• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Love Trouble Or Being A Cuddle Target From Ponies. - Neutral Boy

Cody Perks had some boring life after moving into college few months ago. Now for some unknown reason, he ended up in Ponyville and into Twilight's castle. Things start to go crazy quickly as he avoids being cuddled up and loved by ponies.

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Prologue April Fools prank gone wrong-ish.

Equestrian world, Ponyville...

"What in tarnation is this suppose ta be every pony?"

"I don't know Applejack, but he does kind of look creepy to me a bit."

"Don't you worry about a thing Dashie! I'm sure that if it wakes up, it'll be nice to have a new friend at a party!"

"Pinkie darling, I'm not quite sure if that's a good idea right. Plus why is it's cloths look all filthy and different?"

"Um Rarity, I-I think it might be a he, but isn't he hurt anywhere Starlight?"

"I don't see any wounds on him Fluttershy. Have you notice anything about this creature Twilight?"

"Judging by his own skin tone body and with no fur, I would stay he must be from the gate way mirror to the human equestrian world, but this is impossible to me. There's no way he could of came out of that mirror, what do you think Spike?"

"Hmmmmm I'm not sure Twilight, but he looks sort of different from where we entered that mirror world a couple of times. I don't know if he really did came from there since I found him right outside the Everfree Forest."

That was the only thing Cody could hear about the conversation before he blacked out to sleep.



12 hours ago back on Earth...


"Okay okay Eric I'm up, just give a minute to get ready." Cody grumbled while getting up.

Cody Perks, a 21 year old boy having been bored sometime in his life since moving from other places. Leaving only his favorite memories of the friends he really missed in his head. He has light black short hair, green eyes, height about 5'8', and weighing at 180 pounds. He has been learning on most of times like math, wood craft, some sports, and taking interest in science sometimes.

Eric Hicks, a 20 year old that's quite energetic about which sports to play and win. He has green short hair, brown eyes, height about 6'0', and weighing at 200 pounds. His own likings are a mystery, but he does mention of sports, playing music, and other things that'll be worth knowing to find out. Anyways while Cody is getting ready to go outside and time to enjoy class, he has an uneasy feeling that something is wrong.

"Hey Cody ya feeling alright, is it something about those stalking girls again in the past?" Eric said snapping his fingers to get his attention to see if he's okay.

"I-I don't know Eric, can um y-you make sure those girls are not here?" Cody said shaking up to not go out the window.

Eric checked around the apartment, luckily to see just only a few guys walk by and some vehicles moving in and out of parking.

"No sign of them Cody, just seeing normal people walking by their own business."

"A-Are you sure there isn't any of them?"

"They're not here Cody, take a look for yourself." Eric said in serious tone which got his friend to look and sigh of relief.

"Phew, at least the effect is finally gone from now on."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, congrats let's get moving. I got your back in case anything pops up out of nowhere."

"Thanks Eric, just let me lock everything up and were good to go now."

Now that things are good to go, both Cody Perks and Eric Hicks are off to college in Wisconsin. Cody has known Eric back in 5th grade and they have become best friends, even though they got into a bumpy road in some arguments. About 3 years ago back in 2012, Cody and Eric were working on a project in high school. During the April Fools Day, some boys thought up a good prank for Cody by tampering his project a bit and before you know it, the project blew up at Cody and he looks fine, just a bit of smoke he coughed up. Due to the unknown effect of that explosion around Cody, he was now a loving magnet target between girls that are younger like 16 and older like 26 than him. Luckily, it would last for only 8 hours to wear off. The worse news is that it only occurs once every holiday and he needs something to get this effect off of him so that he could have normal holidays again.

So aside from all the info for now, Cody and Eric has made it back in class and seeing no sign of any trouble yet.

"Finally I can get peace and quiet from all that running around of holiday trouble." Cody said sighing as he reads another book.

"Hey at least you got me to protecting you ya know?" Eric said punching his friends shoulder lightly.

"Good news guys, no sign of any troubles around this college." Blake said to their friends.

"Okay class, take a seat and turn to page 31 in history." The male teacher said as he begins chattering in class.

While other students are reading, Blake had something to think of for something. Both Cody and Jake were busy arguing of which problem is right or wrong. Eric is eyeing out of writing down a lot of ideas on a new book of 'How to kill two idiots with one stone'.

'Heh I'm a genius to pull this off...' He thought chucked while getting a glare at Blake.

"Laugh it up Eric we'll beat you again at another round of basketball, right Jake?"

"Yep, things will get mighty ummmm..." Jake trailed off that something is wrong.

"What is it Jake, another girl problem of yours?" Blake joked then getting a couple of snickers from Cody and Eric.

"Blake, Eric, Cody, three o' clock down below the doors on the right." Jake whispered to them.

All four boys darted their eyes at a few girls on the other side of the door, slowly making a girl mob multiplying number.

"Eric what day and holiday is it now?" Blake said while getting up.

