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This fic is very, VERY late. My apologies.

After the events that took place that fateful day, Diamond Tiara is faced with new problems. She might have been happy to help the school fillies and colts, but that happiness could never last. Little does she know, that her pursuit of lasting happiness could take her farther than she expected.

Disowned by her parents, Randolph sends her to Mane-hattan to live with Coco Pommel. She is faced with new opportunities and challenges. But, will she keep what she learned? Or revert back to the bully she once was?

How much can one little pony take?

Inspired by the instrumental song "Living Transparent" by Reasoner

Edits to story description will be made as more chapters are posted.
Cover art is subject to change.
Special thanks to samim_hasan for the cover art titled "Tree of Light"

-A Little Side Note- If you must leave a dislike, mention in the comments the problem you've found in the story. I will do my best to fix it. After all, I came onto Fimfiction to improve my writing.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 8 )

I liked it. I wonder why she was sent to live with Coco though, because she doesn't seem to have any obvious connection with the Rich family.
Still, I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us... :twilightsmile:

She started down the street, looking back periodically as Randolph waved back from his perch on the porch. “Goodbye, Mistress Tiara.”
Good bye indeed, the poor old man probably won't live enough to see her again. :ajsleepy:

While many could rest, the little filly stayed up, hoping with all of her might that Coco would accept her.

No Coco tag for this story, I have a bad feeling. :ajsleepy:

Sure this is a depessing start. Let's see where this is going.

I see the author is an Aladdin fan. My favourite character personally, is Iago. Both him and DT have something in common, after all... :)


I hope this doesn't come off as rude (I'm just trying to clear up any confusion). Plus, I wanted to get this reply out before too much time passed.

In the moderation stage, the story didn't have the Coco chapter yet. So, just to be careful, I left it out until Coco made her first appearance so it wouldn't fail moderation. Turns out, it would've been just fine to add a Coco tag at the beginning since the moderators are just looking for anything that breaks major regulations.

Later on, as more characters are introduced, I will add more tags. Just so you are aware.

Hope this clears up any confusion between past and present. :pinkiesmile:

I’ve been reading through and I can’t wait to get to the most recent chapter - can I just say, this is so interesting and I love the way this chapter is done!?
So unique and stylistic and important. It gets the message across so well. I just absolutely love the contrast of the dreams she experiences. The first one is so vividly sweet and beautiful and lovely and the second so accurately captures what the sad reality of a persons’ situation may be... this is so so good. Keep up the good work mate :rainbowwild:

“I do, but if I wear it too long, it hurts.” Dazzle said. “So today, I'm taking a break.”

I like this line. I think it makes good characterization :)

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