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The Nightmare Reign - Cartoonlover13

Nightmare Moon defeated Celestia and imprisoned her in the moon. Nightmare Moon took the role of Empress and all must serve her...or else. Now the fallen princess, Celestia has returned.

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The Summer Moon Celebration (Updated)

A dark blue chariot soared across the nightsky. In the chariot was Twilight Sparkle and Spike. The chariot was pulled by two bat ponies. Twilight‘s loud yawn caught the dragon's attention and she saw Spike looking at her. "Coffee hasn't taken effect yet."

"You should've taken a nap like everypony else did. Everypony is ordered to stay up to twelve to six on this day," responded Spike.

Twilight had a very cross look on her face. "I stayed up because I am on a verge of a MAJOR breakthrough which could save ALL of us. Yet it's dismisses as a rumour or a myth!?"

"Twilight, you may be wro-" Spike regretted speaking as Twilight shot a glare at him.

The chariot then passed over Area Pony-One, a top secret military base covered by an invisibility spell which makes the base look like a normal empty land. Twilight was the only civilian in Equestria who knew of the existence since all of Nightmare Moon's personal students knew of it. The chariot then went over the Everfree forest. It was once just a normal forest but constant dangerous magic from the New Pony City Castle and Area Pony-One made it the most dangerous and mysteries places in Equestria. The Everfree was now contained, though, by the magic of Nightmare Moon, making it safe for ponies.

The chariot landed in front of doors to the castle. Waiting for Twilight was Princess Selene, the oldest of Nightmare Moon's children and the successor of Empress Nightmare Moon and second in command of Equestria. Emperor Moonshadow, her father and late first husband to Nightmare Moon, was the most favorited Captain of the Royal Guard in history.

Her coat was of a cream color, and her mane and tail a short, very light azure with moderately cyan eyes. Her cutiemark was of two katanas crossed together, showing her special talent of swords which is sewn on her long white dress. She is the Princess of War and Wisdom.

"Hello, Twilight Sparkle," said Princess Selene. At her sides were two royal guards. The ponies and their celebration around her stopped to bow.

Twilight put on a small grin. "Hello, Your Majesty." Twilight and Spike exited the chariot and bowed, the pegasi pulling the chariot following suit.

"Please, follow me to the castle," asked Princess Selene. The partygoers returned to their fun activities in the Summer Moon Celebration fair as the three and the guards went inside the empty castle.

"Where is your mother?" questioned Twilight.

"She's in a meeting with her cousin King Leo of Aquastria. But that isn't important right now. She tasked me with explaining your foolishness."

Twilight had a fake smile on her face. "Yes?"

"Don't get me wrong, Twilight. You are an intelligent mare, but everypony makes a mistake sometimes. You are lucky I have patience like my late father, unlike my mother. Hellion Flare is not coming back. I don't know how that rumour got spread around. Now please, enjoy this celebration of the thousandth anniversary of their battle. Also, you'll accompany me with mother in addressing her subjects and foreign visitors."

Twilight nodded. Even she thinks I'm being foolish, she thought.

"Now I must get back to taking care of my brother, Prince Leon. Wish me luck, Sparkle" Princess Selene then left Twilight and her assistant, followed by her guards.

"Who's Leon again?" asked Spike.

When Leon was born four years ago. Only pictures of him were shown months after his birth and they were only shown to the public once a year during the Summer Moon celebration. So it was understandable that Spike forgot who he was since he was rarely seen. Nightmare Moon liked it that her children were kept from the public during their young years while being trained and raised by her and the Royal Guards, being only shown when they were older.

"Prince Leon is the second child of Empress Nightmare Moon and the half brother of Princess Selene. He is four and the father is–or was a pegasus. He is the former Captain of The Royal Guard and the Emperor of Equestria, Orion. He was turned into a constellation by the magic of Chrysalis, Queen of Changelings, who would then be struck down by Nightmare Moon. He still remains a constellation, sadly after four years," Twilight said.

Twilight glared at Spike "Do you even read the history books I give you on your birthday!?"

Spike had a nervous smile on his face "I saw an ice cream stand at the fair. May I go? Okay! Byeeee!" Spike then quickly exited the castle.

"Spike!" Twilight ran after him.

"Uhhh, Sunset, couldn't you use a more comfortable disguise spell!?" complained Lyra.

Bon Bon, or Secret Agent Sweetie Drops, rolled her eyes.

"Lyra, do you want everypony to know what we're doing?!" whispered Sunset sternly.


All of these three ponies had their coats, eyes, mane and tail different colors with their cutie mark slightly different. They were all in the middle of the Summer Moon Celebration fair. The rest of their group had split up.

"How can you mares stand this. Everything is so itchy!" whined Lyra.

