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Defeated and imprisoned in the moon for 1,000 years. Celestia finally escapes her prison. When she comes back Equestria is much different. It's renamed to The Lunar Empire under the rule of her corrupted sister.

All must serve her sister or else. The ponies of Equestria do not remember her or anything before her sister's rebellion. They have been brainwashed and mind controlled by Nightmare Moon.

But Celestia has a glimmer of hope as a group of ponies have figured out who the true ruler is, her and Luna. The group The Equestrian Fighters are led by Sunset Shimmer, the former student of Nightmare Moon. She figured out the real past of Equestria and spread it to other ponies.

With Celestia only representing half of the elements. Which is not powerful enough to bring back her sister. The elements, being held by Nightmare Moon need to have new element barriers. Destiny was chosen new element barriers which all serve the very pony she is trying to defeat.

Magic being the student of Nightmare Moon.

Laughter being the head cook of her sister's castle.

Loyalty being the captain of an elite military team called the Shadowbolts.

Generosity being the royal decorater for Nightmare Moon.

Honesty being a guard of Nightmare Moon.

And Kindness being the castle gardener.

All of the six mares are what destiny is calling them the new heroes of Equestria.

Cover art is from CosmicUnicorn on Devaintart.

EDIT: Other characters are Bon Bon, Lyra, Derpy, Doctor Hooves, Octavia, Vinyl, Amethyst Star, Vinyl, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Minutte, and Moondancer.

Story no longer Anthro

Takes place around the time which would of been the season one premiere.

Remake of the The Nightmare Reign. I don't recommend you read it since this one is better in my opnion.

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Hmm, not half bad and a really interesting start for a AU. Just a question though, how long do you plan for this to be as a fic?

Well, technically, I pre-read it.

This is very interesting :ajsmug:


The first part of it is pretty much a copy and paste of the first part of episode 101-Friendship is Magic (by the way 101 means Season 1, Episode 01. That's just the way I count the episodes, it's too tedious to actually count what each episode would be, though everyone knows by now what episode #100 is the episode Slice of Life ; I count it as episode 509-Season 5, episode 09).

However it is the second part that we can see it's a complete retake based on the Nightmare Takeover storyline. I'm actually a bit intrigued at what happens going forward, especially since it seems that Twilight may not the be the supposed Element of Magic as supposed to the original canon timeline. How much more is changed just from the change that it was Celestia that was captured and imprisoned in the moon as opposed to Luna on that night 1000 years ago? We've seen one bit change in Rainbow Dash, wonder what the others are.

The Name "Lunar Republic" makes no sense in this setting

"A republic (from Latin: res publica) is a sovereign state or country which is organised with a form of government in which power resides in elected individuals representing the citizen body and government leaders exercise power according to the rule of law."

Shouldnt it be a kingdom or did you just copy the Meme for that name ?

Great chapter can't wait for more.

Luna's right. When the time comes, Nightmare Moon won't know what hit her.

7162697 well it could be it's a puppet government to trick the common ponies into believing that they actually have some say in what goes on

Pleeeaase morrreeee and I'm already so happy it iant gonna be one of those fics where the main six are just copy and pasted onto the elements again. Let's fuckin goo

If you ever actually think terms in history are used in the correct definition thats laughable. Germany in WW2 Called themself **"Socialist"** even though they had no policies even close to socialism, not to mention other countries in history such as: Any dictatorship with the name "Democratic" or "Republic" In its name.

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