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The Dragon Lord's Consort - Little_Draco

Lord Ember comes to Equestria with news that my surpirse Twilight and especially Spike, something that might change everything.

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A letter from a Lord

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The Dragon Lord's Consort

The day had started out like any other. Ponyville was in its rare, calm and peaceful manner. The foals were at school, the shops ran high and low down the street and everypony was bustling around their daily routine lives.

The same could be said at the Castle of Friendship as Twilight Sparkle and company, minus Pinkie Pie whom was visiting her family for the day, were sitting around the Map of Equestria as Twilight was writing down new information on dragons and their anatomy.

“That sounds so awesome!” cried out Rainbow Dash, hovering in the air in excitement. “Dragons have competitions too!”

Twilight nodded in agreement.

“Yes, they do. According to Princ—Lord Ember, the hold one for strength, hoarding, speed and lava diving.”

“Oh my.” spoke Fluttershy. “That sounds… dangerous.”

“No more than a' pony divin' inta' a swimming pool.” commented Applejack. “Dragons can handle tha' sorta stuff.” she waved her hoof.

“True enough,” continued Twilight. “Spike himself fell into a pool and he was fine. Dragons have amazingly tough skin and fire is just as natural and save to them as water to us, but just like us, they too much can be a problem for anypony or drake in this matter.”

“So… what else have your learned from Lord Ember?” asked Starlight. She was looking over the notes and scrolls sent by Princess Ember.

“Well, I know its only been two weeks since the 'Call' but Princess Ember only sends me a few bits of information every other day. So far, we learned about their competitions, their life cycles, the type of food they eat...”

“Meep!” Fluttershy quickly closed her ears with her hoofs and shook her head, hoping not to hear it.

“… which we can always talk about later!” she laughed sheepishly, quickly trying to soothe Fluttershy.

“Or about never.” quipped Rarity. She went over to comfort Fluttershy. “Poor dear, even when we have dragons as our allies now, she'll never get over her fears.”

“I ah' don' think that any of us would get over ah' fears of dragons, sugarcube.” commented Applejack. “I mean, heck we have them as friends or more or less, allies but ah think that we may still look at em' with some fear. They are after all dragons.”

“Pfft! I ain't afraid of no dragons!” spoke out Rainbow Dash. “Especially if they ever challenge me to a game of speed, they'll be weeping when I leave them in the dust!” She hovered in the air, as the room felt drained knowing all their air is going to her head… and ego.

The others either gave her glares or unamused looks before focusing back at Twilight.

“Anyways...” Starlight spoke, trying to clear the air. “So with Lord Ember as an Ally and you being the first Princess to interact with a dragon lord, does that mean we, being Equestria and the dragons, are on good terms?”

Twilight unfortunately gave a shake of her head.

“No, being a Dragon Lord means that Ember rules the dragons but she doesn’t control them all. They in all likelihood could just fly to Equestria and...” she paused seeing the fear return to Fluttershy. “… well for now, we know that Ember is trying to maintain peace between Equestria and the dragons. Lets just hope they stick that way… all of them… which I am pretty sure they will!” She was desperately trying to keep her friend from having a total freakout.

The others decided not to add on and tried to move away from the conversation.

“So… Rarity,” asked Starlight. “How did your business do with your… new… I'm sorry what were they called again?”

Rarity finally managed to calm Fluttershy before looking towards Starlight. “Hmmm? Oh! Why they are going fabulous! Everypony from here to Canterlot love my new line of---.”

A poof of blue fire appeared in front of them, actually in appeared in front of Twilight. The scroll had a blue dragon footprint on it. When she realized who it was from, she squealed in delight and quickly snatched it out of the air.

“Oh! Another letter from Pr… Lord Ember! Ohh! I wonder what it is this time!? Schools! Literature! Science!”

Rainbow Dash and Applejack gave her a deadpanned stare while Starlight gave her a confused look.

“Um… Twi, I don't think that dragons have literature… or Science… or schools for that matter.”

Twilight gave her a look.

“Hey! You might never know! For all we know that what we saw there in the dragon lands isn't even the whole amount of dragons on Equss let alone Equestria! They are intelligent creatures, how else would they learn to speak, write or even learn basic math?”

Starlight was about to comment but couldn't.

“Huh… never thought of it that way.”

Twilight nodded with a knowing smile.

