and had been completely wiped from my system, I assumed it was merely essence of the Fel, in attempt to play with my mind and corrupt me; Nah’Lek certainly had a trick or two up his sleeve.

An hour later, I heard a knocking at my door.

“Who is it?” I asked loudly.

“A gift.” A Russian voice spoke.

I took Kroksbane from its sheath and approached the door; I slowly turned the handle and opened the door slightly, the same Russian guard who had beaten me was stood in front of the door, holding Bunnie by her hair. After sighing a breath of relief, I opened the door and put Kroksbane down; Bunnie was pushed into the room and the guard dipped his head.

“Paulo told me what’s going on, as he trusts me more than the other guards; again, you earn my respect. Hopefully you’ll forgive the beating?” He told me.

“Don’t worry about it, you were doing your job.” I replied.

He nodded and walked off, once he was out of earshot I closed the door and turned to Bunnie, who was face down lying on the bed. I came and sat beside her, and placed an arm on her back.

“You okay there?” I teased.

“Mmmmmmmmmmfffpphhh…” She moaned.

“Interesting, care to say that in English?” I grinned.

She rolled over with a face of pure ecstasy.

“Haven’t… Had a bed… In seven months…” She groaned.

“Bless you…” I hummed and lay on my side, facing her.

“How did you get Paulo to agree to this?” She quizzed, her eyebrows upraised.

“I’m good at bargaining.” I replied, giving her a wink.

“C’mon, tell me.”

“With a dollop, of fairy dust.”


“Fine! I ripped a tag off a mattress.”

At that, Bunnie burst into laughter; by the gods, she had a beautiful laugh…
After she calmed down, we made eye contact for a good few seconds and both began to blush. I placed a hand on her cheek and smiled warmly, to which she also began smiling like an idiot. I was just leaning in for a kiss when there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I asked loudly.


At this, Bunnie’s eyes widened and she pushed me aside, almost sending me off the bed.

“MUM!?” She squealed.

BUNNIE!?” Dijla cried out.

The door burst open, and as they saw one another they both burst into tears and dived into one another’s arms, they hugged and wept as they were finally reunited. It brought a tear to my eye as I sat on the bed and watched them let out all their emotions.

“Oh my little girl… Oh Bunnie… Oh my sweet baby Bunnie…” Dijla sobbed.

Bunnie couldn’t even speak, she just wept and wept into her mother’s chest while Dijla cuddled her child.

“Oh Bunnie… It’s okay… It’s okay I’ve got you…”

Bunnie wept, and wept, and wept. The poor girl was good at playing the strong character, but deep down she needed her mum, and she finally found her again.
I’ll admit I was a tad envious, I wished my mum had cared about me on this level.
Eventually after a good few minutes, Dijla turned to look at me and let go of Bunnie before coming over and giving me a tight hug, causing slight pain to my bruises.

“Thank you… Thank you so much…” She whispered, still crying.

I hugged her back and rested my cheek against hers. She let go and gave Bunnie one last hug, before turning to me and sighing.

“Dinner is ready and Paulo wishes for you to dine with us.” She muttered.

I nodded and turned to Bunnie.

“I’m sure you know, but you’re not allowed to leave this room.”

“Figures…” She muttered.

I went over to my earlier clothing on the chair and took the Hershey’s chocolate out of the shorts, I placed it on the bed and looked to Bunnie.

“Savour it.” I teased, winking at her.

“Where’d you get that!?” She squeaked.

“Daddy-o.” I joked.

“Fuck you.”

“Later, not while your mum’s watching.”

Bunnie’s face dulled while Dijla and I burst into laughter; Bunnie eventually laughed as well and I gave her a tight cuddle, and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’ll be back soon.” I spoke softly.

She held my hand and gave me one quick kiss, before sitting on the bed while Dijla and I left the room and closed the door. We walked away and headed towards the dining room.

“I honestly can’t thank you enough…” Dijla started.

“You don’t need to; I’m just doing the right thing.” I replied.

“You’re risking your life for us, that is more than just the right thing.” She continued.

“I guess…” I mumbled.

