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Finally got around to reuploading this huh? You redoing all the chapters?

Comment posted by JustinJohnson deleted Apr 5th, 2016

Well, it was an honest mistake, so you're fine:twilightsmile:

This sounds like a weird game

While It's Great That You've Reupload This Story. I Like Reading It as well with the other readers.

But Isn't Adelle Supposed to be a Bat-Pony Than a Unicorn or are you sticking with what she was in the original?

7098687 Crap I thought I rewrote that part.....and done

And When Applejack Mentioned "that pegasus is getting away." Another Typo.

"Thestrals" That's the Name I Was Trying to Remember. Cause I Remember that the Bat Ponies Had Another Name for their Species.

And Where Does Adelle Appear in the Timeline? Cause if this Takes Place After Both "Griffon the Brush Off & Boast Busters" and During "Dragon-Shy", How Does Twilight Know About "Discord"? They Don't Confront Him Till "Return of Harmony" and Fluttershy's Stare Didn't Work on Discord, Discord Pretended to be under her "Stare".

Either Way...Good Job With the Story, Even Though I Read the Original Before...
(I Didn't Had an Account Before, So I Couldn't Comment...)

.......your story so far is so similar to the fic "Of God Eaters and Ponies" that it seems like its plagiarized from it. I'm not saying that's what you did, just saying that your story is nearly word for word of it to this point. And it looks like the same things are going to happen as well.

Did you write "Of God Eaters and Ponies"? Because I just searched for it, and when I clicked the link, it says "this story does not exist", and you said you previously deleted a story. I'm not try cause any issues, I'm just a little confused

7099195I pretty much scrap that story and rebooting it once I get God Eater 2: Rage Burst

7099206 Ah, ok. Thanks for the info ^_^

Are the Equestrians gonna be self-righteous dipshits like they were on the Gods Eater story? Or are they finally pull their heads out of there asses? Though I did like how shining armor was able to think clearly and consider all sides of the situation, something not even Luna and Celestia did.

It's a good thing to have some common sense. At least Shining has that where as her sister. .. eh~, doesn't seem to think much if at all with a little dose of common sense.

But now we get to see the princesses. So time to strap down and wait in the sidelines.

Dang! I don't know if I should be impressed or horrified that Amy just challenged Celestia...

the thing you gotta love about Adelle is her 'zero fucks given' attitude
angry dragon: don't give a fuck
possible dragon humping PETA pony: zero fucks given
student of some princess: the fucks totalled zero
alicorn goddess with the power to move the sun:derpicdn.net/img/view/2013/2/9/238136__safe_image+macro_vulgar_crystal+pony_box_games+ponies+play_spoiler-colon-s03e12_no+fucks_look+at+all+the+fucks+i+give_bonna+fide.png

although I fear what may happen should she meet Blueblood

Do you Bleed, Celestia?

*Celestia teleports away*

You will...

Well crap... Now she pissed off both princesses...

7111316 to be fair though, most of the main 6 and both of the princesses are being total assholes, so I don't feel Adelle is unjustified in her animosity towards them

7111335 Why is there even a bounty for a dragon if it's apparently illegal to act on it?

7112331 because the equestrians are hypocritical, self-righteous shitlords who think that they are always in the right and everything will always go their way. They seriously need a reality check, and Adelle just might give it to them.

that line Adelle Said Just When she Was About to Break Rainbow's Wings, Was That a Reference to Naruto, when sasuke was about to pull that sound ninja's arms off?

Also Nice "Hellsing Abrigded" Reference as well.

Also You Think Those Two Would Learned Their Lesson in Not to pick a fight With Adelle.

7116303 Dang I wasn't actually thinking about that XD

like this good work:pinkiehappy: and love what you did to diamond tiara and sliver spoon :pinkiecrazy:

Things are going to get very awkward when she and spitfire goes to Canterlot...

Rainbow Dash is going to get very jealous that Adelle is taking flight lessons from Spitfire who is not just the leader of the Wonderbolts, but also her admirer.

Also Adelle just explained to them that she wasn't a pony and our kind is omnivores.

7102086 nods sagely. You'd think twilight or even flutters or pinkie could see reason, hell even the princesses! But no, they have their heads so deep up there asses they can't see straight. I expect this shit from dash cause she naturally blames every new being for anything she can just to be an ass at first.

7117082 now i get where i remembered that from! Holy shit! Unintentional references FOT THE WIN!

It's nice to have some context to what she looks like. I honestly didn't know that she had wings. (Bat pony isn't very descriptive seeing how there can be bat versions of all 3 tribes depending on the story.)

Hope u update this again soon author i very much enjoy her kicking ass.

Finally an update.

It's been quite some time since the last update. We Understand that you were busy.

So...Celestia's turn to confront Adelle huh..? (Then Again...this was bound to happen sooner or later...)

Appears Elements from Adelle's World are Starting to Appear in Equestria.

I Wonder What will happen Next?

“I don’t know. Me and the girls were playing outside during recess, when all of a sudden we heard a loud roar and three of those things came out of nowhere and started attacking the school.

“I don’t know. Me and the girls were playing outside during recess, when all of a sudden we heard a loud roar and four of those things came out of nowhere and started attacking the school. One of the shot Scootaloo in the shoulder while the other two chased after Applebloom when she threw a rock at them.”

Awesome chapters you are doing a amazing job. I can't wait to read the next chapter.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

800x Cheeseburger
500x Fruit Punch

Burgers for days

You know, in hindsight, the mane six until season 3's end had no actual authority. Twilight being Celestia's student doesn't mean she wield's any power other than an assumed belief of such by others not familiar to say otherwise. The MC, having taken the bounty, is fully on the right to exercise killing since the parameters of said bounty permits it. The mane six at this moment can be charged of assault, usage of magic on another being and possibly racial profiling, as the MC is well within the rights of self-defense especially when giving details of her origins and stated intent of peace, yet still assumed as a "threat".

Heck, it be funny if this isn't addressed in the later chapters and conflict snowballs into her being on the wanted list. If Celestia and the authorities weren't made aware, this could very well serve to annul plenty of problems, as the mane six instigated everything for the MC to be a "villain" on the run

Let's add attempted murder/involuntary ponyslaughter to Rainbow on the charges from earlier

*Sigh* Okay, things were sorta resolved but now she's committed Lèse-majesté... :facehoof:

Comment posted by Heidao deleted Jul 26th, 2016

7508767 It's always been alive, just had to take care of some stuff irl before I could finish writing lol

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