“It's okay Starlight. We learn something new everyday… like today! Spike! We got another letter from Lord Ember!” Despite the huge castle and the many rooms that remained unoccupied, Spike had quickly heard, nearly throwing the doors open with glee and practically ran to the table, siting in his chair next to Twilight.

“I'm here! Open it! Open it!”

“Okay, okay.” she laughed. “We'll see what new info Ember has sent. Though the scroll is smaller this time.”

“Maybe she didn't have time.” he quipped. “She is after all Dragon Lord and probably has to many duties to attend to.”

“Pfft.” Rainbow Dash chuckled Rainbow Dash. “He said duties, as in dragon have duties or any responsibility to take care of. All they do is just lounge around and lay like the lizards they are.”

Everyone around the gave her another group glare, especially Spike who huffed, crossing his arms.

“Racist much, Dash?”

Rainbow Dash quickly realized her statement and looked at all of her friends who were glaring at her. She gave a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of her head.

“Hehe… sorry.”

Twilight cleared her throat and focused on the letter.

“Alright lets see here.” She paused. Putting the letter down, she looked at Fluttershy. “Uh… you don't have to listen to this Fluttershy.”

She gave a small nod.

“Okay… thank you.”

“Relax darling, I can speak to you while they get their info. Come along now, we might even go to the spa later. Tata everypony, let us know what new info Lord Ember has for us!” With that the two walked out of the room closing the door after them.'

Now that that was settled, Twilight cleared her throat again and brought the scroll before her. Spike learned in from his chair to read.

“Dear Princess Twilight of Equestria.

'I know that I was supposed to send you some information about dragon anatomy as well as what a dragon is, however, I will be speaking of some of that but, on a different type of it.'

“Huh? What does she mean of a different type?” asked Spike.

Twilight gave a shake of her head.

“I don't know, lets keep reading.”

'With what you and Spike have done to help me get the Bloodstone Scepter, I could not thank you enough for it and with it, we can keep our peace between our races.

However, my father has told me something of recent about the Bloodstone and what I inherit from it.'

“Inherit?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“It means that the Bloodstone must have passed something along with it. Probably more than just a title or being the Dragon Lord of all dragons.” commented Twilight. She read on.

'What I have to say could only be spoken one on one, though more specifiably, to Spike. This matter might concern him too. I know it is short noticed but I ask that you allow us save passage to you in Equestria. We are right outside of the boarders and don't wish to cause a panic to your kin. We could be there in less than an hour if you give us permission.

'I implore that we speak of this right away.'

'Your new friend, Lord Ember.'

The room was silent. The news was indeed sudden and the fact that it was just about to happen, Twilight and friends were left speechless except for Spike who seemed excited.

“Cool! Ember is gonna come visit us! Here! In Equestria!”

Nopony shared is enthusiasm or joy as he bounded in place. Twilight shook her head before looking at Spike.

“Spike, I know that you and Lord Ember are friends now, but she did say this is urgent. Maybe this is something serious.”

“But how could she be serious? I mean… she did say we are all on good terms.”

“Yes, but I don't think that we should jump to conclusions just yet. We need to prepare for their arrival. I am going to send a reply back and hopefully, we can allow them to come through without much of panic.” she turned to Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow, you think you can warn the mare and the locals about it? Try to say that dragons are coming but not as hostile.”

Rainbow quickly gave a salute.

“You got it Twi!” With that, she flew out of the room in the blink of an eye, leaving the rest.

“Applejack, I need you to go warn Rarity and Fluttershy. I know that Fluttershy won't want to see the dragons so make sure she is at home and with her animal friends, then bring Rarity back with us.”

“Sure thing, Sugarcube!” With that she took off the same way as Rainbow Dash. That left Starlight.

“Starlight, I am gonna send a letter to the Princess informing of the situation. Hopefully she can let us borrow some guards to keep everypony from becoming paranoid and cause a panic. Can you go and wait for their arrival, informing them of the situation?”

“Of course, Twilight.” With a flash of purple, she was gone, leaving Spike and Twilight. Spike had lost his earlier enthusiasm and looked at Twilight who was gathering a new scroll to write in.

“Uh, Twi?”

“Yeah?” she asked, though she kept her eyes on writing on the scroll.

“She says this has to do with me. Should I be worried?”

Twilight turned to him.

“She did say it involved you but I think that maybe its something to do with some new dragon anatomy. Maybe something for your ears only.”

