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Sup fellow MLP lovers. Not much to say about myself. I'm just a brony that loves to write and would love to put up my work for others to enjoy.

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>clearly smut for smut fic
>59,270 words

You make people work for their orgasms, don't you?

WOW, seems like Spike has a god taste for his mares, especially if his mares happen to be Fleur-de-Lis, Octavia Melody, and Rarity. Wonder how that came to be....:raritywink:

All I can say is that his marefriends definitely know how to take care of their Drakey-Poo :twilightblush:

Aaaaand I'm out.:applejackconfused:

Great story. Nothing at all wrong with it, just not used to this much graphicness I will give you a four hooves up though:pinkiehappy:

Logic says that impotency spell just means that someone just can't get it up, or get it up enough, not prevent pregnancy, you could still get someone impregnated with a limp dick....

But it's Equestria, so let's just let that bit of logic be thrown out of the window for the story--Spike's shooting blanks for the moment since he doesn't want to knock up his marefriend or her two friends by accident, think of all the scandals if that happened, especially Fleur.

Carry on, nothing else to see :twilightsmile:

7100183 You can have bad sperm actually that can't impregnate someone, and men like that are called impotent, even though women like that are called infertile.

A clop fic I can't wait to read.

Oh man. I can't wait to read it!

And it looks to me that Spike is gonna get lucky again soon enough on a certain beach house with Rarity and other two beautiful mares. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

I loved the entire concept. I commend you for writing a perfect clopfic involving Spike and three of my top beautiful mares.

Be careful what you wish for.

Breaking Mares?
That could be a story title in the future.

What do think of a story title?

7123251 That does sound like a decent title for a sequel, I'll keep it in mind:raritywink:


Holy shiiii.... God damn that was good, very well done, a few mistakes here and there. But all in all very nice!!! I need to clean my nose now

Give me one where Spike hates them and Equestria and you've got a deal, otherwise shove it or choke on it rather.

FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK......That...was...phenomenal. Practically a work of art. I don't usually go for straight clop and no plot. But this, this was a delectable treat that I very much enjoyed. And spike's quips always had me laughing. I loved this. Bravo.

My only complaint is that sometimes you switch to present tense.

This is a really is a fun read. Found a few writing hiccups, they weren't too distracting, but they did seem a little out of place. Reading this chapter also had me wanting to see more SpikexOctavia, that's a pairing that I haven't seen all that much.

Traipsing, eh... Word of the day?

7191016 You are just adorable with that edge.

dammit. why didn't he get all the mares. oh well, still hot as fuck.

you should have put an epilogue for the story maybe make it so that they let spike make moms out of them?

Y'know, I didn't say it before, but this is one of my favorite clopfics on the whole site. It's the 3rd time I'm reading it and I know I'll read it again some other day.

Rereading this. Again. For the nth time. And I still love it.

Very, very nice! But it definitely needs some editing: I found quite a few spelling mistakes and grammatical problems.

Spike, You have my full respect having such a fabulous marefriend and two friends with benefits to give you a good time, I pray for a happy future for you and the girls

I love Octavia's session way more! The fact that Octavia was new at this and wasn't sure how she should go about it and even feeling kinda insecure just had more charm for me.

Great and all but this chapter is way too long. You seriously couldn't have split this into 3 or 4 chapters to be a little more consistant with the length of the other chapters?

Well I gotta say that was some way to end this. Having Spike ejaculate inside Octavia's breast, and apparently enough to see them actually grow. Gonna be alot of milking sessions before she gets all Spike's sperm out of them.

She wore a blue dress shirt with a purple corset around her midsection,

Fleur told her shamelessly. “Besides, I’ve been dying to know what it’s like being with a dragon anyway.”

She looked back at her friends and told them,

“What I’m saying is why not the three of us give don't Spike a special day he won’t soon forget,” Fleur answered.

“Octavia lactates,” Fleur answered blatantly.


“Oh, I sent Rarity home with a one of my body guards and he helped her bring you here.” Fleur answered, her smile never once faltering.

I know this might be a bit confusing when you wake up,

didn’t take long for his eyes to wander and focus on a certain bouncier area.


Fleur saw them and moved to grab them, but stopped short as she asked, “May I?”

Fleur smiled as she took hold of his right wing.

She then moved down to a more a more tempting area

Spike decided to double his efforts and snaked his tail between his legs and aimed the spade tip down between the Fleur’s.

