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I wanted to just enjoy going to Supanova with some friends. As embrassing as losing a bet, my punishment being going dressed as Raven from Teen Titans is, I'm not going to let it spoil my fun.

However, waking up in the world of My Little Pony as Raven herself might spoil that fun. I mean, being an empath in MLP... after the Changeling Invasion at the wedding?

Yeah. I don't see any problems for me from that. Not to mention keeping my new powers under control when they're tied to my emotions and I haven't had all the years of training Raven did.

And let's not forget that my new powers are shadow magic, so basically Dark Magic. I don't see that causing me any problems socially, either. Nope. None at all.

T due to Scenes of Violence, Blood, (hence the Gore tag) sometimes and nudity of a young girl and other things.

Adventure and Slice of Life tags would be here if they didn't go against each other, plus there was no room. Sex tag mostly for when Raven is nude and how she talks about sex and similar things with the ponies at times.

Featured 3/5/2016.

Featured 12/3/2017? Wow. Thanks:scootangel:

Featured 23/3/2017.:rainbowderp: Um... okay.

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I'm getting sick of displaced stories, but I love the original teen tians go and you are one of the authors I respect more, and I have to say this is well written so far.

One of the two storys I like from this author. Seems interesting.

Welcome to the Multiverse of the Displace.

I Hope to see More and See How This Will Play Out.

I'm Somewhat Surprised and interested to see you doing one.

While Nothing Wrong with and I enjoy reading some of your stories, most of your stories revolved around characters being regressed and raised by ponies who become mothers and other times, people die in their version of earth, only to be reborn in a new form in an alternate timeline of equestria.

So I have seen countless stories that start with "I dressed as [insert character name here] and woke up in Equestria with their powers! Oh no!"

Not even going to complain about that, but I have noticed that I have never seen one where someone dressed as a siren from Borderlands (Lilith, Maya or Angel (but that is only half of the sirens as only six can exist at any given time according to the game, but that isn't important here.))

Does anyone here know of any? Just curious.

You know this is coming so...

Still moving with the momentum of avoiding the previous head, she isn’t fast enough to completely avoid the second, it tearing through the front of white Twilight sees is a black, leotard-like shirt, exposing the creatures chest, which, oddly enough, seemed to have its teats there.

...I like it... for reasons.

inb4 trigon rises

I mean, being an emathet in MLP...

Perhaps you mean empath? :rainbowhuh:

First the corrections then the fun stuff... Well for me anyway.

So, the only question now is, how do I speak the langue when I’ve never heard...?


Paying no mind to the stallion’s bubbling,


as if he really expected she should be interested in his bolstering.


the noble grumbling like a foal that didn’t get a new toy they wanted.


My comments and idle speculation begin... Now!

“How did you speak our tongue?”

Solid deductive reasoning.

Whatever she had sensed had felt dark, very dark.

She had sensed it. Darkness. Though, this was unlike the kind that had taken over her. There was something different about this darkness. Something... well, darker, she supposed.

This is what sucks about D&D variety detect evil/good spells. They generally detect based on your origins not on you as a person. A demon will come up as evil no matter how good they actually are.

Not even Sombra or Nightmare Moon had ever had this sense of darkness.
Please don’t tell me I’m going to have to deal with Trigon.

Well, she may not need to seeing as they have a low powered version of him here already in the form of Tirek. Unless a certain goat decides to show up...

Do you consider this a Displaced story? If so, go here to find more and start meeting the other authors: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/205425/displaced

It's pretty good......and what do u mean by a certain goat? :rainbowhuh:

7179703 Certain goat......goat? what goat? :rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie:

7179939 Tambelon? Overgoat? Rings any bell?


I like this story so far. I look forward to more. Keep up the good work.

Sorry. I had forgotten his name at the time. Grogar.

the Displaced format is shit. But im gonna give this a chance cuz raven. Please dont make me regret this.

Hmm, let´s see where this will go, shall we?

I feel this would be better if you weren't giving so many strong hints saying "HEY THIS IS A FANFICTION! A SELF-INSERT FANFICTION!!"
Instead, write as if it's any other fanfic, that JUST SO HAPPENS to be a fanfic.

