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Greetings! I am Aliengirguy, I am a Brony. I love the show and the amazing fanworks that have come from it. I am a fanboy in a bunch of other fandoms so I specialize in non-heteronormative crossovers.


After many centuries, on a dying planet the Master of Death is finally ready to start over, and it just so happens his freash start is filled with multi-colored ponies.

Morty!Harry MasterofDeath!Morty Pony!Morty Grumpy!Morty Jerk!Morty Unicorn!Morty, Pansexual!Morty, Pervy!Death.

This will span the series with AU moments but will start pre-first season.

The ratings is for Harry's potty mouth and Death's perv-like tendencies.

The character section will be added to as the story goes along, so no worries, you'll see some of your favorites at some point.

Cover art done by Dark Canvas/AppleDashislife. (horn is under his mane).

Oh, and in case anyone asks, yes Harry will experiment with relationships and such, but he will be a pansexual, so he may end up with anybody.

I will reference from the show, comics, cards, videogames, fan content, reviewers, and most importantly, my own imagination taking a personal spin on many of the references and sometimes characters.

Characters so far (will continue to add as I go along):

Morty (once HP), Death, Nook and Caboose (Morty's Parents), Princess Celestia, Random Royal guard(s), Headmaster Inkwell (originally a Professor from Comics), Princess Cadence (Morty's roommate).

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This might be interesting. I'll fav it so I can see where its headed.

I would read it tonight, but I just got off work, so I'm tired.

I'm a fan of your works, and this is no exception. I hope to see it continued!

7073423 thanks! i got another chap for sometime later this week that needs to be edited.

so how far back in the show timeline is this?
Good story so far

7075362 hmmm... good question, i guess assume that the mane 6 are foals in this one. its pre-season 1 to start at least.

I do question though, is Harry going to replacing Twilight, or will he simple be someone being taught along side her? Anyway, great story thus far, keep goin and stay golden^^

7075606 wont be replacing twilight, but i think he'll be a bit older then Twilight. he will likely be at the school still when Twilight takes here entrance test.

Typos here and there, bit interesting enough.
Let's see where it will go.

This is an excellent story so far and definitely a cut above the rest in regard to most other crossovers.

I am rather curious as to where in the timeline Harry/Mortis is in. Chances are he will be attending the same testing as Twilight is my guess.

Great so far but the story picture missing something

7090057 he is actually older then Twilight. I had considered having him already be in attendance for a year or two at the school before twilight enters, but now i have considered that he will be much older, about Princess Cadence's age perhaps.

7090061 i did notice it, but have decided to keep it up, the person who did the cover art did a pretty good job, just pretend that his mane covers his horn.

So if Harry is around Cadence's age, I'm wondering if he'll meet not only Shining Armor, but Sunset as well. If you have the human world in this version be the exact same human world Harry is from, harry might try to keep her from traveling to that abandoned world.

7090665 yep, that's about right, Harry/morty is about their age and likely to meet them further down the road. I was uncertain if i would include the Equestria girls in this story or not, but after some thought, decided i would, though their dimension will be different from the one Harry inhabited. I go under the assumption that humanity inhabits a wide variety of different dimensions, existing in different points in time and development.

OK; interesting considering this is something that will largely effect the story overall.

7091487 yep, i will make sure to note it down in the next chap i think for clarification, thanks for asking about it.

hhhhmmm I like the idea, I just hope this isn't exactly one of those situations, where his past is going after him, causing trouble and stuff like that.
It is just that I have seen something like this already made in a pretty bad way, but not exactly like this story.

7092041 what do you mean?

any character's past has relevance to the present and future development of a character, unless you mean that he becomes emo or something because of his past? or that people from his past will chase him into this new world? because none of that will happen in the fic.

Not bad, seems like he is already older, which means I don´t have to think about what I would like to happen at his younger age.

The Princess watched him with a considering eye as she hogged the Banana Cream pie and the Chocolate covered bananas, though Morty was oblivious to her growing scrutiny, blissed out on treacle, he didn't notice the increasing intrigue on behalf of the princess, an intrigue that began from the moment she had spied the unusual darker tone of green of his magic, almost black even, or the rather easy way he acted around her.

I'm actually glad that he wasn't the dignified type of Pony towards Celestia.

He managed to give the bird a nod and a polite “cousin,” before he was dragged off to go shopping for his new school things.

I honestly nearly thought he didn't wanted to go to Celestias school.

