• Published 21st May 2016
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This Changeling Life - Nasha Rei Kun

Self-decided victim of a fail-safe used to prevent the rampage of a dark power, Naruto thought life for him was over. He's proven wrong when he meets a white unicorn guard recruit, and then the wall-eyed love of his life. Naruto x Derpy. Anthro.

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Changelings (Invitation)

~Part 2~

“I’m sorry! Excuse me!”

He had finally made to the front of her house, after making one last jump past a pair of startled pegasi, doing his best to soften his impact.

There was a cloud of dust, that he quickly blew away with his wings, never noticing the opening of the door of his marefriend’s house.

“Ack! I seriously hate those landings,” the dragon commented, as he looked himself over, brushing a few stray dust patches on his clothes.

“You ended up here faster than I was expecting.” Spikoran ‘Spike’ S. Solaris froze at the sound of the voice reaching his earfins. He stood up straight, trying and failing to be the picture of nonchalant, and not the guy who was just cleaning himself of dirt a moment ago.

He caught eyes with a thoroughly amused Dinky, before dropping the act with a weak smile.

“Um… I’m here?” he asked, more than said, causing Dinky to giggle at him. She closed the distance between them, before patting him on both shoulders.

“You had some dust here too.” His eyes went wide, before looked to his shoulders, looking for said dust, only to come up empty.

He could hear her amusement again, as his marefriend’s shoulders shook slightly.

“Oh, ha ha, very funny,” the dragon said, sarcasm floating from his lips, but there was no true bite behind it.

“It was.” With her piece said, the youngest of three sisters looped arms with adopted brother of the Element of Magic, and they walked.

A few moments later found the two of them still walking, but to the farther part of Ponyville. Nearby they could see a busied Cheerilee, who was currently sweeping the school’s porch.

Seeing them, the dedicated teacher waved at the duo.

“Hello you two!” The main teacher of the small town gestured towards them, and they walked over.

“What’s up Ms. Cheerilee? I wasn’t expecting to see you here. You know, outside of the actual weekdays,” Dinky greeted, as Spike nodded from her side.

The earth pony mare smiled at the unicorn teen, nodding at her.

“Just tidying up a bit. A clean workplace is a happy place, and a happy place is a place where good-natured kids can learn freely,” the pony with the smiling daisy Cutie Mark said, causing Spike to smile.

Cheerilee was one of the ponies he respected the most, out of all the those in Ponyville. Stemming back to when he was first learning under Naruto, she had the same never give up attitude, just towards teaching.

He could really get behind that, if he were ever her student, but alas he was not. Being with Twilight, Trixie and Moondancer, Spike was well beyond his peers in education. He’d helped the girls with projects and the like, pouring over scripts and formulas, ever since he could actually understand them.

When you had Twilight Sparkle as a sister, and was her assistant, you would be damn sure to KNOW any formula, by the end of your time with her. Adding onto that, Dinky’s recent escapades into the more magical side of education he’d been helping with, he was pretty well read.

“I can definitely see that everything is going well-” Spike’s question was interrupted by pair of groans coming from the school house, as a pair of familiar looking, orange and blue, colts exited the building.

“Who decided math needed to be more complicated, than some good ol’ ‘2 + 2?’ What the…? Oh, hey Spike!” The head of Snips snapped in the dragon’s direction, as he and his cohort Snails, exited the place of learning, looking exhausted.

“Heya Spike~” Snails drawled, as he and Snips walked over. Dinky and Spike blinked before turning towards Ms. Cheerilee.

Seeing the questions in their eyes, she elaborated.

“I’ve also been doing some on the side lessons, for Snips and Snails, who have been failing in their maths, and their brothers have been very strict on the idea of them getting good grades.” The school teacher made sure to say that particular bit, out loud, so the two could hear her.

Snips groaned, as Snails kind of stared at the pair of pony and dragon, before the “slow” unicorn spoke up.

“Uh, ah! So you guys going on another date again?” Snails asked, and Spike scratched the back of his head. Snips gave Snails a weird look.

