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Transparent Living - PinoyPony

Disowned by her parents, Diamond Tiara is hastily sent to Mane-hattan to meet Coco Pommel. Even if she has come to turn a new leaf in her growth, there is still a lot for her to learn. New town, new life.

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Chapter 2: Cold

Diamond Tiara didn’t fix her mane that morning. For one, it wasn’t worth her time. Second, she didn’t care. Nopony on the train would care. Everypony’s mane was fuzzy and untamed from the pillow static the previous night. Everypony remained the same, scruffy, unkempt and tired pony they were.

Back at home, her mother occasionally fixed it in such a meticulous way that it couldn’t be recreated by anypony other than her or Randolph. If anypony else tried to comb it, it would never be the same.

“What will it be honey? Oatmeal or Pancakes?” A hoof reached down onto her shoulder and shook her awake.

“Hey! Get off me! What’s the matter with you!?” She glared at the mare to her right.

The quiet chatter of the other passengers suddenly halted. Her shout woke up sleeping ponies, leaving them to frantically scramble to their senses. Those that were already awake focused on her.

The stewardess blanched and flashed apologetic smile “My apologies miss, I shouldn’t have done that…”

“Humph! You got that right…” She swiftly turned away from the mare.

“You still want breakfast, miss grumpy gills?” She teased lightly.

Diamond heard a familiar voice echo in her head ‘Don’t let her insult you like that! Return the favor with dignity!’

Doing her best to scrap her irritated tone, Diamond politely answered with her teeth clenched together “Yes, please,”

The mare nodded, reaching into her cart “Oatmeal or Pancakes?”

“Oatmeal.” Her words were as bland as meal.

“And what flavors would you like? Strawberry, blueberry, banana, or apple?”

“Just Apple, please.”

She poured a few oats and apples bits into the bowl. Taking a kettle from the hot pad, she poured steaming water into the meal. “Careful, it’s very hot.” She set down a small bowl on a tray in front of Diamond Tiara. The trolley squeaked as the mare scooted away.

After waiting a few minutes, Diamond deemed it safe to eat her breakfast. A quick feeling of contentment filled her soul as she ate her breakfast. Normally, her family would have huge buffets full of food, enough for any filly with a burning metabolism. Here, she was content with eating her humble meal. After all, Randolph bought it with the ticket.

As she crunched on the meal, she overheard a conversation between two young colts behind her. Their speech was riddled with sarcasm, insensitive comments, and crude language no pony dared to repeat.

“Geez, you see that filly over there attack the trolley mare?” One of them started, he leaned toward his friend, “Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah, just fine… I’m just tired this morning,” The other explained, “A stupid filly on the bunk below me was sobbing all night…”

Diamond’s heart boiled. How judgmental and critical! They didn’t see the bigger picture when it came to her circumstances! If only her mother and father were here, they would pay for their insolence!

Her anger simmered as she remembered she was alone. She no longer had her parent’s protection, so whatever happened- happened. Anypony was free to insult her. She sighed again, digging up the last few bits of oats out of the bowl.

“Fillies and Gentlecolts! May I have your attention please?!” A shout came from the head of the passenger car. She glanced toward a stallion standing uprightly like a soldier “We will be arriving to Mane-hattan in less than five minutes! Please prepare adequately so the next passengers can board! Thank you!”

He trotted through the car, and exited through the back.

Diamond Tiara tossed her paper bowl away in the nearest trash bin. She continued to her bed, fetching her saddlebags and suitcases from their compartments. Checking and double-checking the area around her, Diamond made sure she got everything. Little Alicorn Plushy was tucked away comfortably in her pack with the envelope secured in the front pocket along with the picture frame and journal.

Hearing the din of the crowd growing louder, she snuck a quick peek. She noticed a cluster of ponies gathered near the doors of the train car, with more coming on the way.

The screech of brakes could be heard as the train came to a gradual stop. A moment passed as the hiss of gas from the train was released followed by the doors swinging open, freeing floods of ponies onto station’s floors.

The horde of ponies, eagerly making their way out, pushed Diamond outward with gentle force. She scoffed once the goading stopped. As soon as she was out, she began with the basics. She pulled out the letter and searched for an address.