"Hmmmm judging by the hearts and shapes around these classes, it's Valentines day." Eric said when he face palmed himself of forgetting this day to be the worst.

"[BEEP] that can't be good right now. It's also the day when our childhood girl friends are in this school too."

"Ooooohhhhh, is that really bad to us?" Cody muttered when his eyes widened at Blake in front of his face.


"Okay, okay, is there anything for me to sneak out of here before class is over?"

"There is one way, but it'll be a bit tricky to suppress this effect of yours."

(5 hours later...)

"Do you think we should catch up to them instead of holding the fort down?" Jake said still holding the door tightly.

"I don't know, but may god have mercy on Cody's and Eric's souls." Blake said as he got a gadget ready to be used.

Cody and Eric found a passage way out of the science room when getting some ingredients to use later. Sneaking by casually to look both ways of no girls around, they tip toed quietly from each class to not wake the inside of every girls heated Valentine season.

"We're almost there Cody, I can see the exit in the Cafeteria." Eric whispered, looking both ways of any trouble.

"Well that is a relief, still the Government should have found a cure by now."

"Yeah they're really taking a sweet ass time to not help you or that they would have killed you to stop it."

"...Good point, but still though-"


Both Cody and Eric froze of hearing that creepy seductive voice. They turned their heads around to see Kathrine and Chloe side by side at a table with a portrait of multiple pictures of Cody and his skills in life.

"Uh h-hey there Chloe, l-long time no see h-huh, Eric?" Cody said in a shaken tone.

"I got your back Cody, not on my watch Chloe and Kathrine." Eric said taking a defensive position.

"Oh relax Cody, we only to have some fun time, don't you think Kathrine?" Chloe said licking her lips.

"Indeed Chloe, won't you join us for a little nightclub activity?" Kathrine said swaying her hips.


"I'M ON IT, JUST GET GOING I'LL CATCH UP!" Eric shouted back while Cody nodded and headed outside safely.

While Cody got out of there, Chloe and Kathrine had disappointing pout looks and glared at Eric.

"You really are getting annoying sometimes aren't you Eric?" Kathrine said gritting her teeth.

"What can I say Kathrine, Blake did warn me about the both of you and I learn pretty quickly." Eric smirked at them.

"You may have stalled us, but who is saving him from any other girls not from here hm?" Chloe chuckled in amusement.

"Uh oh..."

(45 minutes later...)

"Whew I think that's over." Cody panted as he collapsed in the clear grass in the park.

Cody has been having a hard time to not get any notices from every girl in public. Like trying to walk casually or by finding shiny thing to stall if girls were to get too close and he throws the items in any places. Now it's really not good also since girls have dump their own relationships to get me to be their own, but that's not going to happen which he packs a few life savers in case thing get out of hand.

"Glad I'm out here than back in college, it feels nicer out here." He said while closing his eyes until-

"Oh I wouldn't be too sure~"

Cody's eyes were widened open to hear another sound. Before getting up straight, his vision was closed when two hands came from behind his head and he couldn't see who it was, but felling a pair of jugs pressing against his back.

"Guess who~" A voice said giggling from behind.

"Uhhhhh is it Tara?"





"Say it fully again and you'll feel my dark side." The voice threatened while her hands are squeezing his face.

"...I give up."

"It's me Gloria silly!~" She said as she let go of Cody's head.

He turned around to see Gloria Tipsy and sighed to himself. Her age is 19, long brown hair with a blue ribbon, eyes are orange, height at 5'0', and her weight is somewhat between 105 and 130.

"Let me guess, your trying to get into college just to see me."


"And you can't go home until I agree to be your boyfriend huh?"

"Pretty much!~"

Sighing again and shaking his head to not cause another problem, Cody walks away to go back home.

"And Just where do you think your going?" Gloria said when her eyes are twitching and her hair is curling up.

"...I'm going back home to wait for this storm to turn down. Also though Gloria, can you PLEASE leave me alone, I have enough of this running around for one measly day, okay?" He said continuing to walk.

"Not while you have a date contract with m-"

"Too late!" He interrupted while sprinting off, leaving her in some dust by his running.

"GET BACK CODY, I AM NOT THROUGH WITH YOU!!!" She shouted while trying to catch up, but lost track of him.

(3 hours later...)

Cody made it back home in his apartment and planting his face on the bed. Finally to make it back alive in one piece, he shakes off the thoughts being caught a few times in a bad time to not remember. When finding some other things to distract himself with, Cody gets up from bed and begins to work on a new project section, until a knock on the door was heard.

"What's the password?"

"[BEEP] open this door before those girls notice me to see your hiding spot."

Cody shook his of hearing an annoying friend alive and got up to unlock the door. Upon opening it, he sees Eric to have some torn up clothing, some bruises, scratches, kisses, and a black left eye.

"Good lord Eric, what the hell happened to you?"

"Apparently I just got jumped by four more girls after I easily finished off holding Chloe and Kathrine."

"Damn... well come on, I'll help you get fixed up."

