• Published 8th Apr 2016
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The Sour Sweet First Date - Nico-Stone Rupan

Sour Sweet tells the Crusaders the tale of her first date with you.

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Chapter 2: Fine Cuisine and Poser Commies (2ND Person)

Never had you ever been as nervous in your whole life as you did waiting outside the front door of Sour Sweet’s home. When Sour Sweet first ordered you out, she instructed for you to meet her at the Italian restaurant on the corner of 5th Street. The next day, however, you decided to insist on being a gentleman and personally escort her to your date.

The door opened to reveal a warm, inviting face. “Hi, come in! I’m Sour Sweet’s mother. She’ll be right down in a second.”

You hesitated for a moment, but quickly gave her a nod and smile. As long as Sour Sweet was around, you knew you could receive the inspiration to get over your shyness.

“Thank you, Mrs. Sweet," you said, stepping in. "This is such a lovely home.”

“Oh, thank you,” Mrs. Sweet said as she quickly went into the living room.

You glanced to where she was going and saw Mr. Sweet on the couch, typing away on a laptop.

“Honey, Sour's going on her first date tonight,” you overheard Mrs. Sweet whisper excitedly to him.

You braced yourself. You could see it coming. Mr. Sweet stomping over and giving you the whole “What are your intentions with my daughter and would you like to see the shotgun I’ll be polishing until you get back?” bit you’ve heard joked about a million times from TV and movies. However, it didn’t come.

Mr. Sweet absent-mindedly muttered, “That’s nice,” and continued on with his work.

You heard the sound of a door shutting from upstairs. You looked up and time stopped for you. An angel descended to meet you. An absolute angel.

“S-Sour… you look incredible.”

Sour Sweet blushed deeply, but still maintained a snooty bravado. “You don’t look too bad yourself, I guess.

A flash went off.


Mrs. Sweet shrugged while holding a camera up. “Sorry, honey. If you’re a mom, you take embarrassing pictures. It’s what you do! Now scooch a little bit closer to him.”

Sour Sweet grabbed your hand and dragged you out the door. “Can’t right now, mom! We’re going to be late!

Outside, Sour Sweet immediately ripped her hand away and shot her threatening face up to yours. “You listen here, buster. We’re just going to dinner and coming right back. That is it. NO FUNNY STUFF. DO YOU HEAR ME?

You nodded, intimidated. “Yes, ma’am.”

Sour Sweet suddenly smiled and clapped. “Goody! Let’s go!

There was an awkward silence the whole walk. You glanced over to Sour Sweet every once in a while to see her looking ahead, an unreadable expression upon her face. You tried to come up with something to say, but couldn’t. You hoped things would get better at the restaurant.

Suddenly, a girl wearing a purple, military-style uniform with a matching beret with a small, silver equal sign on it jumped right in front of your path.

“Equality be upon you!” Starlight Glimmer cheered. “Would you like to give a generous donation to Our Klub, the Marxist Student Society of Crystal Prep Academy?”

You and Sour Sweet facepalmed in unison. At CPA, Starlight and her brainwashed band of smiley-faced followers bugged everybody with hot-air promises of a government overthrow along with their constant spouting of a political philosophy of which they only had a superficial understanding of.

Wanting to just get by without any further annoyance, you reached into your pocket and produced a couple of loose dollar bills.

“Thank you so very much!” Starlight beamed as she took the money. “You two shall be spared in the coming revolution! Oh and here’s a free gift!”

She held out a red, pocket-sized booklet. In gold letters, the cover proclaimed, “THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO”. You were about to accept it out of politeness when Starlight suddenly snatched it right back.

“Wait, wait!" Starlight exclaimed. "Surely you would want it autographed!”

Starlight pulled a pen from a pocket of her uniform and proudly jotted down her own name inside on the first page. Then, she gave it to you.

Sour Sweet crossed her arms. “You act as if you’re the one who wrote that essay. And I thought I was supposed to be the DELUSIONAL one around here.