1134 South Maroon Avenue, Midsummer Theater. Great. Now, all she needed to do was get directions. Her heart sank as she looked up from the envelope. Hundreds of ponies gathered in the station. Of all these ponies, which one could guide her to the correct place?

Then, a familiar stallion caught her attention, one she recognized from the train before. She resisted going to talk to him, but figured that nopony else could spare a second.

The Stallion wiped his brow with a white handkerchief that resembled more of a doily. He took a seat on the bench and gave a long tired groan. Judging that he was on break, Diamond was sure he could spare a second.

She galloped hastily toward him, pulling out the letter. “Mr. Conductor!” Diamond shouted.

He sprung up from his seat like a wind-up toy and saluted “Yes Ma’am!” His stout expression faded as he realized it was just a filly who called his name. “Um, may I help you little miss?”

“Yes, I’m looking for a pony named Coco Pommel,” She answered immediately, “Can you guide me to this address?” She pointed to the envelope.

“I-I’m sorry… I don’t know w-who you are talking about.” He scooted away from Diamond, meandering towards the train.

“Do you know where I can find any sort of information on where she is at?” She held out the letter “You see, I’m supposed to give this to her.”

“Um…” The train whistle blew. The conductor reached into his bags and pulled out a cap, with the words ‘Friendship Express’ sown onto the bill. He pressed the cap to his head “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”


“My apologies, but I have to attend to the train.” He calmly stated, rushing towards the train, slipping past the doors just in time for the train to leave.

“Well, that was helpful…” She looked around aimlessly around the masses of ponies in the station.

She sighed, trotting towards the exit of the station. She studied her surroundings carefully, finding it odd that the station was almost deserted. Just a minute ago, the whole station was bursting with bustling ponies. But now, it almost empty, with a few ponies dotting the ticket counters. She trotted past the counters, finding most of them had drifted to the city.

Taking a few more steps, she stepped out of the station and conquered the city.

The cold wind blew once more. In that icy gust, Dazzle felt the harshness of the coming winter penetrate her insides. She took that as a sign that Cloudsdale has successfully reached to every corner of Equestria, their strong winter storms planned to come in the next few days.

If she was going to find Coco, she needed to do it soon, or find some type of shelter. However, all she could do was wait in a line in a city full of ponies. She had to find somewhere to stay before the whole world was covered in a blanket of snow. She was left with one choice: find Coco or suffer the cold winter.

However, that couldn’t be helped. She would be searching, but for now, she was waiting in a long line. She figured, if she was going to spend her time waiting, she might as well do something productive. She studied the letter, quaking and shivering in the cold. She could ask a pony in line, or a taxi driver to guide her to the address. She remembered her father used it once or twice while in Canterlot. But, it certainly didn’t hurt to double-check.

Taking a deep breath, she caught the attention of the mare in front of her.

“Excuse me miss,” Diamond Tiara tugged on the mare’s saddlebags.

The mare spun around, facing Diamond. “YOU TRYING TO MUG ME, FILLY?!” the mare’s eyes burned with fury.

“Oh…no, no, no…” Diamond Tiara gulped, trying her best to stand her ground, “All I need is some directions, do you know a pony named Coco Po-”

“Are you kidding me, Stupid filly, I don’t know who the Tartarus you are looking for!” The mare raised her hooves and shoved Diamond Tiara over “Go find somepony else to mug!”

Diamond Tiara got up, clenching her teeth. She held back tears as the same voice came flowing back ‘Don’t cry, only foals cry’. She tried to contain herself, instead it came out in a burst of anger “I’m asking a simple question, miss!”

The mare turned her back on the filly, bitterly seething “Heh… you aren’t worth my time, you are just a street brat that needs to be taught some manners.”

What was this mare’s problem? Diamond was tired of these types of ponies that wouldn’t give her the time of day. Diamond Tiara whipped up an insult in her mind. Making it snappy, and spicing it up with a sarcastic-critical tone, she retorted “Take a good look around everypony! It’s not every day that you see a horse with two rear ends!”

