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Shadow rift

So why does it always seem to be? Me looking at you, you looking at me. It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

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Saw this in feed. Will read later and let you know how it is:twilightsheepish:

Hope you enjoy then.

Hmm.... Seems interesting. I'll give it a read.
EDIT: Not a favourite, few mistakes here and there, but overall, good and enjoyable.

Seems like something i whould read

Mind helping me out with said mistakes?

7466696 Put it on docs and I can point out where they are.

Okay. Can I just PM it to you?

7466848 PM what? The link to docs?

Well that was... interesting. I don't normally read clop related stories but it's as one person said, "don't judge a book by it's cover". While I don't love it, it was something. Uh, keep up the good work(I guess?):facehoof::unsuresweetie:

I know. Not my best. I can't really write these things, especially not well. But, hey, this was more of an experiment.

7466980 Well, that's just me. Don't let me stop you:facehoof:. Also, I have another story I wish to publish but I would like input before doing so... You don't have to editor anything, just check it out is all. I'm pm it if your interested.

Ok, writing pro tip:

Whenever one person stops talking and the other person starts talking, MAKE A NEW PARAGRAPH! If you have two people talking in the same paragraph, it's REALLY confusing. You should hit Enter every time the dialog switches sides, even if that means a bunch of 1-line paragraphs.

Much appreciated...!

Haven't read the story, but is the MC a human?

If yes, then you should probably add the 'Human' tag.

No, it’s meant to be read from a pony’s perspective, both characters being ponies. If that wasn’t made clear, my apologies, I wrote this a small while ago. Still, it is cool to see some still interested in this! Who knows, maybe I’ll write that prelude story that I was originally going to.

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