• Published 29th Apr 2016
  • 5,797 Views, 596 Comments

The Adventures Of A Reluctant Dragon Lord - Enclave2277

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Spike receives a summons from Lord Torch to compete in the Gauntlet of Fire. When he finally arrives in his ancestral homeland, Spike realizes just how little he knows about his own people.

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I will admit that I drew my inspiration from this song. :rainbowlaugh:

👍 Ida live!!!!!

Bacon is delicious.

while grabbing Spike’s chin, her scars prove

I think you meant for the ' to be a "

She hadn’t even been aware that it’d happened, let along

Let alone. Ps nice to see more of this!!!!!

Both lines were fixed. Thanks. 👌

I'm a little surprised their piercing didnt come into play at the end

I added some honey, currents, and a dash of vanilla. -- currants

Fixed. Spellcheck is not always perfect. :twilightsheepish:

I love this. I want to see more. Preferably soon...

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