• Published 10th Apr 2016
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The Dusk Side of Nightmare - SonicBlitz18

When Dusk gets kidnapped by seven vengeful mares, they meet his darker side under the full moon.

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Xalok #2 · June 18th · · ·

short can still be Good, and it was it's nice to see some heart to heart, and you really Don't need to worry about how long time you take, nothing good ever came from Rushing things

Xalok said everything I was going to say. Good job man you keep me reading and that's why you write I hope.

“I can’t exactly tell you who I was keeping you from,” she said with a sigh. “But I can give you something to educate you on where and where not to go the next time something like before does happen again.”

1) Why not? Are there multiple enemies she's made throughout her life with The Velvet Roses?

“You just ask the book a question and It’ll reveal to you what you want to learn,” she said with a smile. “I’ve been roaming the realms for hundreds of years, so I’ve seen plenty. I do know how much you love reading.”

2) I wonder how she's recorded her entries if the pages appear blank, and that you need to ask the journal to learn about them?

Sorry the chapter is short, but I needed to prepare the epilogue for this ark as well as the next two arks.

3) How long will this series be?😃

This was a beyond epicly heart warmingly sweet chapter I love this story More and more each chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next (no rush).

Hey take your time with these, and even though the wait was long it was worth it because like with most things in life the longer the wait the greater what is to come will be

“Oh don’t worry dear,” Velvet smiled. “Unless I have Dusk’s permission, I couldn’t try to touch you. Even if I tried, his collar around your necks would block me from getting anywhere near you.”

No collars anymore, remember? They all turned into rings.

Yeah, I overlooked that by accident.

I can't wait for more of this. And like the others said, no rush.

You can always go back to the city in Tarsus to get the hell hounds an the princess

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