“Yeah, I just picked up Dinky here, and we’re gonna go have a picnic by… wait a minute.” Spike stopped mid-sentence, before throwing Snails a shocked look along with Dinky. Cheerilee gave the two teenagers, a look with a quirked eyebrow.

“...What?” Snails seemed confused, as he looked at everyone sending him looks.

“Snails… Ho-What made you think me and Spike were dating?” Dinky quickly let go of Spike’s elbow, as if burned, before she turned her questioning gaze onto the orange unicorn.

“Snails, what the hay are you talking about? Spike isn’t dating anypony! IF he was, he would have told us,” Snips refuted, causing Snails to look at him, before looking at Spike in confusion.

Spike sat there thinking for a moment.

While it was kind of widely recognized that Snips was the ‘head’ of the unicorn duo’s MOs, Spike knew that Snails wasn’t necessarily “dumb”.

He was a simple colt, who just didn’t want to look at things in a complex way.

It was honestly kind of fitting, really. Snails of all ponies, would be the one who found them out, but he probably thought that they didn’t want to be bothered.

He could be quite considerate, all despite his, and Snip’s, history.

“Snails you got it wrong, me and Spike are just… hanging out! Nothing date-like going on here, no siree.” There was Dinky denying it, which caused Spike to look at her strangely, before the dragon remembered another fact.

‘Oh yeah, Dinky doesn’t know that the others know now… Hmm.’

Now Spike could just as easily continue their charade of not dating, in the eyes of the pony populace in Ponyville. Anyone who saw them together, beforehand, was typically too far removed from them or just assuming of them being friends.

They kept PDAs to themselves, took their dates more towards the forests and overall just kept it under wraps.

Now though…

The teenaged dragon smirked.

“Yeah, see Snails, Dinky says they ain’t dating. If a girl says it, then usually that’s true, I think,” Snips said, as Cheerilee gave him a conflicted look. Spike could sympathise.

That kind of mindset could go both ways, good or bad.

Well then, might as well clear this up.

Dinky, for her part, was just glad to have dodged that bullet. She was careless, and almost had their cover blown, though part of her couldn’t help but just want to end this charade.

‘Well, at least things are back to normal. Relatively.’ Now to leave, and go cuddle with her-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a flurry of movement, as she felt Spike wrap his arms around her mid-section.

Her face wet red, as he pecked her on the cheek, and settled his head on her shoulder.

“Nah, we’re dating, Snails was right. Been doing so for a year now.” The young dragon explained nonchalantly.

Cheerilee held a hand to her mouth, to cover her surprised expression, while Snips looked at him in outright shock.

“Since when?!” The blue unicorn cried, feeling betrayed. Spike chuckled maliciously.

Eleven months ago~” Snips looked like he was about to have a heart attack, and Ms. Cheerilee was looking on in intrigue.

“Ah, I knew it.” Snails’ slow response was kind of unexpected, but Spike tossed him a raised eyebrow.

“Snails, exactly how did you know we were dating? Spike and I were doing our best to keep it under wraps,” Dinky finally spoke up, at this point just accepting that their secret was out, and settled her back against her drakefriend.

“Hmmm, I saw you guys a couple months back, when you came out of Everfree. You,” he pointed at Spike, “gave her a kiss. Like on the lips, and stuff.” This admission caused both dragon and pony to glow red, as they tried to recall what day that might have been.

“...Oh man.” Spike facepalmed. “That was when we went to speak to Zecora. Damn, that far back?”

Snails simply looked pleased with himself, as Snips still had a hard time processing what was said.

Cheerilee looked on, before she found her composure.

“Well, I’m happy for you two. I’m really surprised to find out you’re dating, I’ve heard that some of my students had taken an interest in Spike,” Cheerilee stated with a smile, as Snips and Snails blanched at her.

“Wait, what?!” Snips exclaimed.

“Woooow, Spike gets around.” Snails said.

