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During a particularly snowy day off from school, Button Mash and Sweetie Belle head off and have themselves a grand walk throughout town. However, not all is well, as young Button suddenly feels the need to tell Sweetie Belle how he really feels for her.

Cover image not final, I just needed something to put up there. Will bellowing for a new one shortly.

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Wow i loved it! Such a cute story. :3


Thank you very much! Keep your eyes peeled for a continuation sometime here in the future!

See, now I love ButtonBelle. Ask anyone who's ever had a conversation with me for more than two seconds and they could automatically recommend me this story or any like it. I don't talk about it much, but there's only one thing that sings to me more in a story.
Something that I've gone through myself.
I give props to you, so many, in fact, that I may end up finding you and giving you the heartiest pat on the back I can for making something so unbelievably realistic that I cannot only draw parallels, but it is pretty much looking into a mirror. I could live through Sweetie's position right now and the differences seem to fade away. For that, I give you an appropriate rating:
13/10, IGN has nothing on this shit.


This is, without a doubt, one of the nicest comments I've ever read for something I wrote. I am extremely pleased to hear that you enjoyed it so much, and implore you to look out for more of my ButtonBelle/SweetieMash stories in the future.

Seriously, thank you, stranger.

7110214 I already do, bro. I'm sure I've previously commented on your user somewhere.

7109662 Continuation?
*staring intensifies*


Well yeah, continuation. I love this pairing, and I've got plenty of ideas, like what things are like now that she knows he likes her and vice versa.

7111359 ooh. But don't get too realistic on me ok? This last one drew a drop of liquid pride or two ;)

When Button was asking Sweetie the question I got nervous myself just by reading the story. That just shows how much the writing was good. I'm not even shipped with SweetieBelle. I loved the writing good job. Hope to see writings this good from you in the future.

This is perhaps the most realistic shipfic I've ever seen. Well done.


Thank you very much for such a high praise. I hope I can continue to impress with future stories.

Very realistic and fun to read!! Are you going to write a sequel?


I've been working on a little something something. Thank you very much!

I love how unique this story was. It wasn't all flowers and kisses. I like that; it's realistic.

You can select button mash as a character just by typing in button when setting up your story. Just thought you should know. I can't wait to read this just the same!


Awesome, thanks for the heads-up! Hope you enjoy it!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 star rating

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