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The past is the past, yeah, right. If you ask me, the past has as much of a chance to be changed as the present and future, and until I make it the way I want it, I will NOT stop.

Here's the sequel!!!

A one-shot story by TheMajorTechie.

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I honestly think this would be more interesting...if it wasn't a one-shot. Sorry, I just think this could go so many places and it only goes for potatoes...I'll give ya an upvote though.

7142493 no problem, but I did have an idea that it would be part of a one-shot series. The next story's gonna be called "Screw Space!!!" :pinkiehappy:

7143196 That's fine, I was meaning more of Screwball just messing around and making all sorts of timelines though.

7143201 Yeah, I kinda wrote this in about half an hour, so I just fit in as much as possible.

7143224 Ah...okay. Makes sense.

7143557 There needs to be a spudstache. :moustache:

7145819 I promise, there will be in the sequel. This is gonna be a one shot trilogy y'know. :pinkiehappy:

wheres spudlestia? lunato? potankie? not coming up with more potato puns.

Dad took one last heap of pop-tato and shoveled it into his mouth. "Why not potato?"

So true

National anthem...

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