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The Introduction

I finally had it all... My memories, the attention of the sisters, the attention of everyone and everything in this rainbow-filled world. It's not that I'm bragging my popularity, those are for losers who think popularity is important to live in this world.

Besides, you are the one reading, right? Whoever holds this story of mine... Anyways, who would like a story without any introductions? 

My name's Arnold, Arnold Brands of Badlands. No, I am not a changeling, I am a stallion just like any stallion you can think about. Well, others say I look like Prince Shining Armor, I have yet to see him, I believe he's the brother of the 4th Princess of Equestria.

Anyhow, I am known for... well... almost everything I do... except the personal kinds of stuff, of course. Why would I brag my sleeping habits?

This is supposed to be the end of the story, but then I thought hey! Why not write an intro in the end? And that's what I did. It's a weird way to make an intro when you're through with your story, but it works, I think.

Oh yeah, I forgot... Everything here is not canon, sadly... Yeah... That's what the staff say. This is not connected to the story that you knew. This is just some weird fantasy my writer is typing in front of his computer or cellphone, what in the haystack are those?

Oh, what am I saying, anyhow, enjoy my (ahem) story!!! As I go get my "citizenship" of Ponyville.

Additional Note: Cover Art by the amazing Twiddle from EQD.

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sorry, have to. GREAT BRAND, TOP PIK!!!!!

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