Dinky had an annoyed expression on her face, and grumbled a few choice words. Spike, being as close to her as he was, heard the terms “hers,” “intrusion” and “nuisances” popping from her lips.

He felt sweat dripping from his brow, and decided that maybe they should leave, before Dinky got “started.”

The grumbling female was snapped out of her state when she felt Spike let go of her, and hook elbows with her once more. Looking at him, he smiled at her, before addressing their company.

“Well, we don’t want to take up anymore of your time Ms. Cheerilee, so we’ll make ourselves scarce. Later!” His piece said, the library assistant walked off, Dinky in tow.

“Ah, Spike! Mmmm, later Ms. Cheerilee! Later guys!”

Watching the two go off with a wave, both Cheerilee and Snails smiled.

Snips was still in shock.



“So they know now?”

“Yep. You kind of sent the letter at the exact moment they found out I was more than I was.”

They’d settled for a time, laying out on a picnic blanket, as they enjoyed the time in the bare reaches of Everfree Forest. They feared none of the beasts that might reach the forestline.

Food was eaten and they spent time simply talking, laying next to one another, before she asked about his change in attitude towards their agreement.

“Huh… I guess we can stop hiding it now. I’m honestly relieved,” Dinky stated. Spike looked over to his marefriend, as she sat up, and raised a finger.

The digit glowed a soft palish yellow light, before Dinky maneuvered her finger in the air, leaving trails in the form of the word “agreement.” She proceeded to slash the finger through it, cutting the word in half, before she stuck her tongue out at Spike.

Spike’s eyes became slanted, as he quickly closed the distance between them, and captured her lips with his own.

She squawked for a moment, before she relaxed into the kiss, before they fell back onto the blanket.

Still pressing down on him, she grinned into the kiss itself, and moved it to “stage 2.”

Spike’s eyes widened, before she pressed her “attack,” and he was moaning into the kiss before long. His eyes fluttered, as he looked at her pleased orbs, and he broke off the kiss.

She looked at him in shock, before they found their positions switched, and he cornered her between his arms, her back against the blanket.

“Somepony’s been naughty~” She grinned up at him.

“Oh, and is some dragon going to do something about it?” He didn’t even respond, before he quickly launched a kiss to her forehead.

Right at the base of her horn.

Ah!” Her shocked expression, paired with her bright red face, was all he needed, before he caught her lips with his own.

Moans, giggles, and laughs filled the air, as the two tussled on the sheet. Things came to a head, when Dinky reached under his earfin, and the male let out a small shriek, causing him to freeze.

She used strength, that was contradictory of her size, and Spike soon found himself back on the blanket, his wings spread out slightly to ease the tension.

She made sure to cuff his wrists with her own, and proceeded to straddle him.

He made half-hearted movements to break free, but relented soon enough. He grinned up at his girl, and she grinned back at him, hair draped over her shoulder.

He simply grinned, as she bent down to meet his lips with her own, and they stayed that way for a moment, before she came back up.

“Okay, you win,” he admitted, as she smiled.

“Good to know, now cuddle me you adorable dragon you.”

He did as she requested, and soon the two of them were spooning, with Spike’s wings folded to his back, a slight glow around them.

Gotta love spells that made laying on one’s back with wings comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable…

“Hey Dinky?”


“You ever get the feeling we’re being watched?”


They all just kind of sat there red faced, as the two teens decided to just lay there. The two’s earlier session of rough kissing done, and over with.

If only it would leave their minds! There was nothing kid friendly like she had been expecting!

Twilight’s face burned a deep red, as she tried to shake the imagery she’d just seen. Looking around the table, she was thankfully not the only one, as several other red faces greeted her. Sans Fluttershy, who had fainted somewhere along the way.

“Well… Damn,” Rainbow, ever the eloquent one, spoke up. The pegasus had been the one to originally offer up the idea, some form of payback on Spike for earlier.

Watching him roof-hop, to picking up Dinky, to the meeting Cheerilee and then to the two’s little date spot, they saw it all.