The Fleur’s what?

with Spike attempting to do the same as he sped up stroking her with his tail,

to keep his fingers inside her as he worked her sensitive folds.

Initially surprised, Spike watched as the white mare placed her back against the wall and widened her legs while she put her left hand over her plump lower lips and spread them open.

I thought she was already facing Spike?

“Dear sweet Celestia of Equestria, that’s amazing,” she moaned looking down at him.

“You mean…she neutered me in my sleep,” Spike asked in shock with a raised eyebrow.

Fleur broke the kiss and looked stared at the mare as she said, “Octavia, what are you doing?”

“Well, Rarity told us that you loved gem stones,

He said before he moved the empty plate aside and pulled the glass bowl of small gem stones to him before grabbing

Her enamored train of thought seemed to have more of an effect on her as as her body began to tingle and heat up,

squeaking as she was pulled her from her thoughts.

She needs to be drained of her milk rather often,

“How could I say no to such a good friend?” he said with a smile.

The drake notice her body stiffened a bit under his grasp and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Spike pulled his hands up and took hold of Octavia’s enormous mounds,

“Its fine, it just makes this a lot more fun,” Spike said as he moved his right thumb up to join his index and grabbed the edge of the pasties. “Ready?”

throwing her head back in pure ecstasy as her stiff nipple was finally set free of its confines.

Spike repeated the action, grabbing the other pasty and began pulling it loose form the grey mare’s person.

Spike looked up at her and smiled around ounce he pulled away, licking some of the excess milk from his lips.

her flow of love juices slowly dripping on the harden dragonhood,

Spike groaned as he felt Octavia grinding her pussy against him, but he quickly regained control of himself and focused on his task. Minutes passed and Octavia easily felt the swelling in her chest lessening, the same as her other. As much as she wanted this to continue,

Edit 11/26/2019:

Just as Octavia was about to obtain sweet sexual release,

setting him down in the small in ground couch.

his upper one was up and thoroughly drenched in the cellist’s love nectar.

Allow me to make it up to you and return the favor.”

She didn’t even receive an answer before she dove in

he turned his head to the side,

messaging the gray mare’s still hefty filled breasts

Did her breasts ever reply back to the messaging? and how did Tavi's breasts gets its own cell phone to message with

Love it sweet story.

Spike out, though most likely Spike has probably worn the two of them out instead. ——)Oooh

Edit 1/27/2022:

of green flames that shot from his nostrils, instantly giving away his excitement.

especially if he knew Rarity as well as he thought he knew.

The moment they enter the tiled room,

When they finally reached the tub,

the water already coming up to under their knees.

Spike looked up just as the mare begins to place it over his eyes.

The mare’s shudder and purr as they brush their bodies against his softer underbelly;

their efforts were soon rewarded as they felt the flood gates come pouring open.

As his twin spires breach the surface,

The two mares got to their knees and sat down between his legs.

Edit 1/28/2022:

couldn’t help but notice the beautiful Fleur standing on the sidelines,

“Ladies,” Spike called out to them.

Spike moaned happily, feeling his members being covered in their soft pliable boob flesh.
(New paragraph)
“How is that, Master,” Octavia asked.

moaning as they pressed their sensitive nipples against Spike as well as each other’s.
(New paragraph)
“Mmm, now this is nice,” Fleur moaned in a needy tone.

Tears welling in her eyes as she cried out in the strange mixture of pain and pleasure;

“Very good,” Spike smiled up at her as he brought his hand back to rest on her right cheek.

His tender touch seemed to work as her anus easily and eagerly began to swallow his fingers,

resting her head on Tavi’s shoulder.

watching as her friend’s hands ceased their ministrations on her chest and pussy.

The surprise action caused the fashionista to throw her head back and gasp until she quickly recovered as she looked back down at her friend with a lustful smirk.

That unspoken vow seemed to work as Tavi could no longer contain herself.

She released an almost silent mewl as Rarity removed her arms from her leg from her leg, letting it fall back into the tub.

the latex fabric then soon passed her hips soon pasted her hips before she finally pushed them down her legs, revealing her

by the end of the night, I promise.”

neck and collar bone, covering every inch of flesh in her grasp

her pussy was on fire; begging, pleading to be touched and pleasured.

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Very hot though some parts did get a little repetitive.

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