The Mare twisted, raking a hoof through the air towards Diamond. Before she could flinch, Diamond Tiara felt a burning on her right cheek as she fell to her left side.

The mare sneered as Diamond rubbed the pained area. With a scoff, the mare trotted off.

Diamond Tiara picked herself up and brushed off the gravel. She shoved the letter back into her pack, shooting a nasty glare at the other ponies who gathered behind her in the line

Luckily, most stallions and some mares averted their gaze and distracted themselves with their papers, watches, and other items.

“Do you need a ride, miss?”

She faced the taxi driver that pulled up to the curb. Eager to get out of the cold, Diamond hopped into the taxi. The Stallion helped haul her suitcase into the cart. She pulled out the Envelope and pointed to the address “Can you take me to this address?”

He studied the address “Yes,” He pointed a hoof at the bin on the side “The ride will be about seven bits.”

Diamond Tiara hastily grabbed the bits from her pack. Counting them carefully, she made sure it was enough. She tossed them into the bin “There you go, now get me out of here.”

The Cart jolted, sending Diamond flying backward into her seat. She felt the cold wind rush past her as the stallion raced down the streets.

She watched very closely as the world passed by around her, the streets bustling with other carts, with ponies wanting to get somewhere here to the next. There were a few cases in which an impatient mare or stallion would shake a hoof at another cart in frustration. Most cases being on the road when a taxi politely stopped for a pedestrian.

While they were stopped near an unknown street of Mane-hattan, Diamond could see inside an alleyway. A colt with a gray coat and a barf-colored mane was rooting through the dumpsters.

She stayed at a considerable distance, making sure the colt didn’t notice her. It was odd to marvel at, but she wondered how this colt made it this far, with winter right behind the corner.

Suddenly, a mare came out of the shadows from the alleyway, picking the colt out of the dumpster. The colt was at first confused, but the mare set him down, pulling out a tattered fast-food bag from a pair of saddlebags that seen better days. The colt smiled, hugged the mare, and sat back down quietly while the mare dug through the bag.

Pulling out a measly hoof-full of fries the mare split them with the colt.

Before Diamond could gawk any more, the cart sputtered back to life. She flew back into her seat once more, reminded of current situation. She shivered then rummaged through her pack. Finding nothing, she complained “Geez… do you guys have anything to protect your passengers against the cold?”

The Taxi driver responded over the city noise “Nope, sorry.”

Suddenly, the cart came to a stop. He pointed towards a stage surrounded by a wooded park “This is your stop.”

Diamond eyed the stage “I think you took me to the wrong address.”

“Nope, this is the right address.” He replied with a surety.

“I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t live in a theater…”

“Well, the address said otherwise.” The Stallion argued.

“You trying to trick me?” Diamond Tiara accused rashly.

The Stallion sighed “Miss, I saw what happened to you back there… with that mare.” He unstrapped himself from the cart “In my experience, I’ve learned that even if your passengers, or anypony treats you poorly, you should still treat them with kindness.”

Diamond Tiara hopped off the cart. She adjusted her saddlebags. The stallion loaded off her suitcase, setting it on the sidewalk. Suddenly, Diamond Tiara caught a glimpse of a couple bits flying into her suitcase. “Why are you giving me back some bits?”

He fiddled with his jacket, strapping himself back onto the cart. “Someday, what you shown to other ponies, be it kindness or cruelty… it will all come back to you…” He trotted away slowly down the street, gently stating “Now, if you will excuse me miss, I need to do my job.”

Diamond Tiara trotted away from the stop, towards the light. Why would the Driver say something like that? Diamond pondered. At least he was nice enough to give me back some bits.

The light dinged, noting it as safe to cross. She stared at the icy ground, tugging her suitcase across. Perhaps the little taxi driver was right. She’d been taught that principle countless times by ponies such as Mrs. Cheerilee. When she actually applied it, everypony at Ponyville Elementary wanted to get to know her better. Tartarus, even to be her friend.

But, on the contrary, that mare at the taxi stop was certainly not showing any kindness regardless whether or not Diamond was trying her best to be nice.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of hooves wrap around her, pulling her to the other side of the street.