Eric nodded his head as his friend walked him over to the bathroom and closed the front door shut tightly. It took some minutes to wash up the bruises and bandaged up Eric's right arm. Finally done patching up they both gone to their beds.

"Hey Cody, you still up anyway?"

"Yeah Eric I am, we can't keep up like this forever."

"I know what you mean, surely both Blake and Jake are doing fine than us."

"Yep... so if we're in a safer area without this side-effect of mine, which do you prefer?"

"Personally I'd pick a magical land full of talking ponies, how about you?"

"Hmmmmm not going to choose that one so I'll go with plushy animals."


"Hey my life my own rules, I'm fine being asleep to hug plushy toys rather than being awake from cuddling ponies."

"Fine if you say so, just don't get in over your head to run away when that side-effect of yours gets to female ponies."

"Riiiiiiiiiight, well I got some work tomorrow, night Eric."

"Goodnight Cody."

'Heh, magical land to help me out, get real Eric...' Cody thought before going to sleep, unaware of a light when they both vanished.



Equestrian world, near Twilight's Friendship Castle...

Both the seven ponies and a baby dragon were in some thoughts of what to do with a sleeping human.

"So does any pony here know what ta do with this human here?" Applejack suggested to her friends.

"OH I have an idea, maybe we can-" Pinkie got a hoof covering her mouth from Rainbow Dash shaking her head no.

"Not going to happen Pinkie, we don't if he's still a threat to any pony here or not." Dash said while keeping an eye on the human.

"Um I don't know Rainbow, m-maybe he must be exhausted from running around from a troubling place." Fluttershy said checking on the human's body places for any cuts or bruises.

"Quite right darling, there could something troubling of him to come here like this." Rarity said checking on the human's clothing.

"There must be some other books about this human, Starlight can you go back into the castle for anything about his kind? I want to know for sure if it really is a human from the other world." Twilight suggested to her.

"Sure thing Twilight, I'll go check for anything useful, Spike?" Starlight said then he nodded to her while they went back.

Unaware of Twilight and her friends when they began to chat on what to do next, Cody was still sleeping and sniffing for some reason. He sniffed out slowly moving his head to sniff out the strange perfume from a cyan Pegasus. Getting his arms raised up, he grabs Rainbow off-guard which got a squeak from her and the girls gasped. They were shocked and surprised to see him still sleeping while holding Rainbow Dash as a plushy pony and she is still trying to get out his arms to struggle, but to fail miserably.

"Ugh, can some pony help me out of here? He's really not letting go of me." Dash groaned having trouble flapping her wings.

"Sure thing sugarcube." Applejack said while using her hooves to grab the human's arm to pull hard, but to fail multiple times.

"Geez this feller here is even more stronger than Big Mac!"

"I have a suggestion, m-maybe you can talk to him nicely to let go, if that's is okay with you Rainbow to be gentle and kind." Fluttershy asked calmly to her friend.

Rainbow having a sigh, nodded her head and turned to the human right in front of her.

"So uh, w-what is your name human?" Dash nervously said to not get scared easily.

"Mmmmmmm Cody, Cody Perks and you smell nice skittles." Cody whispered in his sleep when the girls were giggling a little to call Rainbow that and getting an embarrassing blush.

"O-Okay then Mr. Cody, can uh you please let me go?"

Cody shook his head no and begins to plant his face in Rainbow's fur while using one of his hands to stroke her mane out.

"Awwww this is too adorable, I think Cody here likes you Dashie!" Pinkie said giggling to herself while the other girls agreed too.

"Not helping Pinkie." Dash said gritting under her teeth then turned to Twilight. "Hey Twilight, can you help me out here?"

"Sorry Rainbow I can't help you right now, I'm not sure of what'll happen to him if I use magic on him."

"Twilight is right darling, we don't know if it'll harm Mr. Cody here if we aren't careful to make him mad or anything like that." Rarity said while Twilight nodded in agreement.

"It's okay Rainbow, I'm sure that he doesn't want to hurt any pony. Plus he is feeling nice while hugging you and I think he just want to hold some pony in comfort." Fluttershy said smiling to see this adorable moment.

'Can't believe this is so embarrassing outside in Ponyville. First the Wonderbolts special show is cancelled, then the princesses are busy on some boring things, and now a human is hugging me...which he does feel kind of warm to me.' Dash thought shaking her head.

"Can we just get this 'Cody' human here into some pony's house anyway cause this is taking too long outside at night."

"That's a great idea Rainbow, we can move Cody into my castle when he wakes up in the morning. Oh this is going to be so great, I better get into writing about a human here in Equestria! I need to get all materials in check for this moment." Twilight said in excited tone.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Good god it's really tough to come up with a lot of adorableness in this story. Good thing I did read about some stories that have cuddling ponies. I wonder if there is another moment of something else to think of, like coming up with a good or bad plot, either way this is really good to write about it.

Anyone feel free to comment after this cause I'll be sure to edit this prologue some other time to fix it.

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