Starlight shot Sour Sweet a smug, “Haters gonna hate” grin before skipping off to scam money take a donation from another passer-by.

“You know, if it wasn’t for her creepy ambitions, I bet Starlight would be really cool and nice,” you remarked as you presented the Manifesto to Sour Sweet. “For you, milady.”

Sour Sweet scowled, but still yanked the booklet from your hand and tossed it into her purse. “Gosh, what a romantic gift…

Minutes later, you two had arrived. “IL CAVALLO RAGAZZA” the sign read in fancy cursive and neon-lights. Sour Sweet’s favorite Italian restaurant.

Inside, you two were shown to your table and served water. Trying to be a gentleman once again, you pulled Sour Sweet’s chair out for her.

How charmingly old-fashioned! Your efforts for nookie tonight are futile.

You sat down and began to study your menu, noting that Sour Sweet wasn’t. It figured, you guessed. She must have had a usual if she ate here so many times before. The selections all sounded delicious to you. The prices, however, were near-heart attack inducing.

The waiter came to take your orders. You ended up just picking out the dish that sounded the most fancy to you. Sour Sweet, of course, named her usual. In addition, you both requested salads as the appetizer. The waiter scribbled the orders down and promised to have them out soon.

You nervously cleared your throat. “So, Sour Sweet. Um, this is your first date, I understand?”

You’re lucky I even bothered.

“Uh, yeah. It’s my first date, too. You know, I was surprised that your dad didn’t try to give me any third degree.”

Of course he didn’t. My dad doesn’t give a SHIT about me.

Your eyes widened. That couldn't really be so, could it?

Look, enough about me and my family issues. I want to talk about you.

You perked up. Sour Sweet wanted to talk about you? Maybe she really was interested! “Alright, what would you like to know?”

Her eyes stared straight into yours. “Just what is your aim?

You sighed. She was still suspicious of you? “Sour Sweet, I promise you that I don’t have any ulterior motives. I, well, just really like you…”

I may have fallen for that load when I asked you out, but that’s not happening again. Whatever you want from me, tonight’s it. After this, I don’t want you coming FIFTY FEET from me. You understand?

“Sour, I can’t keep fifty feet from you at Crystal Prep. We have fourth period together.”

Sour Sweet batted her eyelashes. “Then if I were you, I would change my schedule. OR ELSE.

“Sour, this is ridiculous. Can’t you believe that someone likes you?”

Not by some loser like you who’s obviously after something.

You frowned in disappointment. It looked absolutely hopeless. Sour Sweet’s mind was just too stuck on a delusion. “Look, I guess nothing that I could say will convince you of how I sincerely feel about you, so let’s make the best of this evening, okay?”

You raised your glass of water up to her with an expectant smile. Sour Sweet rolled her eyes and half-heartily raised hers. The glasses clunk.

Just then, the waiter returned carrying a tray.

“Here are your salads. Sir. Madame. Also, your silverware.”

Sour Sweet picked up and glared at the utensil given to her. “What is this?

“It’s a salad fork, Madame.”

I KNOW it is a salad fork. What is this ON it?

Confused, the waiter took and examined it. “Oh, there’s a spot here, isn’t there?”

Sour Sweet got up to face the waiter. “Exactly. A SPOT!

Her raised voice began to shift everyone else’s attention over to her.

In all my visits to Il Cavallo Ragazza, I have NEVER been given a spotty fork! This is supposed to be a CLASSY establishment!!!

“Sour, calm down,” you pleaded as you got up as well.

The waiter began to get visibly nervous. “M-madame, I’ll get you another one right away. I apologize.”

Oh, you APOLOGIZE, do you?! You should inspect silverware more closely before giving them to valued customers! This restaurant deserves better SERVICE!!!

With that, it was the waiter’s turn to become furious. “You listen here! I break my back around here for a low wage and lousy tips! I don’t need to be screamed at over First World problems such as a tiny spot on a damn fork! Especially not from some entitled, spoiled brat like you!”

