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Behind the set of the hit show "My Little Pony", lies a complex web of sex, lies and deceit. A free for all for those who desire it all.

For known disgraced toon hater Private Detective Leon Dawson, hired by Twilight Sparkle to protect her from an obsessed stalker. He finds himself way out of his league as he struggles to uncover the truth in the cartoon world of smiling ponies. As one wrong move could make it his last.

Special thanks to cowriterMisterNickfor the editing.

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One, it isn't in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit world it draws from, toon or reality.
Two, the detective is not Eddie Valiant.
Three, if you couldn't use the base idea in a story that was already done, you would find it hard to write anything. Not to mention, this was written well.

7128112 Thank you for the compliment.

Wow, just one chapter and I allready am siding with the psycho who propably will try to kill Bitchlight.

Someone liked their Dashiell Hammett growing up, it seems.

Just like Roger Rabbit except it's not a psycho toon looking to kill every other toon in existence.

7378929 You plan to add other toons as cameo's or just mainly sticking to MLP?

7383111 Responding to your mostly just ponies reply.

7517534 I'm still working on the next chapter. Granted its a little slower with me jumping from this and the other project.

Man this takes me back to the first time I saw WFRB. I'm loving this already man. Holy shit keep it up man, keep it up.

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