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Adagio could just feel it. The magic, it soon all going to be hers. She and her sisters could finally rule above, and they would never, ever have to starve again. But then it all crashed when the Rainbooms unleashed their power, which was more stronger than the sirens' magic. Now Aria has to survive and take care of Sonata. She knows something is up with Sonata, but she couldn't do anything to stop it. Will they survive together? Or will everything around them burn and crumble?

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Comments ( 6 )

Should be longer and have more info/depth.

Definitely runs through too fast. Go for detail over length. Make the story, then worry about how many words you have.

It... really isn't a story. It's a scene from a story. It has a beginning and an end but no real middle. There's no substance to it.

Hm... This could be a little bit longer.

"I am trying my hardest to keep us together and keep us alive, and your being so ungrateful to the reason you were alive all this time! Without me, you would've died ages ago!" I shot back.

*you're being

Other than that, nice story! If you expand it a bit, this could be... oh, I don't know...
maybe 20% cooler~ :rainbowdetermined2:


I know. I was planning on deleting this story a long time ago because it was a mistake, but decided to change my mind later.

Oh, don't delete it! It has a nice, heartwarming message, it's just a little short, is all.

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