Especially the kissing that seemed to explode post-meal.

Rarity and Applejack fanned themselves furiously, with fan and hat, respectively. The scene playing in their minds.

Pinkie was seemingly stuck in a giggling fit, as she twirled in her, originally stationary, chair. Her cheeks having a dark red hue dusted across them.

The CMC were an array of expressions, with the most obvious one being embarrassment. Scootaloo coughed into her fist, as she looked off to the side. Apple Bloom’s head was face down on the table, steam billowing from her ears. Sweetie Belle may have had it the worst, as she was in a trance-like state, giggling every so often, eyes dazed.

Twilight decided that maybe peering into her adoptive brother’s love life was unnecessary.

When Spike came home that day, he notices two things.

One, the others were gone, leaving just Twilight there.

Two, Twilight wouldn’t look him in the eye.

That was a recipe for disaster.

“Um, everything okay there Twilight?” he inquired, and her face burned a furious color.


Spike swept the front of the Golden Oaks Library with a pep in his step. Eyes closed, as he sweeped with a hum, general disposition just happy.

A week had passed, since his, and Dinky’s, secret got out.

He was ecstatic to finally have their relationship out in the open! No more sneaking off to Manehattan or Everfree for dates!

He could be with his marefriend out in the open, and both of them couldn’t be happier.

Though the initial reaction had been hilarious, especially for Dinky’s classmates. Yet, he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable by all the attention they were receiving from Twilight and the others.

It was weird. Like when they’d gone to Sugarcube Corner, a few days ago. Pinkie had taken one look at them, froze with a smile on her face, and turned red.

Mrs. Cake had served them, but he couldn’t help but be put off by that reaction. All throughout the date, he could see Pinkie looking over at them.

That wasn’t even the weirdest one though.

Applejack had given him the straightest look possible, when he’d come by to help out on the farm, the whole way through as they worked.

Rainbow wouldn’t stop calling him a “casanova.”

Fluttershy fainted.

Yet, it was Rarity who’d done his mind a stark blow, when she began offering him weird tips, when he’d let slip that Dinky and him trained.

REALLY weird tips!

“So she’s used a whip in ‘training,’ hmm?” He saw the disbelief when he used the word “training.” He was a little put out by this fact. Also, why was she muttering “they were too young?”

“Uh yeah, but she wasn’t sure she liked it. I don’t know what she’s talking about, they definitely hurt enough.” He rubbed a phantom pain on the side of leg, Rarity noting the action with a weird glint in her eye. “She started moving on to arrows, though.” Rarity froze.

“A-arrows?” Her voice squeaked, yet he could hear a slight shudder in her tone. An emotion lay underneath it, that he didn’t understand.

“Yeah, but we blunt the ends of them, still hurts if she augments them enough. Plus her aim is pretty precise.” Here his body shook. “Beyond accurate.”

Rarity seemed to teeter slightly.

“But it’s all good. We typically have safety words for these kinds of things.”

Rarity’s mind decided, then and there, that if they were to go into the world of adulthood, she would lead them! It was only natural that an adult take the through the paces.

Plus she might get some tips for her own… “interests”.

“I think I’ve heard enough Spike,” she announced, with finality, before standing up, and facing him.

He blinked once, before shrugging, and turning to face her. He stopped though, when she looked him in the eye, with some sort of resolution.
“I will lead you into the proper world of ‘training.’ Come along Spikey-Wikey, let your friend, Rarity, teach you.”

He honestly had no idea what she was talking about.

He actually put some thought into that, and shudder for reasons he didn’t understand.

Rarity had advised him into getting a specific suit for “training.” He didn’t understand why, but those words caused a sharp pang of dread to fill his being.

He’d have thought more on this dread, were it not for a certain feeling filling his gullet.


“Well, damn, he finally did it.”

“What was that, Naruto?”

Currently sitting down in seats at the Manehattan Moxy Pot, sat Naruto and Gallant. The young colt was currently devouring an Orange muffin, as his father looked over a, recently flaming, folded card. The mother of one, Derpy Hooves, came over to see what her husband was talking about, as she fixed the creases in her managerial uniform.

