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Just a guy who likes to write. I let my stories go where they please. I'm just their instrument of creation.


Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle all decide to have a friendly magic duel. It sounds innocent but when a spell goes horribly wrong the three find themselves in the other's hooves, literally. While trying to find a counterspell they have to deal with their new bodies, and learn a little bit about themselves along the way. What was going to be a day of fun competition soon turned into a mess of self discovery and revelations. Though as they say, what does not kill you can only make you stronger. Although no one said it was easy.

Slight shipping involved towards the end. Hence the romance tag.


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Comments ( 13 )

Cute cute cute

7141680 Thank you for the comment. I hope you enjoyed.

I loved this story, although I was hoping for the ship to be twi and sunset lol

7141844 I do like that ship but she has Sci Twi now. That way Starlight can get her Twilight and Sunset can get her Twilight. Everyone wins. Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed.

This is quite interesting. the most part the duel they measure their magic and skills that was amazing. The best part about this story is meeting another unicorn who also excel in magic, by far this story is the best i be waiting for the next chapter and btw maor :flutterrage:hahaha just kidding :trollestia:

7142220 Thank you for the kind comment. I really wanted to do something with these three and a magic duel seemed the most likely thing they would do together. Sadly there will not be another chapter. All of the my Starlight stories are one shot. Though there may be a sort of semi sequel down the line. This is probably the most detached from canon of all the stories but I felt it was something I wanted to do.
I'm afraid I don't understand your last little bit. Do you mean I mispelled somewhere as maor somewhere? If so could you please tell me where? I had his proofread and I looked over it but I guess we may have missed something

Very well done. Very enjoyable, especially the whole "who did she kiss?" aspect. Though I'm not one for the bodyswap scenario, it was done well enough here... but I have to ask, what was up with the whole balancing spell thing? Was that just to put on a timer, so they wouldn't fool around in each others' bodies (or should I say fillyfool?)?

7142615 No it was just meant to add a little bit of a "Really?" to the moment, as well as to give a little insight into my own ideas of magic. Intent can warp a spell beyond it's original applications if the spell is imbalanced by some outside force or miscalculation. The actual balance spell was a countermeasure to allow them to move. I was going to go a little more with it as this was originally intended to be a comedy but while writing I realised that it just was not going to go down that route so I altered it but kept that bit in so I could explore magic a little. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, thank you for the comment.

Sry i was saying i want more of this story i misspell it

7141850 OR if you felt like it Sunset said it her self " A week could be a long time for these kinds of things." There is room for her to pursue Twilight if she wanted, and this is what i liked about this ending, it rapped things up nicely but was left just vague enough for future possibilities.

7145811 Pretty much. I have my own ideas about what's going on. But if people want to think that StarlightxTwilight will fall through and another ship will take over then that's cool. Everything I'm writing currently are just slice of life one shots that people can interpret how they wish. I might do a sequel to this one if there's enough demand, but I wouldn't mind leaving it hanging either and letting people come to their own ideas. If I inspire someone to write something about the scenario then all the better. Not that I'm anywhere near that big or good enough yet but it's a bit of a dream of mine. My ideas are not the be all end all even in my own writing. I dunno if I'm making sense and if I'm not then sorry, that happens a lot.

Haha, me being me, I kind of hoped Twilight would sheepishly admit "Well... kind of... uh, both?"

Still cute.

7194106 I never actually thought of going down that route. Not a bad idea it just honestly never occurred to me. When I start writing I only know roughly where I start and where I end up. The shipping thing was something I decided late on might be adorable. I was gonna leave it more vague but that felt flat so I put in the talk with Sunset at the end.

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