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It's been three months since she travelled to Zebes, and the bounty hunter is resting peacefully. That is, until the Equestrian Federation calls her back in to investigate a mysterious signal onboard a station which disappeared eleven days ago...

Inspired from the song by Dr. Dissonance, dubbed "Maretroid Prime".

This is my first ever story. (And I don't just mean fan-fiction). Constructive criticism is heavily wanted.

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I'm enjoying this so far: Since it's a Metroid Crossover. God I feel old. Nostaaaaaalgiaaaaaaaaaa....

I'm not sure what Metroid is, but I did enjoy reading this. You are a super good writer!

I'm assuming your not very into the 90s,

Ikr oh hell yeah!

900704 Well I lived about one month in the 90's. :pinkiesmile:


900804 Metroid was a game created for the Nintendo Entertainment system, in which many can say was the very first time you played as a Woman.

Samus Aran, the bounty hunter that was always thought to be a man, was a space warrior with a power suit, built by the Chozo (An ancient race that literally was so advanced, they "Stepped back" to watch the other races fight to live). She goes to planet to planet, catching bounties.

In her games, she comes across the Metroid, a being who devours life energies from other creatures, Ridley, a giant dino thing, and many others, including Mother Brain: the leader of the Space Pirates.

I'd go through a wiki, and just check it out. :3

GOD being a 90's kid kicks ASS.

Samus Aran is may 2nd fav nintendo character:twilightsheepish:, gonna wait till there is more before i read though.:ajsmug:

I hope Equestria doesnt explode toward the end.

900588 Nostalgia mode activated.

*Pulls out SNES*

Time for some Super Metroid.

900887 Fair enough, there's not really much in this chapter.

902528 Hit it.

Or better yet, grab the Gameboy Game, and the NES game! :D

901098 Way to spoil the story right there. :ajbemused:

The real answer is, "maybe."

But because every Metroid game ends with an explosion, you can expect Samus to give her opinion on those damned countdowns.

900842 Not to mention that Ridley killed Samus' parents during a Space Pirate raid of her home.

And the Chozo took Samus in.

And the Chozo are a race of sentient birds.

910584 eeeeyup!

There's so much WIN in this series.

900689 You don't know what Metroid is? I OWN the original NES game!

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