“Oh, we just got this from Shining and Cadence. Go ahead read it,” the blond monarch said, passing the item of interest to his wife.

Looking it over, she squealed, fluttering in place slightly, as what she read on the card processed.

You have been cordially invited…

She couldn’t help, but laugh.

This, this was just too perfect!

A tall dark figure, was she. With a horn that bore holes, and a sharp point. Her body was a feminine shape, covered by a black, shell-like exterior. A seemingly ripped black dress dressed over her form, with the ends being frayed and the back of the dress coming down to the back of her knees.

A long dark teal membrane-mane ran from the crown of her head, to the small of her back. The bangs revealing emerald/teal eyes that glowed in the shadows of the home, she found herself in.

On the floor, lay a mare and a stallion. The tall being ignored the leftovers of her “dinner,” and found herself gleefully checking over the card in her hands.

“Fufufufu~ I didn’t think it was possible for me to be this lucky!” Her voice echoed in an unnatural pair of tones. She walked passed the passed out pair of siblings, and found herself making a path towards a waiting changeling with blue eyes.

Said changeling looked up at her, and she grinned.

“Return to the hive, it’s time to put the final touches on our invasion.” Her piece said, her horn glowed a malicious green, before the twin ponies found themselves placed back into their rooms, the card placed on a nightstand in their living room.

Best not to leave things amiss. A quick wipe of their minds, and the tall pony-esque form began to glow. It reached a peak of blinding rays for a moment, before in an instant, she was gone. Leaving behind a home, being none the wiser of her intrusion.

The card, left on the nightstand, left folded over to show writing on the front.

Dear Lumen, and Bright…


“...to the marriage of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, and Captain Shining Armor. We would be pleased to ask for your attendance in this great occasion.

P.S. Twily, I would really love it if you would come. You and your friends are all welcome to attend.

P.P.S Cady really wants you, Amethyst and Derpy, as her bridesmaids. I wanted Spike as our ring bearer, with Dinky as the flower girl,.

P.P.P.S. I’ve already spoken to Naruto about it, and he’ll be my honor attendant.”

Looking up from the letter/invitation of their brother, Spike noted the looks on those gathered.

The whole group was looking at both of them in disbelief, sans Dinky, Amethyst and Pinkie, who looked excited.

You have a brother?!” The collective exclamation could be felt, and Spike tuned out the explanation (and song), that followed such an inquiry.

He was looking into the card, as he felt several presences make their way to his sides.

Dinky, and the CMC, looked over at the card in his hand. Having been done with it, he passed it to Dinky, who was now the one being swallowed by a group of girls.

He thought about it for a moment, before he grinned to himself.

He’d be seeing both Naruto, and Shining Armor, soon. It’d be awesome to catch up with the two of them again.

They could read comic books, play games, crack jokes and beat the crap out of each other!

It’d be perfect!

He was broken out of his thoughts from the presence of Amethyst Star, the pink unicorn coming up to the side of him.

“What’s up, ‘Myst?” He noted the frown on her face, as the two of them looked over the excitement in the room.

“Hmm… I don’t know? Call me crazy, but I can’t shake the feeling that something is going to go down,” she said, scratching the side of her noggin. Spike frowned for a moment, before smiling.

“I can get where you’re coming from. As of late, lots of big stuff seem to happen near the beginning of, middle of, and at the end of the year. It’s Summer, and nothing has really happened yet.” Here he shrugged at her look of concern. “But don’t worry about it,” he flexed. “You’ve got too many power players coming to the wedding. What could possibly happen?”

He grinned, and she did too, before she rubbed his head. He groaned, as she laughed.

“Well, I guess you’re right. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Besides, I’m probably going to opt out on the bridesmaid deal, or at least, I better be the photographer for this wedding,” She said with conviction, and Spike laughed.

Whatever came, they were ready.

~Part 2 End~

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