Then she teleported out


well not bad.

7077639 I can't decide if it would be more interessting that he is older than Twilight or not, till now I really like it, and I guess if I'm sure what I want it is to late to say something, but the idea of the story is good and works so far.
I'm interessted in what his romance would be, considering that he is maybe to old for the main six, but that doesn´t has to mean much.


thanks for the comments, and as for the bit with the phoenix, i am pretending that Philomena has that ability to transport much like Fawkes form HP-verse.

he might not have at first, but he had nothing better to do, so decided to give it a shot, perhaps out of nostalgia.

As for the romance part, he will have a few relationships and flings here and there. If he settles on someone it would have to be one whom can keep up with morty as well as possibly share in his immortality.

When Hayfield was a long distance behind him, Morty pulled out the latest Daring Do, and settled in for a good read, alone this time since Death was currently already in Canterlot, circling a pony about to die of alcohol poisoning.

It's not important, but to see them reading an other random book would be nice too.

To be honest Death could take a break from showing up once in a while.


or that people from his past will chase him into this new world? because none of that will happen in the fic.

more or less that was what I meant.

So the next things are just something I woud prefer, not that it would make more sense.

1. Maybe Death shouldn't be in every third sentence.
2. I would like it, if he doesn't let himself be manipulated as much as Twilight from Celestia. If you should have planned something along the lines of him being an Alicorn that would be fine, but I would like it if he would maybe even confront her about this if he should find out about it.
3. Maybe he even should question why he would have to do some certain task, which could be easily solved otherwise.
( I know that is depending on how people see it, but in some fanfictions and how I saw it at the beginning I started to watch, that Celestia decided for Twilight to be an Alicorn, never asked her if she wanted all that, and always Twilight had to fight against everyone, and do stuff Celestia could do herself.
I know if was for the sake of the show, in the show it isn´t supposed to look like that and everything, but if we would think about it and maybe even take it more seriously it could be seen like that I guess. Which means that I would like it if he in a way, would notice her attemps, and confront her in a way about it.

Just tell me if I should try to explain something a bit more, sometimes it works better for me if others just ask again.

ok then.

As for death, it kind of comes and goes, depending on its own whims or if called by Morty outright. i Will likely not have Death around quite as much because Death is likely to be bored just hanging around Morty while he goes from class to class, though he wont be out of altogether.

there will likely be some form of Celestia manipulation, but not to Twilight levels of extent. most of it in part is that she is intrigued by his ease around her and his magic. The most manipulation was the invitation to try out for the school and that's about it. Her interest in him so far is somewhat passive, more of a observe to see where it all goes stance.

7095099 Well like I said, I would prefer it, if he doesn´t just take it, but that he fends against it. (sorry for the poor grammar didn´t know if I used fends correctly.)
I just don´t like it if Characters let themselfe be used like punching bags/slaves or whatever. It are mostly Humans that I have seen like they aren´t even allowed to rule about their own body,...ahhh I just hope you know what I mean.

Then I still would like to know if I was right, when I said he didn´t wanted to go to that school, I would have really liked it to see him trying not to go if it really was because of Celestia which it looked like a little bit. (on the party)

Maybe it is only the fact that I like it if Celestia and her aura of obedience/ sympathy always get's what she wants. I guess you can blame some fanfictions for me thinking like that, or some discussions I had, I don´t remember what it was in the end.

For death.... I get that he is a part of the story, I just thought maybe it would be weird if he would show up every chapter, every sentence, would comment every part of his live and whatever, like a stalker or something like that. Since I know this is something what I usually don´t prefer, I only ask you to reduce his appearances.

7096749 is okay, i get what you mean.
just to assuage your worries, death wont be in every chapter since i want Morty to start developing relationships outside of death and his parents (which also wont be mentioned as much). i will have him in the next chap or so briefly so i can neatly set him aside for a time.

Celestia also wont be featured prominently, and while she may manipulate twilight as per cannon, which again wont be a prominent feature in this fic, Morty is not the type to let himself be lead around so to speak. he's nearly as old as Celestia, and is the master of death.

although she might get one up on him a time or two for comedic or plot purposes, but it will be a minor.

7151845 like it when i leave people 3 dotted.

Just to clarify, Morty is about the same age as Princess Cadence, Shinning Armour, and Sunset Shimmer. you will see the later two as the story goes along.

which means Twilight is going to happen later than him and she isn't going to be a classmate right?

