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By way of some hyper-dimensional mumbo-jumbo, the Dazzlings have made it to the nexus of worlds known as "the Café". Here, they spend some time hanging out with a few not-so-friendly villainesses from other worlds.

And what, you may ask, will result from such a gathering of evil? Well...a lot of complaining, basically.

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This was pretty funny. XD Will there be a a sequel to it soon? :3

"Hey! Don't go bashing us! I blow up planets for funsies!" Dominator yelled.
"And I control an entire interstellar empire!" Yellow added.
"And we...were incredibly sexy!" Adagio gave, finally.

I guess that the sirens were only ever stopped by unstoppable super-magic out of nowhere (Starswirl's vacuum-mirror and Deus Ex Vinyl Scratch) doesn't count for anything? I don't know about the other two, but Azula was beaten by a 'water-tribe peasant' when at her most powerful and wound up an insane, babbling wreck.

"Well...here's to being evil, being thwarted constantly...and being ever more interesting than the goody-goods."

Cheers indeed. The most interesting thing about the good guys tends to be their profound lack of introspection.

Haven't even read this, and I KNOW this is gonna be cool.


And I really need to watch Steven Universe...

AND I loved the twist with the show's writers! That was awesome!

A villainess cafe and not even so much as a sign of Yzma, Cruella De Vill, or Rita Repulsa? Really?

Awesome story, well done:)
I hope there's a sequel and maybe some fanart, I was also thinking of "Villain Pub" when reading this:D

It's always a plus for potential readers to not know exactly what crossovers are taking place in a story. :trixieshiftleft:

AKA: "The losers meet to bitch about their bad luck and how no-one gives them any respect"!

We definitely need a sequel to this or at least make it multi-chapter. We haven't even gotten to the classic villainesses yet like Rita Repulsa and Divatox before they were purified and the 3 witches on that mountain in G1. Not to even count the various Mario, FF villainesses or Digimon ones. There's also the marvel and DC villainesses too.

Will anime villaness be included

Someone make this a video. Now. Like... RIGHT now.

Good short story all around, but if you are planning on making further chapters, perhaps some other villainesses should show up to either vent or brainstorm for ideas. Bit disappointed to see a villainess cafe story and no mention anywhere of the Baroness from GI Joe. Other good villainesses would be Medusa Gorgon (one of the scariest villainesses i've ever seen really), The Baroness (because when you work for guys like Cobra Commander, have to suffer the idiocy of the Dreadnoks, and listen to Destro prattle on endlessly about how he should be in charge, there comes a time when you really need a drink), Shego (as with the Baroness, working for a doofus eventually requires drinking to keep your sanity) and Maleficent (top tier villainess). Just some suggestions but all in all, keep up the great work.

Wait. You have Azula, but no Mai or Ty Lee?

They would've made this much more interesting...

We are not cancelled! We're just on hiatus. A long...long...long hiatus.

HA! So true
And they would never cancel Steven Universe

There should be a sequel to this where these villainess' meet like hardcore anime villains like medusa gorgon from soul eater or something, but this line up of villains was freaking amazing! If some times hilariously stupid,
In the word of dominator

(I mean it in a good way):pinkiehappy:

Well this was random.

That said, I'm a little surprised that no one drew too many comparisons between Adagio and Azula.

*Yellow Pearl runs in*

Yellow Pearl: My Diamond! We've been announced to come back this may!

Yellow Diamond: YES~!

Seilah from Fairy Tail should've been in this. She could go on and on about how stories written by humans are so boring.

With all the thwarting being instigated by school children going around, Izanami would fit right in.

I know she doesn't really fit in, since she is technically a sidekick but I really would have wanted Shego from Kim Possible to get in there. She might not be the main villain, but she is the one doing the ass kicking and she experienced her fair share of being thwarted by meddling high school kids.

MfG NIchtraucher

Most of the villainesses here I didn't know, but this was still funny nonetheless.

This was glorious. :rainbowlaugh: I don't know much about this Lord Dominator, but she sounds interesting.

"Was that...Price?"
Adagio looked to her with a raised eyebrow.
"Hey, if you can think of someone better suited to the role of an evil waiter, please, name them."
Aria pondered that for a bit before replying.
"How about...Curry?"

Meh, Price works better.

"Very well. I am Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation."


"Call me...Dominator. Lord Dominator."

... No comment.

"And we...were incredibly sexy!" Adagio gave, finally.

You're not wrong.

"You know what you need, Adagio? A nice long session of blowing up a planet. Really helps the stress levels, you know?"

Frieza would agree with you.

So...Bonus chapter/Sequel One-shot? I know you know about...that.

A sequal with more villians would be amazing! I can easily see this become a one-shot franchise.
Interdimensional Villian Café

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