We went quiet as we came towards the dining room as we didn’t want Paulo to assume we liked each other, Dijla entered the room first while I waited just outside until she’d greeted Paulo and then left to the kitchen. Once she was gone, I walked into the room and was instantly greeted with Paulo’s dramatic antics.

“Brucey! My beloved mole! Get over hear and pour yourself a drink!” He sang.

I waltzed over to him and gave his outstretched hand a high five as I went past him and grabbed a shot glass from his drawer and my newfound favourite rum.
I then sat down opposite Paulo and smiled at the thought of another big meal.

“So what’s on the menu today?” I asked.

“Roast, lots and lots of roast, my boy!” He replied merrily.

I licked my lips at the thought of a proper roast, I hadn’t had one since my last Christmas back at home.

“So, my little shit for a daughter; I assume you’ve broken her in?” Paulo quizzed.

I almost choked on my rum at the sudden question.

“No, not yet.” I replied.

“Why not? She’s your whore for the time being, I don’t care!” He laughed.

This bastard truly didn’t care for Bunnie in the slightest, it disgusted me that a man could hate his own innocent daughter this much; even for a psychotic drug lord, I was taken aback at his cruelty to his own flesh and blood. Another thing that really got to me, was the constant implication of “fucking” Bunnie, Paulo’s view on sex horrified me, it’s meant to be something meaningful and passionate, not some dirty act that’s over in seconds.

{Well, in your case, it's over in seconds…}


{Worth it.}

If I were lucky enough to sleep with Bunnie, I’d want it to be right, and loving. Not to mention I’d be absolutely terrified as I was still a virgin; my first time would absolutely be something special and meaningful.
Paulo’s disgusting remarks really unsettled me.

My right hand clenched into a fist under the table, but I kept my cool.

“Well, I don’t want to end up knocking her up.” I replied, trying not to show my anger or disgust.

“Ha! She’d make a great single mother wouldn’t you think? Alas, you don’t have to worry about that my dear boy, the girl is infertile, so use her as you please.” He told me, chuckling.

“What?” I asked, flabbergasted.

“Yeah, before she escaped to England, Dijla begged for her to be sterilised so she didn’t fall pregnant with any of my men’s children; she knew, even then, that our daughter would attract all the men when she grew up.
So out of the kindness in my heart, I agreed to Dijla’s request.
I found one of the finest doctors in Portugal and had her ovaries removed.
Shows my compassion, doesn’t it Bruce?”

Both my fists clenched, and I almost flipped the table; it took everything in me not to dive across the table and kill him right there and then…

“Absolutely, you did her a great kindness.” I said, forcing myself to smile.

“I’m glad you agree. Now, tell me Bruce, how are you going to kill the Blood Family when the time comes?”

I pondered on Paulo’s question for a while, as I was still trying to figure out a plan.

{Jeez, you’re slow. I’ve already formulated a plan.} Conscio gloated.

It took a lot of energy not to roll my eyes at my sentient conscience before telling Paulo the plan.

“Well, I’m going to warm up to them a little bit, and get familiar with their compound; I’ll map out the place inside and out, and find a nice spot to place bodies without being detected.
I’ll then wait around that area when night comes, posing as a guard on duty, and will just kill guards one by one as they patrol that area, and stash the bodies in the one room so they aren’t found.
Once I’ve killed all the night guards, I’ll find the sleeping quarters and kill everyone in their sleep.
I’ll take out the whole building without anyone even realising.
All I’d have to do from there is grab a gun and take out the few guards outside the compound, and that’s the entire gang slaughtered in one night.”

Paulo looked at me for a few seconds, before inhaling deeply.

“Bruce…” He started.

I waited for him to lick his bottom lip, and then itch his moustache.

“I really fucking like you.”

We both laughed and reached across the table to clink our shot glasses together, before downing our shots.

At that moment, Dijla came back into the room with a large tray, along with four other slave girls behind her also carrying trays. They placed the trays on the dining table and I was instantly hit with the strong smell and the glorious sight of various items; gravy, pork, potatoes, carrots, turkey, beef, onion sauce, and so many more things.
My mouth began to salivate so much I almost drooled.

