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Rainbow Dash and Soarin would seem like the perfect pair, but perhaps there is a side to Soarin that Rainbow hasn't yet seen. Perhaps there's even a side to Applejack that Rainbow hasn't yet seen.

A failed attempt at a story about romance and the dangers of young love (and abuse).
Inspired by DisneyFanatic2364's "Bride of Discord"
Mostly written by SunsetAppleTwi and Mirai
Art by CristalGalaxy

Anthro: Characters have humanoid bodies (including hands), but still have fur, tails, wings/horns, cutie marks, muzzles, and hooves.

T-rating for mild gore, lighthearted use of alcohol, and sexual references. Some scenes may be too intense for younger readers.
Disclaimer: I do not only MLP: FiM.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 20 )

Pretty good story so far, and the decription has me anticipating drama, so Im excited about that. Overall, it feels a little rushed, and fast paced...those are the same thing aren't they? Still can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work!

Comment posted by TwilightAppleDash deleted Jun 27th, 2016
Comment posted by Atlantis Productions deleted Jun 27th, 2016

Hey there. Thanks for the feedback. What about this story, exactly seems rushed? If you can tell us we might be able to fix it.

Why so much hate? I haven't had enough time to read it but ill get to it soon.

7343379 Lemme start off by saying: im not a writer, so dont think I necessarily know what im talking about.
Anyway, I think the fact that there are so many time lapses, it just make the story seemed rushed, also, whatever's happening between Rainbow and Soarin, is happening pretty quick. I get that you dont want to drag it out, but you dont have to put it all in one chapter...
Hope I wasnt as confusing to you as I was to myself...Hope I was helpful.

7344424 The speed of Rainbow and Soarin's relationship was intentional. This story tackles the difference between young love and true love. Rainbow's naivety when it comes to dating is important to the story as it sets her up to learn a valuable lesson about love. It's very complex when you think about it.

No no no! Keep going! This intruiges me! :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Ccleecia deleted Jun 30th, 2016

:Update on this Story:

We, that is to say, Atlantis Productions, Mirai and I have been struggling with Chapter 5 for awhile now. We eill let you guys know when the story is updated.

I know how flutters feel I once had a HUGE crush on a boy for 5-6 years and I wanted to tell him so I waited for the right moment then I told him and just like Flutters he did not feel the same way then he AVOIDED ME!! like a was a werido!:fluttercry:

WHY IS THIS CANCELLED?!!:fluttercry::raritycry: THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD STORY!!!!:rainbowkiss:

7849484 I'm just don't feel like writing it anymore. I have other stories that I want to writing.

7849720 but but but YOU LEFT ME ON THE EDGE WHAAAA!!!!:raritycry: I really wanted to know if Dash will realize her mistakes and if AJ will be sober...

7849726 Alright, if you want I can tell you what happens. I don't plan on official finishing this story, so I'm fine with revealing spoilers.

7850120 YIPIE JUST IN TIME FOR MY BDAY TOO!!!!:pinkiehappy:I'm now 13 officially a Teen:ajsmug:

7850781 Or as Wendy says in the final episode of Gravity Falls when Dipper and Mabel turn 13, "technically teenagers".

Anyway, what happens is Rainbow attends a birthday party, but do to an argument she returns home. Unfortunately, she find Soarin cheating on her with Fleetfoot. Fleetfoot leaves when she finds out that Dash and Soarin are still in a relationship, causing Soarin to get mad and he beats Rainbow. Rainbow leaves, ending up at Sweet Apple Acres. A few days later, Rainbow is having bad dreams so Applejack takes her to watch the sun rise. Here is where Rainbow realizes she has feelings for Applejack. Not long after that, Rainbow discovers that the gold necklace Soarin gave her was a cheap fake (symbolic of there relationship not being real). I haven't entirely figured out what exactly happens next, but Applejack and Rainbow grow closer. Soarin eventually comes back to fake an apology, but Applejack steps in and scares Soarin off. Rainbow and Applejack then become a couple and they live happily ever after. In the epilogue, Rainbow is a Wonderbolt and we see that Soaring is in a relationship with Spitfire, who will be making sure he behaves if he wants to keep his job. A fitting ending, in my opinion.

7850826 ok and wow the plot would have been an amazing story loved it:pinkiehappy:

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