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I am a Mystic, Pegasister walking in the Light. Also, Twilight is best pony.


A series of vignettes exploring the relationship between Cup Cake and Carrot Cake.

Chapters (2)
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Hello! Is there any actual sex in this?

Yes, but it's not very detailed. Thanks for commenting. Hope you enjoy it.

Yay, and thanks!

"Uh-huh. Say 'ah.'" She put the thermometer in his open mouth. "Yep, 104 degrees." She picked up the washcloth and took it to the bathroom. After wetting it again she laid it on his head. He was muttering nonsense about various confections for the shop, ranging from the delightfully original to flat-out disgusting. "Why don't you rest a bit and I'll take care of the shop?"

Ah...the mind of a baker, even when delirious...:rainbowlaugh:

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