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I'm dead, no more alts. maybe more April Fools but probably not

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Haha, wow. Twilight coaxed that idiot into quite the snafu xDDDDDD
upboats to the left!

Apologies to those expecting humans, the group addition tab on my phone was being a poopy butt.

7085259 Ah, yes. There is the Chuckward I love and know. Always caring aboot his fellow man E> :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

A mlp fanfic in 20XX without humans? Are you kidding me?

Spike, having been thoroughly outclassed by his intellectual superior stormed off in a fit of rage like the Regidar-esque Liberal dipshit he is.

stop triggering me

Baltimore riots. or as we call it Planet of the Apes: Ghetto Uprising.

I actually never watched that show, happy coincidence?

My favorite Fimfic holiday. Only instead of getting gifts under a fire hazard, I get Chuckward's chucklewords of chucking... straight into my eye holes... with a rusty screwdriver (spoilers, it's a torx bit because fuck those things).

An amazing story by the best author ever. But I don't get it.

I think we've found chuck tingle's fimfiction account.:pinkiehappy:

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