• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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Xenocurious, by Masterweaver and FoME [Sex]




Sweetie Drops wrung her hands. "I... can't... exactly say this is a surprise. I mean, you told me about... running away from home."


"And what just happened with Sunset and... magic, and all that..."

"...This... this is going to make things awkward, isn't it?"

"...Lyra, I'm socially conditioned to view sexual intimacy with nonhumans as very much taboo. And even if I push past that--which I'm willing to try--it's just... well---"

She gestured helplessly at the small green unicorn, who folded back her ears. "O-oh..."

"Nonono!" The cream girl rushed over and hugged her. "I want us to work, I do, I just--this mental block. I have to push past it, is all--"

"It's kind of weird for me too," Lyra pointed out. "I mean, I've been a human since I was five. It's been ages since I had hooves..."

Sweetie Drops leaned back. "...do you... do you want to stay human? Or unicorn, or--"

"I want to be human. This is... this isn't bad, but it isn't... me." Lyra shook her head. "Can you call Sunset? Maybe she can fix this..."


Meanwhile, in Equestria...

Bonbon perked up as she heard the door ring. "Gooood morning, and welcome to Bonbon's Bonbons!"

Pinkie Pie returned the grin. "Good morning to you too! You seem super double chocolate chipper today, which is appropriate, since I need twenty gallons of chocolate syrup."

"Right away." Bonbon hummed to herself as she went into the storeroom and rolled the drum to the register. "Remember, this is a few hundred pounds, so watch where you roll it."

Pinkie saluted. "Not a problem. Though you never did tell me where you get these magihazard-safe drums."

"Trade secret. Put it on the Cakes' account?"

"Yuh huh. We just got one of those fancy Istallion coffee machines." Pinkie sprang up and proclaimed, "Today is Latte Day!" She paused in midair. "Wait, you didn't know that." She slowly drifted back to the floor, her briefly interrupted smile back in place. "So why are you so happy?"

Bonbon gave a fond sigh. "Fingers are amazing."

Author's Note:

"Wait, where's Lyra?"

"Unicorn stamina is less amazing. The ape body only helps so much."

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