She didn't sound assuring but nonetheless, he nodded. They both quickly began the arrival of new dragons. Twilight sent the letters and Spike went to go get some gems for their guest.

Within the hour, the little town of Ponyville was almost deserted with guards patrolling around and few select ponies to observe, at their own risks. The mane 6(not including Fluttershy but Starlight as her temporary fill in) had all met just a bit outside of Twilight's castle on near empty fields.

Guards were positioned, mostly scattered around to keep ponies from wondering into the meeting and to keep the peace. They were told not to carry any weapons or respond anything that goes on between the princess and the dragons.

Twilight and co waited in anxiousness as their guest were soon to arrive. Spike was all but excited to see his Dragon friend again. He had brought out the best rubies, ones he has been saving for a special occasion, like this one and hoping to share them with his new companion.

Everypony was watching the skies, waiting for their guest. Dash was the first to spot them.

“Yo! Three dragons coming from the east!”

All eyes turned to the eastern sky and did see three draconic shapes flying right towards them. Twilight and Spike seemed happy however, there was one that seemed to instantly turn them sour.

“Is that… Garble flying with her?” Twilight asked, a bit of panic. The others quickly stood closer together and Starlight seemed to begin running through a number of spells in her head to defend them if necessary.

The dragons neared and Spike seemed more nervous now as he saw their looks. Garble seemed like his same old self, angered and humiliated knowing that he was flying towards Spike. Ember however seemed more concentrating on him and her eyes, even at this distance, seem to carry worry… and saddness?

The dragons touched down. The third dragon was the pink dragon Spike I had saw early that day. Judging by the armor they were all wearing, Garble and the pink one were wearing almost the same exact armor while Ember wore her armor she used at the event, though without the helmet.

All the ponies bowed, even Spike, though he wanted to run to Ember and give her a hug, her face was serious, even if she tired to hide it well.

“Greetings Princess Twilight, Spike, friends of Equestria. I humbly thank you for allowing us into your country.”

Twilight walked forward to meet her.

“I am glad to have you here with us, Prin… sorry, Lord Ember.”

Ember didn't acknowledge the mistake rather, she turned from her to Spike.

“I am also glad to see you Spike.”

“Hey Ember.” he said a bit more happier tone, though it quickly dropped when he turned to Garble who kept giving him a glare.


“Spike.” Spike was surprised by his hard but even tone. Despite the hate for him, Garble spoke as if he forced to be nice or at least, not in a mainline way.

“Garble.” Warned Ember. Garble muttered something incoherent before lowering his head. She then turned to Spike. “He is now my body guard. As punishment for his earlier actions to both of us, he has to do what I say, when I say. If not… well he knows what will happen.”

The threat was almost deafening to his ears, but he didn't say anything or react, but you could say he began to shake. In anger or fear, Spike couldn't tell. Ignoring him, Spike turned back to Ember.

“So… what was so important that you had to come to Equestria Ember?”

Ember paused, knowing that Spike was one of the few who could get away without calling her 'Lord' or 'Mistress', she then spoke in an leveled voice.

“I believe that this is better suited inside… though maybe not in front of your friends.”

The other looked confused and Spike seemed upset.

“But… they're my friends, Ember. Whatever you tell me, surely they can hear and if not, then I know I have to tell them later.”

Ember gave a glance to them before sighing.

“Of course, still, I rather do this inside so that your… guards are not constantly watching us… if that is fine by you, Princess Twilight.”

Twilight nodded.

“Of course. Come in.”

The interior of the castle seemed to have stunned the dragons, even Garble, though judging by his eyes, he looked at the crystal wall with hunger and greed.

The entered the Cutie Mark Map room where the mares all sat in their chairs. Spike had quickly brought out the snacks for his guest.

Giving his biggest ruby to Ember, she accepted it, though something about him giving it to her really made her cheeks go red and even mumble a 'Thank you.'

He gave another set to the pink dragoness, which she almost took without hesitation. When he approached Garble, Ember spoke out.

“I don't believe Garble should receive a treat, Spike.”

Garble wanted to retort but a single look from Ember got him to stay quiet. However, Spike looked at the dejected Garble and still handed him a decent sized Ruby. Looking at it, he eyed Spike, waiting for a snark comment or something, but Spike just etched it closer to him, hoping he would take it. Reaching out slowly, he took the ruby in his claws. With a gulp and a hard shaky breath, he managed to say.