(I admit I don't remember his personality that much)
In a way I'm already hoping that he isn't one of those guy's, that are suddenly really happy and magically changed by his new friends. If he should be a bit mean or just proud or something, I don't want him to suddenlly act out of character just because Cadance should want something. I remember him being at some tea party from his mother or something like that, so I know is personality only a little bit. I think he was acting a little bit bored but glad to be alive again.

As always I just want to prevent something strange from happening again. Like a character that is not social at all, suddenly meeting twilight and already being half as good as her in being friends with anyone if you know what I try to say.

I forgot to say that I liked that chapter.

Michigan J. Frog for the win dude!!!

I'm really happy that this story is continuing, though setting it before Twilight and such would allow for a rather bizarre twist. I hope Sunset Shimmer gets a better end with Morty in the picture.

I was wondering how long it would be before you references the 7th seal. Given Death's personality it seemed like he would have referenced the film himself, so I'm glad to see he's a fan of it. Great chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

I think I prefer this HP crossover to your other one, mainly because it isn't skipping over Harry's early years. I don't imagine that Magic would be too thrilled about Harry getting involved with the Equestria Girls storyline given that going to that world leaves one without their magic until their return.

I am still on the fence about it really. The only element from it i am for sure on right now is Sunset Shimmer.

7209901 given that Harry is in Equestria because he didn't want to deal with humans again I would think that Harry wouldn't want to go there. That said, Sunset Shimmer should still be in Equestria at this point in the timeline so including her wouldn't have to involve the mirror.

That movie just aggravates me, the fact that Sunset some how knew about the Element of Magic despite living in the human world when the Elements became active again and that it was near the mirror at that point in time was just ridiculously convoluted.

7210684 I can understand that, at most, it might all just happen behind the scenes, I am not sure. I am playing by ear for the most part.

So will Celestia recognize Morty for what he really is? Master of Death and all cause she herself is somewhat an immortal being?

7226363 probably not, though she may recognize that he is different in some fashion from other ponies, just not how.

Enter Caddy!

Now shipping is expected...

Why morty is cold to Cadance? As someone who live so long and experience both positive and negative bonds he should know that yang Cadance don't deserve that kind of cold behavior

He blinked and then turned back to his book, saying casually, "so, my name is Morty by the way, yours?"

yes finally someone that seems unaffected, and sorry but if this is Cadance then I probably need to get to know her in your story before I like her.

Another thing would be I hope that her bodyguard isn't going to boss him arround and give him less Freedom because he is sharing a room with her.

Morty chuckled, amused, as he leaned back against his pillows, "I don't share princess, and the only thing i would even consider wouldn't happen unless I really, really, liked you, and we are both to young for that sort of thing sadly."

I hope you can make his change in personality believeable, I often hate it if the main char or a character like this, get'S more or less taken away by his friends, getting their will forced on himself in a way that is changing him like he always wanted it, or as if he was wrong with everything he ever wanted before.

I often like it more, if he still has his own wishes and they still make sense, that it isn't a crime should he not want to help someone for once if he isn't that big friends with them, or if he doesn't want to attend to one of his friends activities. I hope you know what I mean, I don't think that they are completely weird or something like that, but sometimes I don't think it is important what the main char wants, there is no grey, but only white(good), or black (bad) stuff.

Well otherwise a good chapter, I didn't knew if I was in the mood, but it was good.

Transition chapters, they suck but not having can be far worse.

7226414 it is likely because he is hoping she won't want anything to do with him and if he isn't friends with her then others won't bother him about her. His logic is flawed but understandable.

7226367 unless he's still around in a few hundred years, then she might start asking questions.

Heh, the beginning of a wonderful rivalry. I wonder if Morty will be good friends with her over time anyway. All I expect is that she'll be bullied at school (wasn't she also targeted by Sunset?), and Morty won't want to be part of that.

7226414 he's been around so long he's got the personality of an old dude who takes the frisbees that land in his lawn, never to be heard from again.

7226802 I'd rather think of him as The Doctor, as described by Amy in The Beast Below: What if you were really old, and really kind and alone? Your whole race dead, no future. What couldn't you do then? If you were that old, and that kind, and the very last of your kind... (turns to look at the DOCTOR) you couldn't just stand there and watch children cry.
He knows what it's like to be bullied, if he remembers, and wouldn't want anyone to go through the pony equivalent of Harry hunting

7288703 yeah just take out the kind part

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