• Published 1st Apr 2016
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Group Precipitation - FanOfMostEverything

Stories set in the Oversaturated World, some silly, some less so.

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[SPOILERS] Early Release, by SaintAbsol

Author's Note:

The following contains some spoilers for an upcoming Equestria Girls music video whose Russian version was recently leaked. If you wish to go into that blind, just hit next. I will now provide some white space to keep any unfortunate incidental glances to a minimum.

That should do it.

Twilight Velvet hummed to herself as she carried in a few mid-week groceries, really just a single bag of some snacks and Spike's favorite brand of dog treats (and he'd been sure to tell everyone they were his favorite now that he could speak). Still, it was one of those increasingly rare 'normal' days for her. There wasn't anything on the news about various superheroes, nor any announcements about the laws of physics being bent or broken with magic, her daughter hadn't accidentally shattered space and time, and Sunset had even suggested a perfectly normal 'not-a-date' for the two of them involving dinner and a movie.

With that track record, she really should have been expecting the universe to pull the rug out from under her.

As soon as she placed the bag on the counter, she turned away... and was met by something that looked like a robotic toy; a small dog, roughly Spike's size, that tilted its head at her as it sat on the floor.

"You are my Creator's Creator... yes?" She, for that was definitely a female voice under all that synthesizing, spoke.

Twilight Velvet was silent for a long moment, before slowly closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. "Twilight Sparkle! Get in here this instant!"


"What did I tell you about this sort of thing?!"

Twilight found herself unable to meet her mother's glare as she sheepishly adjusted her glasses. "Technically... you just told me no experimenting on Spike..."

"Don't you try to Exact Words me, young lady! You know exactly what I meant!"

As mother and daughter argued back and forth, two dogs (one robotic, one organic) watched the verbal volley with eyes flashing back and forth.

"They're going to be at that for a while," Spike observed, then turned to his synthetic counterpart. "So... how's life treating you so far?"

The mechanical canine shrugged, still watching the fight. "It is too early to make an informed judgment regarding such a matter."

"Kay," Spike was quiet again for a moment, then spoke up once again. "Wanna go chase squirrels in the backyard?"


"Excellent," Spike said as they both rose to their paws. "They're not going to stand a chance."

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