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It was a strange day for all of us when Pinkie Pie left Ponyville.

It was stranger still when she came back.

Pinkie gives birth to three little foals she names Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot. She has no money, no job, no support, and no idea what she's doing.

But she's determined to make it work. Because that's just what a good mama does.

Part 1 of a planned three-part story.
Part 2!

Thanks to AmtrakBrony, Eruantalon, and Pharaohs Queen for beta reading.
Art by Alanymph.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 36 )

Good one! Can't wait for the next act!

Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it!

Who is the father of fluttershys and applejacks babies?


Frankly, I haven't decided; believe it or not, I don't really do much shipping. I'm leaning towards Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps, primarily because Lopoddity's art of them is totes adorbz (and also because I prefer Cheerimac over Flutter/Marblemac).

I have no idea for AJ, though. Suggestions, anypony?

And, before we ask that question--this is all I'm planning on revealing about WTF's dad. I might go back and write a "How They Met" chapter when I'm done with this arc, but we'll need to see.

That said, if you PM me and ask nicely, I might share my headcanon on that point with you ;)

I will say this, though--he's "just some pony." No one special. Though I WAS considering making him Discord for a while, though :)

As the child of a single mother...your story made me want to go hug my mom. Look forward to the sequels.


*blushes* Thank you very much for the high praise :)

She’s Waltz Martha...”--then the earth pony--“He’s Tango Gene...”--and then the unicorn--“And she’s Foxtrot Anna Pie.”

Am I the only one to notice that the names in the title and right here are different?

One is Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot
and the other is Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot

Or did I miss something?


Keep reading--spoiler alert, but Whiskey is a nickname.

(Yes, I know it doesn't match the title, but someone on reddit suggested it--and I like that all three of their given names are names of dances. Works out nicely, IMO)

7129692 I was thinking the military terms when I read the title


Yep, that's the idea:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is military spelling alphabet for "WTF."

Pinkie names her kids after dances, for reasons described in chapter 5: hence, "Waltz Tango Foxtrot."

Waltz isn't fond of her given name, and picks up the name "Whiskey" in Chapter 4, IIRC--hence, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot."

Does that make a little more sense?


Presuming you mean to keep to canon ponies, I'd suggest either going through the Appleloosan eps for characters who quietly stand with competence in the background or are otherwise competent without being flashy, or turn the dial around to someone VERY flashy (but still honest); I suspect that's where some Soarjack ships come from. I'd actually half suggest reformed or "was just trying to throw off the hounds and didn't realize Rarity had any further depth" Blueblood if you go that way; he's a large pattern male like her brother, whose cutie mark could suggest surveying skills useful in a rural area. Or, that said, someone with useful ancillaries to production process, like a baker or something.


Thanks for the feedback! I think I may have already figured out where I want to go, though :pinkiehappy:

Fluttershy: I was talking with some folks on reddit, actually, and one user suggested shipping Fluttershy with Apple Split (link); his design is really cute, IMO, and he seems nice--plus, I feel like Fluttershy wouldn't mind being married to a hyper-polite Southern gentleman :)

Applejack: As for Applejack, this user suggested putting her into a long-distance relationship with one of Rara's backup dancers; it's a hard situation for all of them (he's gone for months at a time, with only occasional visits, but he makes too much money for him to quit), but they're super-sappy and adorable when they're together. To be honest, a weird relationship wasn't quite my first choice, but it helps to establish/reinforce some important themes, plus, I like the sound of their sort of bittersweet relationship.

If you'd like to see a rough-cut outline of what happens, drop me a PM, and I'll send you the link :)

This story sounds adorable! Exited to read it.

I just realized Rory was short for Auora XD

Where is Dashie....

She still exists right?


She shows up briefly in Chapter 4, IIRC. Still around, but doesn't live in Ponyville anymore. Same with Rarity.


yep--that's what inspired the story, actually. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is NATO spelling alphabet for WTF :pinkiehappy:

She turned and strode out the door with another ding[.

Weird bracket made its way in there. Will the father's identity be revealed in the sequel? And this says it's part of a three story series when I recall your blog post saying that you would not be writing anymore.

Evan as Foxie said it, Pinkie felt her heart sink; she knew it was a lie.

Minor typo.


O geez. Thanks for the typo patrol!

We meet Daddy in part 2. And I'm currently in talks with someone to write ch.3.

Finally got around to reading this last night, and... wow.

That was intense, and gave me flashbacks to my own childhood. Watching Pinkie of all ponies suffer the struggles of single motherhood is heartbreaking. And the response from her friends is both heartwarming while also revealing how difficult that situation is: how do you help someone with something so personal without making them feel like a failure? Pinkie is a very proud pony, who does not like to be supported by anyone - she is the one who supports. But if she fails here it's not just her who suffers for it, but also her children.


Holy cow, thank you for the praise! That means a lot, especially coming from you :) :twilightblush:

You're quite welcome :twilightsmile: still haven't gotten around to looking at the sequel, I'm afraid. Lots of things on my reading list right now :scootangel:

Not a problem. Personally, I think the sequel is better, but that's me :)

What a nice tale I just finished reading.


Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it!

7129634 Preeeeetty sure that Pinkie wasn't about to name one of her newborns after an alcoholic drink.

The nurse jotted down a few more things, then nodded carefully. “All done, I think,” she said. She turned to the others. “Now,” she said, “Miss Pie could use some rest. So, if you please, Your Highnesses, gentlecolts…?”

So the husbands don't count as royalty? What could Blueblood possibly have done that was so bad as to ban all males from noble privilege?

The title is comprised of terms from the phonetic alphabet. And judging from how Pinkie responded when asked about the father of her kids, I'm guessing that either she doesn't know who the father is because of the aforementioned drink or she was offered the aforementioned drink so she could be taken advantage of. Of course, Pinkie Pie might have just had the wisdom to not name her kid after alcohol. Those kids are going to get eaten alive in school as it is without a father and an eccentric mother. Plus, the acronym still works.

That one took me a while as well.

Oo, that would have been a really good connection to Pinkie's drinking habits. But, no, it's explained a little better than that--IIRC, Whiskey earns her name in Chapter 4.

So Applejack took a job as Ra-Ra’s manager? Because when Pinkie first brought up a tour, I thought you were making a reference to AJ’s secret folk musician career from Sparkle’s Seven. But then I remembered “Oh wait, this was written in 2016.”

Yeah, that's right--AJ took a job as Rara's manager. I never even thought about the AJ's singing career!

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