“T-thank… you.” It looked almost painful for him to say it, almost.

With a smirk she then took a single bite of the large ruby, giving a few chomps before swallowing it. She looked at it, feeling almost belittled by how a large Ruby was given easily by a dragon.

“Was there something wrong with the Ruby?” asked Spike.

Ember turned to him and shook her head.

“Nothing, there was nothing. That is the thing. I am… still accustomed to dragon rules, Spike. Dragons don't share their hoard unless with blood family and even one so as gracious and delicious as that.”

Spike gave a smile.

“That is what friends do though, Ember. We share. We might not be blood family but we are still friends and family.”

Ember kept her gaze at him, her expression almost neutral, however, she gave him a small smile.

“Your friends have made you wise, even beyond most dragons, Spike. Not many can have a heart as big or as generous as yours.”

Spike smiled sheepishly at the comment. Garble meanwhile withheld another remark.

“But, hopefully that generosity of yours will be an example to the rest of our kin.”

“What do you mean?”

With a cleared throat she spoke loudly so the others could hear.

“It has come to my attention that when I got the Bloodstone Scepter, I was crowned Lord of all dragons in Equestria. That also came with a list of other things that included rules, blessing, more hoards and so on in my name as I took the throne from my father. Being a lord, I can ask for just about anything and I shall receive it.”

“Sounds awesome if you ask me.” commented Rainbow Dash. “Though the whole rules and all sound like a total bore.”

Twilight was about to angrily retort at Dash when Ember spoke first.

“Indeed it is and that is something even I have little control over. Some rules I still have to listen to.”

“Like what?” asked Starlight.

“When the Scepter was first created,” began Ember. “It was meant to be a tool used to control dragons, but then it became a symbol and an emblem of leadership. With that said leadership, the dragon lord in charge had to control the dragons. They had to make sure that dragons could be free but controlled enough so that they are terrorizing other species; ponies included. Now, other rules include that in order to stay in charge as Dragon Lord, I must commit myself to dragon needs or blessing. I also must… take courtship among one of my fellow kin in order to continue my rule.”

Silence rang out through the room. Twilight quickly broke it.

“Okay, but what does this have to do with Equestria or us?”

Ember gave her a sad gaze.

“Not you, not Equestria. Him.” she pointed a claw to Spike.

“What me?”

“Him?!” The others cried out in surprise.

Ember nodded and the earlier twinge in her cheeks returned.

“Y-yes. In accordance to the rules, I have to choose a life-mate in order to keep my rule as Dragon Lord. The rule also states that if I cannot choose a mate among my own kin, it will be chosen by the first dragon that I have come in contact with that was next to me at the time of my claim of the throne. In this case, I choose no other dragon in the area and Spike was the first dragon to actually touch the scepter and handed to me. The magical flash that was seen wasn't just a message saying that I was dragon lord, but I would find my chosen life-mate.” she paused. Spike was staring at her in awe and shock. She then came close to him and held out her claw. With an unsure look, she spoke to him “Spike, I have chosen you to be my life-mate and my consort. Will you accept?”

Nopony moved, nopony said anything, all were to stunned or dazed to say anything. Spike wasn't even breathing at this point as he was to shocked at answer and the same was with everypony else.

Rainbow was the first to respond before coming close to Spike and speaking softly.

“Hey Spike, I think this is like a wedding proposal and she asked if you wanna get hitched. What you gonna say?”

Spike didn't say anything and finally the lack of her head went straight to his head and he fell back, blacking out.

Author's Note:

Wow, what a great episode and i honestly loved it to bits. I immediately thought of this after watching the show and spent almost 3 hours straight writing this non-stop and wanting to get the first fics of SPike and Ember together! I deject any Sparity shippings and ship this with maximum effort!!!! :pinkiegasp:
Now, i am honestly, really honestly not even sure if this is a one shot. I only got this far and not planned any further. If it does good with ratings and reviews, then i maybe able to expand on it.
Now, this episode also has me a bit dejected on how to Proceed with my other story Spike's story. I honestly felt like a lot is lost at the same time, it also proves most of what i have written down to be true in dragons. Or at least a few key points here and there. Now, i cant say it will end but for not the other story with be on hiatus until i figure out the next approach.
Dragons are my favourite things to write about so like i said, if i did good, and it does good here, i will go on. I put it on teen, just to be save but it might eventually have the sex tag. Not sure. Anyways, enjoy!

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