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She should have known this would happen. It was inevitable, really. The moment she'd done it, she knew she would eventually have to deal with this. And now, that time had come. Now, she must come to terms with something completely beyond her control;

She's been shipped.

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Applejack is right, her sister has no idea what she's in for... Just hope Bloom can handle this eh? Great story and hugely funny.

Well you can't argue with a quote from the great hippogriff Silver Quill:

"Whatever you want to call this ship, I knew the minute they started talking, the folks would treat them as a couple. Because fandoms operate on a simple premise: if a boy and a girl work together, look at each other or breathe the same air, it must be love."

It's only natural, Apple Bloom. :ajsleepy:

Oh man I love meta-humor. Funny little nugget of said humor right here! Though, to be fair, Bloom really should already have an idea. Just off the top of my head, I've seen AB shipped with: both of the other crusaders (sometimes at the same time), Spike, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Rumble, Featherweight, and I'm sure much more uncomfortable for the sisters, I've even seen her shipped with Applejack... eeyup.

Aint shipping grand? :rainbowlaugh:

7164948 Oh yes, that quote fits perfectly.

*clears throat* Er, sorry. Inner fangirl's a pain to keep in check.

That's what happens when you employ dark magic and potions, Apple Bloom, all to get insidious results. That's the consequence you pay for stealing all of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's screentime.

7165035 Well remember what out favourite preaching pigeon has taught us, fellow fan: If you can't keep your inner fanboy/girl in check, vacuum it up into the Twittermites pack. :raritywink:

Dancin?! Consarn it, Apple Bloom! Y'all know what that kinda stuff leads to!

This gave me major Footloose vibes


If only real life worked like that. Oh well.

Ok! This was hilarious. More like this please! :rainbowlaugh:

7165082 I thought he taught us to ask Princess Luna to banish our inner fanboy/girl to the moon if said inner fan should get out of control. :derpytongue2:


That was beautiful!

Fascinating; the fourth wall was effectively obliterated here, and yet we see no sign of Pinkie Pie being involved. This confirms the theory I developed after watching The Gift of Maud Pie that all ponies have latent reality-warping powers.


Way to comment on this in that way, Spock. :raritywink:

The title and the pic remind me of this for some reason ->

7164948 ...Which video was that in? (I'm like way behind on his videos; last one I watched was his Slice of Life After The Fact, and I haven't watched any of his "Silver Quilted" first impressions videos)

7165396 The Silver Quilted for On Your Marks.

Nooooo! Not Apple Bloom, too! Is nopony safe?!

Sending out a message to all un-shipped characters: GO HIDE IN THE WOODS. NOW. BECOME A HERMIT AND INTERACT WITH NOPONY. IT IS THE ONLY WAY. . .

Awesomely done Jay!! :raritystarry:

Oh my...

This story,

It's just...


7165548 Are you mad, man!? if they retreat to the wilderness, they run the risk of bumping into each other in their isolation. Two ponies alone in the woods both hiding from the greatest horror known to ponykind? The shipping would be fierce.

This is so deliciously meta.

I love it. :twilightsmile:

7166811 Ah, good point. But what, then? Go about their daily lives and engage strictly in professional relationships? Maybe they could each get their own, completely isolated planet? At that point, things get kind of ridiculous.

The best way, actually, is to stay out of the camera's view -- that is, avoid known shipped ponies, and the audience won't know you exist. If nobody knows you're there, they can't ship you.

Considering all of the shipping Applejack has been forced into over the past few years, it seems only natural that she knows exactly the kind of pain (or at least mild irritation) this situation involves.


Applejack has been forced into

Implying she doesn't enjoy at least one of the ships.

*coughcough* Rarijack *coughcough*


Well, all shipping in a nutshell can be classified as forced, and we can only imagine that sort of feeling of "Oh boy, here we go again..." whenever the characters are paired with another pony who's either a close friend, somepony they previously don't give two craps about, or even... *shudder* :pinkiesick:

... relatives.

It could be worse little Apple. It could be SO MUCH WORSE. You're a girl. You don't have to deal with... ugh... *shudder* fujoshis.



As a rule, I usually support ships where the two characters involved show actual evidence of romantic interest in one another.

Of course, that rule sometimes goes ignored in the interest of "ohgod this ship is so adorable *squee*", but...

True that, at least its with somepony her age

Bloom can just be happy that it took them this long, not faster :rainbowlaugh:

"Just...just promise me this ain't gonna get too bad. I mean, this whole shippin thing, it...it ain't gonna get folks too excited...right?"
Here, Applejack softened her expression, trotting over and placing a warm hoof around her sister, bringing her close.
"Oh, Apple Bloom..."
The comfort the filly was feeling here was, sadly, short-lived, as her sister's next words were tinted with seriousness.
"...y'all have no idea."

suddenly almost like a whisper on the wind a cry of DOOM was heard. :trollestia:
All joking aside the great chapter hello follow.

Hey, here's a story I found and read recently! It's rather dark.

Eh, considering that in the early fandom she was shipped with Spike, like, ALL the time, she should be used to it by now,..

There, sitting on the front lawn, was none other than Spike, who, at this moment, was tied back-to-back with the recently-chosen Lord Ember of the dragon-lands. The two were tied by way of a lot of duct-tape, wrapped around them several times over. As Ember struggled, breathing fire in every direction, Spike just looked over to his new audience, before shrugging his shoulders.
"It's my fault, really. I should have seen it coming. Guy dragon and girl dragon? It was inevitable."

This had me chuckling for a good few minutes, bravo sir.

Oh, Apple Bloom... if only you had a bunker to hide in.

It would've spared you for a few moments. :trollestia:

This is one of the only times I can proudly say, "I don't ship it."

Very well written. It would've already been a great little amusing story with just Applebloom, but I love the reference to Ember and Spike too!

7165548 Zecora gets shipped. Not much (probably because of the rhyming... also an anti-shipping measure?), but she still does. There is no escape.

Applejack you suck! :flutterrage:

7172001 She's just telling it like it is. No sense telling AB it's not going to be that bad when she knows that won't be the case.

7167353 I learned a new word today.

"Did y'all at least use protection?"

One wonders what could protect someone against being shipped.

We all know that shipping was GOING to happen no matter WHAT they did after that episode.:ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:
Its just a matter of time before they find a creature to pare Garble with.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

"It's my fault, really. I should have seen it coming. Guy dragon and girl dragon? It was inevitable."

From the shadows, a pony strongly resembling a marshmallow with a violet frosting swirl on top glared at the scaled hussy who dared to steal away her Spikey-Wikey... revenge would come...



7178982 Garble + Zecora = Crazy sexy times! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild::fluttershbad:

And as soon as the words sank into the filly's head, Apple Bloom's eyes began to widen, and she began to shout into the skies.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" cried out Apple Bloom.:applecry:

That was a hilarious fanfic to read. :rainbowlaugh:

*hums the cover tune of Shipping And Handling*

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