“With food so fine, perhaps you’d like a finer drink? Some wine perhaps?” Paulo offered.

I decided to go with something classier than rum and happily accepted his offer, he clapped his hands and one of the slave girls went off into another room, she swiftly came back with a wine glass and a bottle of red; she opened the bottle and poured my wine for me, before placing it in front of me and leaving the room.

Dijla sat down next to Paulo, which was when he grabbed her shoulders and kissed her forcefully; I briefly frowned and took a sip from my wine, which happened to be extremely delicious.
Paulo picked up his plate and began to serve himself some food, and I did the same; I was absolutely starving after that cold night in the prison cell, I could only imagine how hungry Bunnie was; I hoped the chocolate bar would suffice for the time being.
I served myself a portion of everything on offer, besides the Brussel Sprouts, because everyone knows they’re the most disgusting thing on the face of the Earth; after topping it all with some thick gravy, I sat back, picked up my knife and fork, and took my first bite.

The flavour of the pork and gravy together flooded my mouth and it almost caused a moan of ecstasy; which was almost followed by watery eyes, as I looked back on my last Christmas with my dad; he used to make the best roast pork, the crackling was perfectly crispy but not too oily, and the flavour was just to die for.
I missed him, a lot; if I ever survived this quest with the ponies I’d go and look for him, and try to rebuild what we used to have. Perhaps introduce him to Bunnie and Dijla once I’d secured their freedom here.

“You okay boy? You look like you’ve just creamed your pants.” Paulo laughed with a mouth full of carrot.

“I’m good thanks, it’s just been a long time since I’ve eaten a roast.” I replied.

He nodded and continued eating, and I did the same, this time dipping some turkey into the onion sauce and taking a big bite; I then took another sip from my wine and let the flavours combine.
Needless to say, it was a fantastic dinner; and thankfully it had soaked up the alcohol from the rum, as I was feeling a little lightheaded beforehand. I served myself a second plate once I’d eaten my first, and ate until I was almost full, not wanting to completely gorge myself.

After about half an hour of eating, drinking, and chatting with Paulo, I decided to push my plate further away and declare I was finished; Paulo did the same, but announced his sufficiency with a loud belch. I raised an eyebrow and he laughed, before swigging another shot of rum, while I finished my second glass of wine.

“So, dessert?” He offered.

“To be honest, I’m a little bit full.” I told him, letting out a very quiet burp of my own.

He respectfully dipped his head in understanding, before flicking a leftover Brussel Sprout at Dijla and chuckling, he then ordered her to take away the dishes. Once she’d left the room he yawned and took a big stretch.

“Women… They truly are strange creatures aren’t they?” He said, scratching his chin.

“Truly.” I agreed, chuckling.

“I assume you wish to go to yours now?”

“You read my mind, Paulo.” I admitted.

He laughed and stood up from the table, I did the same and gave a small stretch, my back still stiff. I looked at the remaining food items on the table and thought of how hungry Bunnie must have been, with or without the chocolate.

“Say, Paulo?”

“Yes boy?”

“Could I take a few bits of food back to my room to snack on later?” I asked.

“You mean to feed Bunnie?” He pointed out dully.

I remained silent, and inhaled through my nose.

“If you’re going to be my future right hand man, you need to not fucking lie to me.
You really have taken a liking to my daughter, ey?
While I hate the bitch, you are doing me the biggest favour in the world by ridding me of the Blood Family and Hoyt’s mole; for this, I have a lot of respect and admiration for you. So yes, you may take some food to feed my traitorous cum stain.
But she will never be a free girl, you understand Bruce? She WILL stay as a slave, your slave.” He ordered.

I dipped my head and gave him a small bow.

“Thank you Paulo, I appreciate it.”

“Yes, yes; just take some food and leave, I’m bored and wish to abuse Dijla.” He grumbled, hiccupping.

He was clearly drunk from his rum, and his cruelty filled me with hatred; that considered, I was genuinely grateful for him allowing me to bring some food for Bunnie. It also filled me with confidence that my cover and identity was still truly undetected, meaning I could very easily assassinate him when the time arose.
I took a plate and supplied it with a slice of beef, two potatoes, some carrots, and a little bit of turkey, all topped with a little gravy.

