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Sunburst looks back on his accomplishments, and lack thereof, at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, as he decides whether or not to continue his studies at the prestigious mage's institution.

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I ship him with Moondancer.

7067498 Interesting choice of shipping partner.

I love how fast this fandom works.

Also, theoretical magic degrees. Guess Celestia's school doesn't hand those out. A lot harder to justify those though, when anypony can already theoretically do any magic.

Headcanon accepted.

I can see sunburst as sunset shimmers brother

Interesting story. The story felt like a little bit of a backdrop for education in real life.

The dialogue between both Princess Celestia and Sunburst felt a little too short. The Ending mentioning about how he didn't have any friends could also have been have a nice flashback to him and Starlight.

Otherwise, Good Job!

This sounds just about right...

7067514 I'll say. The premire only aired last night!:pinkiegasp:

7067573 I agree. It's very well written and does indeed apply to real life situations which makes the whole story extremely authentic.
Reminds me of some fellow students of mine who also went to their professors or lecturers to thank them and tell them that they're quitting because they don't feel up to the task.

I like this portrayal of him that he knows where his limits are and accepts them instead of wasting time and money for nothing. This shows that he's a rather down to earth character.

Just like done in "You Left Me Standing At My Front Door", I think this one-shot is a nice addition to Sunburst's story instead of just having one or two lines in the episode. Maybe it could also be more of an one-shot actually. It would be interesting to see how he ended up in the Crystal Empire or how he's doing after the events of the episode.

I don't want to shout sequel, but well ... It's so nice and there are so many more possibilities.

Nevertheless, great work as usual Miles, thumbs up.

I loved this story. It is almost how I perceived Sunburst.

I see Sunburst as one of those students who, despite all their knowledge, doesn't really know how to perform the work.

7067690 What do you mean "Last Night"? It premiered on television at 11AM EDT on Discovery Family. I don't know if there's ever a specific timeframe for when episodes become available online.

7069230 Huh, I didn't realize it premired that early. I could have caught it!:facehoof: I just assumed it would premere later that night. To be honest, I don't really know Discover Family's scedule. I have Netflix to watch TV shows on. I feel like such a moron now...

I really enjoyed reading this. It brought forth more character from Sunburst (not to say he doesn't have some, but it's always good to have some more), and it also really shows the relationship he once had with Celestia. He was not a star pupil, but rather a student within her class that she paid the same amount of attention to as any other student. Sunburst is an interesting character simply because of the fact that he was not a student that extended beyond the stars like Twilight or merely abandoned their studies like Sunset (I love both of them very dearly, js). He's a new type of student from Celestia's wing that we never really considered to be a possibility in the show and I really enjoyed seeing your perception of his character.


I wonder where Trixie falls in there.

This makes a lot of sense now. I mean, not everyone can be like Twilight or Sunset, but Sunburst's situation is pretty much a real thing.

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