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Apple Bloom thought she was just having a bit of harmless fun, but it's led to permanent and deadly serious consequences. How long can she hide the evidence of her misdeeds from her family, and just how bad will it be when they find out?

A story of the Lunaverse, but knowledge of that 'verse is not required to understand this story. Very Crack-y and most definitely non-canon.

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Comments ( 8 )

Cute story :pinkiehappy:

I wonder if Raindrops can tell Estee how that story ends?



Nice story, good to see Dinky and Ditzy as the voices of reason.

Also nice to see that Applejack's HONESTY is a constant. She might not manifest it as an Element Bearer here but where there's AJ, there's acceptance of the immutable.

At least this one is in the Lunaverse, but still it should go into To Be Determined, or Misc Fan Fiction, not Season 2 Tie ins and Movies


Yeah, I thought RDD had given it semi-canon status. Turns out I misunderstood. :fluttershysad:

It's best to first place things in the To Be Determined Folder, if it's a side story, then give a timeline of when it happens. But yeah don't worry about it, at least it's set in the Lunaverse unlike the last upteeth number of ones.

This was a delightful story, but I can't help but latch onto the Triptych Continuum existing as in-universe fiction in another Equestrian worldline. Especially Mark of Appeal, given all of the key worldbuilding moments it provides, from the Sisters' past to the nature of SUN and MOON to the truth about Celestia's mane. (And wow does this being the Lunaverse throw in a whole other layer of surreality...) S. T. Butterfly must be seen as either a madmare or a visionary. Or both.

My fixation aside, very cute stuff. Thank you for it.

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