Sour Sweet roared and launched herself at the waiter. Immediately, you shot over and grabbed her by the waist to stop her from completing the tackle. The whole dining room erupted with commotion as Sour Sweet yelled obscenities and swung her fists around while you struggled to keep her in place. Finally, the manager ran in. After being alerted to the situation by the waiter and several other customers, he stomped over to you and Sour Sweet.

“You two!" the manager shouted. "Leave now and don’t ever come back! Your service will be refused if you do!”

“Y-yes, sir!” you said and began to drag out the still belligerent Sour Sweet.

Once exited through the front doors, Sour Sweet finally ripped free from your arms. She ran off before abruptly halting, her head tilted up toward the night sky. You went over to her. The look on her face was pitiful.

“I really liked that place. It was where I celebrated my sweet sixteen… not too long before my symptoms began to develop. There was a lot of father-daughter quality time spent there… before my dad stopped talking to me after he found out I was mentally ill. I even chose it to have my first date at… and an angry mood swing prompted me to try to punch out a waiter and get banned forever. Everything in my life gets ruined eventually.”

As Sour Sweet spoke, she stared at the moon and stars as if she was pleading to them for help.

Your sympathy for her prompting boldness, you reached over and took her soft hand. “Sour, let’s go get a burger. Let’s start this date over. What do you say?”

Sour Sweet glanced over. After a moment of silence, she finally smiled and nodded.

You two went to the nearest fast food place. Finally, real dialogue was shared. You and Sour Sweet chatted and laughed about your lives, your hobbies, Crystal Prep, how much you both loathed Principal Cinch, and pretty much everything that could be thought up.

Afterwards, you took a walk around the city and even through the mall. When a photo booth was spotted, you convinced Sour Sweet to try it. Four snaps later, you retrieved the strip.

The first shot featured Sour Sweet smiling sweetly, the second with her scowling sourly, the third with her shocked and blushing because your arm was around her shoulder, and the fourth and final with her yelling bloody murder at your cowering self.

Before you both knew it, you had found yourselves back in front of Sour Sweet’s home.

Sour Sweet turned to you with a small smile of embarrassment. “I didn’t think I would say this, but I had a good time tonight. At least, you know, after we started over. I’m sorry about before.”

“Look, I understand that you have to deal with a lot of stuff.”

Sour Sweet lowered her head. “My mom keeps saying that I should go into therapy, but I don’t know if I can handle that.”

“Sour, if it will help, then you should do it. You haven’t been taking your medication very much either, have you?”

She shot her head back up. “How would you know that? Have you been STALKING me?!

“No, no! Just an observation. Look, even if you aren’t interested in going out with me, I would at least like to be your friend if I can.”

“I still haven’t figured out your aim,” she whispered.

Feeling a sudden boldness flow through you once again, you stepped up and wrapped your arms around her. Sour Sweet gasped slightly at the contact. She didn’t jerk away or fight the hug, though.

“Your happiness is my aim, Sour Sweet,” you whispered into her ear. “I want to see you get better.”

You released her. Sour Sweet’s face was pure scarlet from mixed emotions. Mostly panic and confusion, it seemed. Without a word, she quickly walked away. Your heart sunk.

She went up to her front door and placed a hand on the knob. She froze. Then, just as quickly as she walked away, she suddenly came right back to you.

“Hey, um, there’s this dumb-looking movie coming out next Friday. Want to go heckle it with me?”

It took all of your self-control not to just start screaming with joy right then. “Yeah, sure. I would love to, Sour Sweet.”

Sour Sweet smiled and stared into your eyes. You smiled and stared into her eyes. Before you realized what was happening, your faces had already leaned all the way into each other. Lips met and all was right with the multiverse.

A flash went off.

Sour Sweet ripped her face away to look over. “MOM!!!

Through the window of the living room, a camera-wielding Mrs. Sweet shrugged and mouthed, “It’s what we do!”