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kind of funny and cute for derpy aslo first and nice story ou have there its just a bit short but you made much chapters so that makes it good :pinkiehappy:

Also, when Dash is telling Derpy about punching trees, she uses the term "hands."
You could switch "punching" to "bucking" and "hands" to "hooves."

That was great. Although it seemed short, in all rights it should be a short story since there is only so much you can do with something like this. Derpy likes this. :derpyderp2:

What an AWESOME description :ajbemused:

Pinkie taught Derpy how to ride the msncart

The spelling error....... it burns!!!!:raritycry:

3550964 MSN hypetrain....AWAAAAAAAAY!!!

I won't be re-doing this story any time soon, I would imagine. But yeah, my spelling errors are abundant and a nuisance, based on what I've been told. If I do re-do the story, I'll fix my grammar.

763090 may i remind you that there is only one chapter in the entire story:ajsmug:

lol wish i could play minecraft that would be funny as this

And then Derpy decides to make it up to them all by making each of them an art sculpture.

Based on the paintings she saw.

Specifically, one which showed a sculpture made of soul sand. And wither skulls.

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