“Looks like she’s getting both ends stuffed tonight, ey Bruce?” Paulo teased as I finished pouring the gravy.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that remark, and gave Paulo a wink. He came across the table and patted my shoulder, and wished me a good night, before leaving the room. I also left, and made my way back to my bedroom.

*knock, knock, knock*

“Who’s there?” Bunnie’s nervous voice asked.

“Santa Claus, now open the door you filthy ho, ho, hoe.” I replied.

The sound of Bunnie’s sudden burst of laughter filled my heart with joy, she opened the door and instantly stared intensely at the plate of roast dinner.

“It’s still warm, just.” I said kindly.

She took the plate and placed it on the bedside table, before grabbing me by the collar and kissing me passionately.

“I fucking love you.” She said loudly.

My reply was a large grin, and I closed the door behind me while she picked the plate back up and began to tuck into her first hot meal in months; I couldn’t help but get emotional when I spotted a tear roll down her cheek.
I sat back and happily watched Bunnie engulf her dinner, not leaving a single scrap; she even licked the plate to get every drop of gravy, the girl was truly starving, bless her…

“I needed that, more than you know.” She breathed.

“Oh trust me, I know.” I replied.

I thought back on my time in Ingeo’s compound, and how I was starved for weeks; only fed once a day on tiny amounts of poorly cooked rice and cold chicken skin. I really felt for Bunnie, and was so happy I could bring her a proper, decent meal for once.
She gave me a tight hug and put the plate on the bedside table, before giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“You missed.” I teased.

“That’s my line.” She growled.

“I didn’t see the copyright logo.” I retorted.

“It’s right there.” She said.

“Where?” I asked.

She responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and planting her lips against mine, I put my arms around her body and flopped onto my back; she lay on top of me and we continued to kiss for a while, before she paused.

“You okay?” I asked.

“More than okay.” She replied, smiling warmly.

Without warning she took off her shirt, leaving her with just a vest and a bra. I gulped nervously and turned bright red, before taking off my tee shirt in return.

“Whoa, I keep forgetting how big that scar is.” She gasped, placing a hand on the gigantic gash across my left pec.

“Courtesy of Ingeo Montenegro.” I replied.

“The Bogeyman of Brazil…” She muttered.

“Couldn’t kill me.” I gloated with a wink.

She stroked the scar a few times, before looking into my eyes.

“You’re amazing.”

“Nah, I’m just a guy who doesn’t like bullies.” I replied.

At that, Bunnie scoffed loudly and gave me a playful slap on the forehead.

“Callum, you’re a hero…” She breathed.

That word…

It filled me with confidence, and power, and self-worth; Bunnie made me feel good about myself for once, and it felt absolutely amazing. God I loved her…
I leant forward to kiss her, but just as my lips were about to reach hers, I froze.
I froze like a block of ice as a sudden realisation ran through my mind.

“Callum?” Bunnie breathed, her warm breath lightly brushing my lips.

I looked her in the eyes and placed my hands on each side of her chest, underneath her arms.

“Bunnie, I really do love you.” I murmured.

As she stared into my eyes, which were anxiously darting left to right, she knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Yes…” She whispered.

No more words were needed and our lips met once again, and things grew more and more passionate.

{OwO, what’s this bulge?} Conscio joked.

{Please dude, privacy.} I thought back, just as Bunnie’s tongue decided to wrestle with mine.

My conscience, while annoying, respected that this moment would mean a lot to me, and kindly went quiet and sank into the background of my mind, allowing me to give all my focus on Bunnie.

My hands began to wander and found themselves in places I’d never expected them to find, to say the least; but nothing immature or dirty went through my mind, and in the moment, I only felt love for Bunnie.
As things progressed, our clothing found its way onto the floor as we undressed each other.

“I love you so much…” Bunnie breathed.

I held her tightly, and stared into her eyes as we reached the point of no return.

“Make me yours…” I moaned.

And thus… Love consumed us both…
And thus love, was made…

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