"Sorry about that! This isn't my first time using this spell since technically I'm dead. Bon Bon is former secret agent sooo..." said Sunset.

"Get used to this, Lyra. We're wanted criminals now," said Bon Bon. Lyra in response groaned.

"Those documents weren't even that useful. What's worse is that we were the only ones caught before the others could get the Elements."

"I'll admit, all of our attempts at getting the elements have failed. But we will get the elements with Princess Celestia's help when she returns in..." Sunset looked down her watch, "...about ten minutes, okay?"

"We already know you are the Element Of Magic. And we know the Elements of Kindness and Laughter, but what about the other three?" asked Lyra.

Sunset sighed. "Maybe Princess Celestia will know."

"Maybe," replied Bon Bon. The royal trumpets blared and Empress Nightmare Moon stepped out to the castle balcony with her daughter, Princess Selene, holding the hand of her brother, Prince Leon followed her. Then Nightmare Moon's student, Twilight Sparkle, came onto the the balcony.

Then all the royal leaders of the foreign countries followed suit and came out. Saddle Arabia, Griffonstone, Aquasteria, Collambia, Asinus, Fawnland, Zebrica, the Equestrian vassal states, Germane, Neighpon, and Prance. Empress Nightmare Moon's distant nephew Prince Blueblood, and her niece and nephew in law rulers of the Crystal Empire. The couple was Princess Mi Amora Cadance and her husband Prince Shining Armor also Captain of the Royal Guard.

"CITIZENS OF EQUESTRIA AND BEYOND,” Nightmare Moon exclaimed using the royal voice, causing some ponies to recoil from the volume. "TODAY, SUBJECTS, WE CELEBRATE THOU'S ACHIEVEMENT OF DEFEATING THE WICKED HELLION FLARE! WE HOPE YOU ALL HAVE HAD A GREAT TIME CELEBRATING! THE CELEBRATION WILL BE OVER SHORTLY AS THE EVENT CLIMAXES. THANK YOU ALL, MY SUBJECTS! THANK YOU! When Nightmare Moon finished her speech and walked off the balcony with all the other ponies, the crowd erupted in applause and cheers.

All except a couple of ponies that didn't clap and instead stared at the moon. Sunset Shimmer, Bon Bon or Sweetie Drops, Lyra Heartstrings, Amethyst Star, Vinyl Scratch, and Moondancer. The rest of the group were in the base in Canterlot. All of them glared at Nightmare Moon, knowing what really happened. The unicorns of the group horns glowed as some ponies began to leave the big party.

As the clock turned six, for less than a split second, the figure of a mare on the moon vanished but returned. The horns of the unicorns stopped glowing.

Sunset panted and sweated like crazy, as did did Lyra.

"Are you okay you two?" questioned Bon Bon to her friend and marefriend.

"W-well you're right, Sunset. This spell is hard." Lyra wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Sunset smiled. "Yeah...but this is worth it."

The three mares and their fellow conspirators ran off in different directions, disappearing within the crowd..

While Sunset, Bon Bon, and Lyra started to run to catch their train, Bon Bon was a little worried. "S-Sunset," said Bon Bon, running to Sunset. "Are you sure she's gonna be there?" As a part of their illusion spell, Princess Celestia, if she actually did come back, was teleported to their base.

Sunset stared into Bon Bon's eyes "I-I hope."

Nightmare Moon looked up to the constellation which was once her husband, Orion. That foal had it coming for trying to bring down my reign. Ponies are so gullible. I just killed Chrysalis and her changelings because they might have been a threat. Nightmare Moon's armor was off and instead was a robe. Nightmare Moon stood on her bedroom chamber’s balcony. She shifted her gaze to her prized possession and prison of her sister, Celestia. But tonight was different. Something was off and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She began formulating to establish heightened security all over Equestria just in case.

Then a voice appeared in Nightmare Moon's head. Do you honestly think this rule will last any longer, you monster?

Nightmare Moon grinned. Yes, yes I do, Luna. Give up.

I will never give up, Nightmare Moon. You will be defeated someday, I just know it.

Author's Note:

Area Pony-One :trollestia: I'm sorry I can't stop with all the pony puns :facehoof:. Ponyville does not exist in this universe. Why? Becuase it was Celestia who suggested Granny Smith to go to the land which is now Ponyville. Now if you are curious of who the hell King Leo is he is the king of Aquastria citizens are sea lions (like him) and mermares. He's introduced in the mlp books look him up. Then Leon appeared in a French MLP magazine as Celestia's cousin. I don't know if it's canon so I turned him into one of Nightmare's two children. Selene is going to be a villian and same with Rainbow Dash. Orion is also mentioned in the comics, he is the king of Timbucktu. I thought my puns were bad :facehoof: I just turned his character into something else. Fun fact Selene or Selena was going to Princess Luna's original name.

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