Once she regained her balance, she stared at an older-looking mare, gray mane with a faded turquoise coat. She stood, staring stone-faced at Diamond. Through her wrinkly muzzle, she barked “What were you thinking, filly? You’ll get ran over if you don’t skedaddle across the street!”

Diamond Tiara’s first instinct was to shout back at the granny mare to mind her own business, but the words echoed in her head “Someday, what you shown to other ponies, be it kindness or cruelty… it will all come back to you…” She decided that since she was in a new city, she might as well give it a try.

Diamond mimicked the gentle tone of the taxi driver, “Thank you for saving me, Ma’am. Today has been a little rough…”

The granny mare’s stern expression melted into a smile, though the wrinkles were masking it. “Well, don’t do that too often.” She tilted her head, intrigued. “What might your name be, little one?”

Diamond just about spilled ‘Diamond Tiara’, but stopped herself in time. It wasn’t like she didn’t trust the mare- It was the fact that it wasn’t safe to recite her real name since she was in a city full of strange ponies. Besides, she hated her first name. Her middle name was a little gentler, and technically, didn’t count as lying. She bowed respectfully “Dazzle- Dazzle Tiara.”

Luckily, Diamond found that the granny mare didn’t think much of it. She lifted her hoof up for Diamond to shake “Pleasure to meet you, Dazzle, the name is Jasmine Tea”

Diamond shook her hoof and reached into her pack. It couldn’t hurt to ask ‘Jasmine’ about the address. “Can you help me, I’m a little lost…” She hoofed the letter to Jasmine “You see, I asked a taxi driver to find this address, but I think he got a mixed up.”

Jasmine squinted at the address. A soft giggle came over her while read, “Oh, Coco Pommel, I know her!”

Diamond’s eyes lit up. Thinking about the possibility of finding Coco excited her “Really?”

Jasmine hoofed the envelope back to Diamond. She chuckled, “That address belongs to her workplace, Midsummer Theater.” She pointed a hoof at the stage across the street “However, you are in luck! She lives close to the Theater- just right across the street in fact!” She waved her hoof toward a building just away from the corner.

“Wow, how do you know this?” Diamond asked. “Most ponies I ask, they either don’t know, or trot away”

The granny mare laughed heartily, catching the attention of the other ponies at the crosswalk. She leaned in and whispered into Diamond’s ear “Between you and me, you have better luck asking experienced ponies like me. Coco is a rising star in Mane-hattan, very good at what she does. However, very few young ponies take part in Coco’s plays, because they are too busy with the here and now.”

She retained her posture, trotting across the street with Diamond. Jasmine pointed out “Honestly, the only reason why I know Coco so well is that I helped her organize a play once…”

Jasmine pointed a hoof at the building in front of her, “Rosily Hotel, a humble beginning for a rising star…” She regarded the Hotel “I trust that Entry will help you find Coco.” Jasmine bowed, inching away from Diamond “Send Coco my regards, I need to get back to work! Pleasure meeting you, Dazzle!”

“You too Jasmine!” Diamond waved, bidding the mare farewell.

Diamond Tiara stared at the Monolith building towering over her. She glanced over the envelope one more time, taking one deep breath to calm her nerves. The autumn air chilled her soul, coaxing her towards the warm entrance to the Hotel.

At last, Diamond was happy to know that she found Coco. However, her inner fear kept her from entering the front door. What if Coco didn’t accept her?

The wind pushed her further towards the doors. Diamond figured one thing; if Coco was going to accept her, there was only one way to find out.

She took one final step and entered the Hotel.

Author's Note:


Jokes aside, I wanted to get to this as soon as possible. Chapter 2 was running a bit long, so I had to trim it excessively to fit the word range (I have a short attention span, and anything over 5000 words has to be good or else... :pinkiecrazy:). So, I hope you guys don't mind a tedious chapter, I'm trying to convey a shift in the arc. Particularly, I look forward to next chapter, you are in for a treat.

Also, please pardon the references... they have a tendency to sneak in to my work. I left them light this chapter so I could prepare you for the storm coming next chapter.

As a final note, let's get this project started! :raritystarry:

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