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I'm a furry, film maker, and a pegasister who enjoys a bit of Pony in my spare time. TwiLuna, SoarinFire and Flutterdash are my current main focus and long term favourites.


The best of my unreleased work. Just some simple short shipping stories from the past several years.
Shippings include TwiLuna, Flutterdash and DisLestia.
First Discord is given his own room in the castle by Celestia who hopes to reawaken memories of times long past.

Chapters (7)
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Oh boy I was thinking this was rather nice and calming for the beginning bit of the story and then that ending kind of surprised me- not bad, just I haven't seen a story like this in a while which is nice.

This definitely feels like something with hints of newer seasons but its tone is definitely season three. The wedding speech was in character for Discord which got a chuckle out of me. This is just a nice short little look into what could have been a good Dislestia story- the scenes are short but they convey a lot of cute emotions and keeps Celestia and Discord into what I would expect a relationship could have made them do. Discord being the fun one and Celestia being a tad more serious and focused.

7553893 Thanks. I was going for a bombshell on chapter one that would've been the first chapter leading into a bigger rather complex story.
The Vows were just straight up fun. Its really great to know I succeeded with them.
I'm glad that it feels season 3 as thats defiantly the latest of what I can clearly remember.

I wondered if I'd see more of Captain Flutterpants from you... :derpytongue2: It's too bad you couldn't really expand much on this but the idea of it gave plenty of laughs. I'll never forget the gym teacher getting eaten along with random objects and someone lamenting the loss of the whatever it was that got destroyed and not the gym teacher. "No! Not the folding chairs!" :rainbowlaugh:

I had no idea that you're shipping Rarity and Spike now, but um are you really? I might be mixing you up with someone else but I could swear you've said in the past you've never really thought much of that ship... but uhh don't mind me if I was under the wrong impression. It was a cute scene but it could definitely use some fleshing out. Fluttershy trying to hide (not completely) under the water was funny though. I thought the starswirl bit was a little interesting. It was cute n short.

Thanks for your feedback. I got a few more shorts that I'm trying to finish off on the side that had the potential to be more but didn't.

On the captain Flutterpants story; I know. I tried. And our ideas gave me a few laughs. but when I came back to it I figured I had to at least polish it up and attempt to take it somewhere. After a several scrapped starts I settled on this. Sadly less than hoped for, but long as it gave you laughs then I'm happy.
You know they made a move about captain Underpants movie & its out now or soon. I'll have to see it and the MLP movie.

Anyways. Did you like the first two shorts on Discord and Celestia? Or not worth noting? Nice to know the Starswirl bit was ok :pinkiehappy:

I have shipped Spike and Rarity for about a year actually. After a stint binging on DisLestia and looking for more MxF stories that could align with me I found a Spike and Rarity story that simply sold me on them. Then I found a few more (plus some that I had passed up previously because of that ship) and went and watched a few episodes and now despite AJ being the mare of Rarities affections in the short here, I would only personally ship spike and Rarity with each other. Ember may be a new popular ship for Spike, but I'll probably stick solidly with Sparity now that I've come to like them.
I did use to say that I didn't think much of them as a ship. They are a bit ...odd. I mean a dragon and a pony? But his crush has never gone away in the show and with all the cute moments they have, I'm happy to have Spike get his crush in my future works.
When I get my rewrite for Fall of the Rising done, that will also now have Sparity. Spike gets a growth spurt in the story and a larger dragon can be useful in a fight but gives a few challenges to be explored in terms of what it would do to Spike and Rarity's relationship.

Oh yeah, I did enjoy those as well. The first one in particular I liked especially when things got serious. That was a funny and sweet touch. The second one was funny too as Discord embarrassed the Princess during the most important moment.

Yes they did make a movie >:) Unfortunately it is no longer in theatres in the US so I'll have to get the dvd at some point. Though I def would not go to the theatre to see the mlp movie... As a guy that probably would not go very well at all...

Idk I've never thought much of it other than an innocent crush Spike has had. I've always preferred either Applejack or Twilight and even Pinkie Pie... but no one else really.

But anyway it's nice to check out what you write, even short bits.

Um.. what? :twilightoops: :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Fluttershy, she might want Dash to filter her thoughts first. lol

lol yep.

I hope it gave a good laugh and not too much of the um... what factor.

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