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The wish fulfillment is strong with this one.

Oh boy, may God have mercy on your soul James.

A few errors here and there, but nothing to worry about.

A lone man in the north on the planet Earth

This is giving me flashbacks to Monty Python for some reason.

Not bad in my opinion. Excited to see where this goes.

"Dark Angel of Night"

Redundancy, much?

So, the winter of year 2015 was rather harsh for him.

Really? Wasn't that bad for me. Then again, I live in New England, so the weather's always kind of a gamble.

You got your idea from my story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/307508/the-nightmare-that-came-from-above, didnt ya?

Quick note: It is indeed my story. This is just my back up account i am using since i forgot my password.

Nightmare moon fell from the sky in my fic too! XD

His house he brought her in was rather big: it had two floors. The first one consisted of a kitchen, a dining room with a fireplace, and a royal-sized bathroom. The second floor had a large bedroom. There was also a huge building outside his house that had a garden with a variety of fruit and vegetables: apples, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, bell peppers, cabbages.

.....So no living room?

All I can do is hope for the best and be ready for the worst.

I love this line!!!! ....Whom did you steal it from?!?! XD

After reading...

All I can do is hope for the best and be ready for the worst.



I never copy stories in any way. Sometimes ideas just appear in my head.


Why would a lone man need a living room? If I lived alone, I doubt I would need that much space.

7121930 it is awefully familiar! lol I hope it turns out good as i will be keeping tabs on this fic

Jame's life style sounds like a cool one, and his house sounds cool too.

In the previous chapter I saw Meters + Snowy North = Canadian.

Now, I see the situation is much, much worse.

He's European.:twilightsheepish:

Nice chapter keep up the good work

Thx for cutting the typical shit we see in most stories of this genre

7152828 Quite.

Nice addition of the Dragunov.

A bacon wrapped burger, the best of ale, and a hearty shanty for James. Cheers all around.:moustache:

Kudos for getting Luna's old English speaking right

She blinked, proceeding what he had said. She was certain he hadn't lied.



7153409 I got it right? I can't believe I've done that!

We enjoy the new perspective this story brings

Wait, he doesn't have nipples? Is he a Ken Doll? Does that mean? He is also smooth...down south? Makes for a short story really, end it right here.

Just kidding, keep it coming!

I don't know why, but if James tells her the story of the scars, I want it to be the result of a fight against a bear.



Nah, he's not Hugh Glass. Otherwise, I would've mentioned that the scars look like claw marks.


That means that his nipples were removed and surgically replaced with skin. You know, it's sometimes done when a serious burn has happened to a person. However, it isn't the reason in this story.

Kinda obvious isn't it? she is very night themed



Obviously, James isn't the smartest one. Besides, I myself wouldn't think that Nightmare Moon is a real name. A-anyway, newer chapters will tell more, of course.

Did you know if a being who's not meant to be nocturnal(I.e: human.) Attempts that, they can lose years from their life?

7174078 perhaps is true, after all we have an internal clock so messing with might cause long term damage

7174189 going to assume that most ponies aren't nocturnal, so I'll assume the same thing would happen if they were forced to be nocturnal.

No one is talking about it?

"Well, that was something." James sighed, standing up and dusting himself off. "I hope it was just a... nightmare."

It's like the character himself took the fucking time to look at the readers just to say this shit. Well done, I hope you're happy with yourself.



Hey, Jame's talking to himself all the time. We do the same thing but without vocalization.


A little short for my liking.... But what are you gunna do? You probably have a decent reason.

Mouse cursor was visible in the center of the screen.

love this story

really like how you've done Nightmare Moon so far. Always been a big fan of Nightmare Moon.

hope to see more soon

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