If any of that makes sense ^^;

Not bad with the writing, but I feel you could add in some extra details. It'd be better if it wasn't mostly filled with 1 liners, and was closer to shorter paragraphs when possible.

7179970 Asked him, its not dead. He'll continue it at a later date.

It would have made more sense if, instead of saying

Instead, write as if it's any other fanfic, that JUST SO HAPPENS to be a fanfic.

you had said

Instead, write as if it's any other fanfic, that JUST SO HAPPENS to be a self-insert fanfic.

see the difference there? :pinkiehappy:

Remember, Twilight and Raven have the same voice actress (Tara Strong, I think that's how you spell it, IDK) use this information well.

Hmmm... normally I'd skip by the whole convention-goer-is-turned-into-their-costume-and-sent-to-equestria genre, but I like Raven enough to give this a try. At least we didn't start with the standard "merchant", so that's a good sign. So long as he retains the sharp distinction between "I look like Raven and have her powers" and "I am Raven" (and stays in the former category) I feel this should be pretty good. But let it be known that if I so much as see the word "Displaced" I'm abandoning ship, as down that road lies nothing but endless crossovers that never contribute to the overall plot.

Normally I don't read this type of tale but seeing as how it's Raven... Well I think I can make a exception. Keep it up man!

7178497 Minor nitpick but it was just Teen Titans for the original show. It's only called Teen Titans Go for the newer show.

My "special snowflake" sensor is starting to tingle. Let's hope it's a false alarm.

What following is just my opinion, take it or leave it as you will. I just wanted to offer an opinion for avoiding Raven here getting too unrelatable or too much "displaced syndrome", based on my credentials of having read a lot of displaced fics back when they were really common. The name forgetting thing is okay, so long as he remembers that he originally was a boy named such-and-such, with his own identity, past, and personality. Otherwise it's just Raven in Equestria and the whole cosplay convention premise is moot. Luckily, you seem well on this track with the "the outfit my mother made me" comment. As for the brain operation detail... I would personally strongly recommend cutting it. You don't need an elaborate justification for being good at separating yourself from your emotions. Just a quick line of "Luckily, I've always been pretty good at distancing myself from my emotions. Just a natural, I guess." is all you really need. Some people just don't emote as strongly as others. I, for instance, didn't shed a tear at any of my grandparents' funerals, yet cried easily when I flunked my first few tests in college. Different people are wired differently, and you don't need a brain surgery backstory to justify it. Dealing with dark magic prejudice will be tricky. I personally enjoy the "most ponies accept that even though his magic is dark, he himself isn't (though maybe one or two still hold suspicions and become minor antagonists later)" but there are plenty of other fun paths to take such as "One pony hesitantly accepts him (recalling when they met Zecora) and the others are slowly won over after numerous minor adventures and showings of not-evilness" or the always enjoyable "That's not even him they felt. His arrival just woke up something dark and ancient." storyline.

Regardless, this looks pretty good so far, and I'm still looking forward to where we go from here.

7180449 Right. That. I blame it on being tired and still a little sick.



Something could be said about our character suddenly having a bunch of enemies to use as convenient punching bags.

But right now, my fanboy is screaming too loudly for my critic to be heard. Have a fav.

This looks fun. :pinkiegasp:

Please continue this. The last Raven-MLP crossover I found got canceled.

So, a Raven displaced. And as we've seen from other Displaced, their characters troubles seem to appear in the Equestria they land in as well.

Let's hope Raven stumbles across Kruger's Badge or the symbol of one of the other Displaced so Raven can get some advice and/or help.

(Kruger has a lot of interaction with other Displaced.)

Very nice intro, good work.

Very nice work, will be following it. :twilightsmile:

This seems a tad bit cookie cutter but still good. I sincerely hope that you can keep this interesting it would be a shame to see this flop on such a good premise. Just dont slouch like the other displaced fics and i think this will be awesome!:rainbowdetermined2:

I just realized that Tara Strong voiced both Raven and Twilight, and that The Mane 5 and Spike will keep bringing it up every now and then.

as a huge fan of the Teen Titans I can't wait to see where this goes

Looks ínteresting but gonna put it on read later till it has ore chapter's

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